How to Improve Your Math Skills

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how many times have you heard someone

say man I'm so bad at math or my brain

just isn't wired to do math chances are

you've said it yourself

many of us have often wished that there

was a secret pill that would make us

mathematical geniuses even if it's just

for the day of a final exam while you

can't become a math wizard overnight you

can get pretty good at math if you work

hard for it

being good with numbers isn't a special

talent it's something that we can all

learn here are some of the tricks that

can help you become good at math when it

comes to math practice and then more

practice and then more practice is the

key it is impossible to study math

properly just by reading and listening

to study mathematics effectively you

have to roll up your sleeves and

actually solve some problems the more

you practice answering math problems the

better you'll get there is no escaping

this reality to do well on a math exam

you need to have solved a lot of

mathematical problems beforehand

one study in Norway which tested the

math skills of 70 children found being

good at the subject simply involves a

lot of practice and many experts warned

that discussions around a math gene

missed the point that being good at math

takes effort

but it's important to know that

repetition alone will not make you good

at math when you're practicing with

these problems is important to work

through the process for each solution if

you have made any mistakes you should

review them and understand where your

problem-solving skills are letting you

down understanding how you approach the

problem and where you went wrong is a

great way of becoming stronger and

avoiding the same mistakes in the future

if you don't remember anything else from

this video keep this with you

memorizing the steps involved in a math

problem is counterproductive it is much

better and rewarding in the long run to

focus on understanding the process and

the logic that is involved with the

solution this will help you understand

how you should approach such problems in

the future

got stuck while working on a math

problem if so that's okay you just need

to keep working on the problem don't

just sit there and stare at it think

hard until you're exhausted then come

back the next day and try again this

will be uncomfortable but that

discomfort is the feeling of your brain

stretching to accommodate new abilities

and ideas mathematics is a subject that

requires more concentration than most

others a proper study environment and a

distraction-free area could be the

determining factors when solving complex

problems in mathematics one of the

biggest obstacles in your way of

becoming a mathematics pro is plain old

fear if you assume that you are bad at

math when you get a problem wrong you

will see that as confirmation of this

assumption instead think to yourself

that with some hard work you can and

will improve your skills make math a

part of your life if you approach math

as something exclusive from your life

you will have difficulty in

understanding and accepting it

instead make math a more integral part

of your routine

no pun intended after all it already

is a part of your life you just need to

recognize it be aware of the math you're

doing when you count the money you spend

or when you calculate the points needed

to win a game in sports and remember

it's okay to get stuck professional

mathematicians also spend most of their

career getting stuck on problems in fact

many of them spend two years solving one

problem sometimes to no avail at all

that is after all why there are many

problems which haven't been solved for

hundreds of years the difference is that

mathematicians do not get discouraged in

abandoned the challenge instead they

look at different ways to approach and

solve the problem this challenge makes

the Eureka moment feel all that more

satisfying if you ever feel too stuck

remember this Albert Einstein code do

not worry about your difficulties in

mathematics I can assure you mine are

still greater