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what's up guys think fast is back where

we challenged you to make quick choices

about real game situations you won't

have much time so you need to think fast


here Raphael Baca from San Jose receives

the ball and turns Baca has two clear

options 1 beta sure in the middle or two

Chavez out wide which choice would you

make now let's see what happened


bakka misses the scoring opportunity in

the middle instead he attempts a pass

downfield which is easily blocked by a

defender wrong choice baka should have

passed to bethe sure in the middle

creating a dangerous scoring opportunity

at the top of the penalty box his pass

should have been delivered slightly off

the ground to make it more difficult for

the defender to block the ball

a well-executed pass into the middle for

bata sure would have created a dangerous

goal scoring opportunity instead baka

misses the pass and the goal scoring

opportunity is lost


here Gareth Bale receives the ball in

space at this point he has several

options one play a through pass for East

go to find Hess a behind the defense

three pass to Ronaldo or four take a


which choice would you make


now let's see what happened


baile chooses option for taking a shot

himself wrong choice

although bail could score from long

distance he has better attacking options

because Manchester City's right fullback

is keeping both East Co and Hess a on

side option 1 playing a through pass for

s Co or option to finding Hess a behind

the defense are probably the best

choices either option could result in an

excellent goal scoring opportunity for

Real Madrid instead bail takes a poor

shot and the Gulf scoring opportunity is



here Suarez receives the ball out wide

his best option is to pass to Neymar who

is making a run toward goal but a pass

directly to Neymar will force him to

stop to receive the ball slowing down

the attack

how would you pass to Neymar without

slowing down the attack

Suarez solves the problem by passing

through the defenders legs allowing

Neymar to maintain his speed while

moving the attack forward


once Neymar receives the pass he has two

options one take the ball to goal or to

pass to messy which choice would you


Neymar takes both options first he takes

the ball to go drawing the defender and

the goalkeeper toward him

which leaves Messi open in the middle

Neymar then passes to Messi who is now

unmarked and scores with ease

all right everybody thanks for watching

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