How To Think Better And Faster On Your Feet

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your mama's so fat that she's uh hey

guys this bride that gets you with

another video and today we got a

question from Jessica a 101 mentor can

you please tell me how to think better

on my feet never think of the right

things to say and I was wondering if you

have any tips on how to do that better

now for those of you that don't know

thinking on your feet is an expression

that means that you can think or react

quickly and under pressure and contrary

to what you might think most people

aren't really that good at thinking on

their feet and those that do are only

good because they have plenty of

experience to draw from or because

they're in that situation a lot but

today I want to talk about four steps or

tips that we can take in terms of how to

think better on our feet are you ready

Umbro you know in the moment be in the

present so let me give you the example

of let's say you are speaking in front

of a whole bunch of people you're

probably not just thinking about what

you guys say for the presentation but

also all the people laugh at you or will

they laugh at your jokes

well they notice if you're embarrassed

or trained red or if they'll like your

presentation in other words your heads

going way too far ahead you have to

remember to kind of rein all of that in

tone all of that down and think of the

present moment which is to handle the

tattoo hand I'm now really good way to

practice this is to think creatively to

do game or a drill it focuses your brain

to think in the present moment what you

want to do is think of any inanimate

object now you want to think of all the

uses you can come up with for that

object example let's say I ask you what

are all the things you can do with a

paperclip course the typical answer will

be that a paperclip can be used to bind

paper or maybe you can loop them and

create a necklace or a bracelet but what

about bending it so that it's a

toothpick or maybe you can clip all the

paper clips together then roll them into

a ball and you can play catch with it or

maybe you can bind them all to

make a shirt out of it like a chainmail

shirt or perhaps you can manipulate it a

little bit a ton bend it so they act as

a screwdriver or maybe a really

ineffective back scratcher

what isn't about coming up with

practical and accurate answers it's

about having fun with it so you don't

care about what other people think of

your answer or how they're going to

judge you about that answer or the fact

that you can't come up with anything

you're just going to exercise your brain

do you think creatively and that forces

it to think in the moment number two buy

time you're going to want to give

yourself as much time as possible to

process the situation so that you come

up with a great idea and there are some

tactics that you can try such a

paraphrase you want to summarize and

paraphrase the situation so that you and

the other person understand each other

understand the situation I mean that

will give you the opportunity to start

thinking about great idea be coming up

with or to think better on your feet

number three reduce your cognitive load

guys when you are coming up with a good

idea especially in a very spontaneous

situation you're not only thinking about

what's to say but you're also thinking

about how to say that's two processes

your brain has to deal with at the same

time what if we can't narrow that down

to one ideally you want to be focusing

on just what to say so typically there

are two main ways that people pitch an

idea the first one is they talk about

the problem and present a solution and

they talk about why that solution is

good the other way is to talk about your

solution tell the other person why it's

good and then give them some sort of

action item to take so the idea here is

to memorize those two structures because

you just never know what situation

you're going to be in you can see which

one's more applicable to you you don't

have to worry about figuring how to say

something right if you just follow those

structures and that is your brain the

bandwidth to focus more on thinking of a

good idea or thinking better on its feet

number four respond and divert once you

deliver your picture your response throw

it back on them ask them how they feel

about that or what their thoughts are so

let's say you're at work and your boss

asks you for some amazing idea your

situation here's how you want to respond

mister boss that's why I think we should

meet with the marketing department and

get their thoughts on that what do you

think about that

another great way to divert is to segue

your response into a situation that you

are very familiar with mrs. boss this is

why I propose that we should consult

with our marketing department to get

their thoughts kind of like that time

last rumor when he had that recall of

all those products and when we actually

had to meet with the marketing

department they had some really good

feedback and it actually end up saving

us some money so maybe we should do that

what do you think see like a ninja that

version is going to be one of your


so Jessica I hope you found this

information helpful today and then you

can use these tips in a future situation

where you have to think on your feet

practice this with your friends and

during conversation try to paraphrase by

time try to structure responses in one

of the ways I mentioned earlier and not

only when you really need to think on

your feet you are ready to go so if you

guys have a question that you'd like me

to answer in a future video go to my

website 101-minute recom send me a very

short question or a much more detailed

question maybe about a paragraph in law

when work with me personally either by a

video mentoring or email mentoring you

also find information on that on my

website as well guys thank you so much

for watching I really appreciate it and

I will see you next time