HOW To Become an OVERALL *SMARTER* Player! - Fortnite Tips & Tricks

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mechanical skill plays you know it just

plays a huge role if you want to be

successful in four at night no doubt but

another aspect not talked about as often

is game sense you know arguably it's

even more important than mechanics but

what constitutes a smart play good

question and like how do you make them

this time this is what we're gonna be

doing today we're gonna be looking at a

few play by play examples from some of

your favorite pros by seeing how they

put their big brains to use we can learn

a thing or two and apply that to our own

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right now we're gonna be looking at

Benjy and savage but if there's someone

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lot of work to do alright guys time to

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crunch let's get this going okay okay so

let's take a peek at an early game kill

from a man that's been popping off in

recent cash cups and that my friends is

no other than Benji fishy

more specifically we're going to look at

how structure control is crucial during

early game fights but before we get into

this clip let's quickly talk about early

games can we do that for a second thank

you you know a lot of early game success

comes from tracking your opponent's

positions and getting the drop on them

so always keep track of where everyone

in your zone lands and try to predict or

even trace their looting paths because

you know if you can setting up for the

kill becomes way more straightforward

for instance if you know like there is

more than one player with

you you can wait to third-party the

fight or if it's just one player you can

find a beautiful high ground spot and

then just laying some rifle shots once

you see them just make sure you feel

confident fighting have the right

weapons and just a good amount of

shields and a decent material count

overall you know situational awareness

is one of the most essential early game

factors if you want to make it out alive

okay so onto the clip so by tracking the

one opponent with him and lazy lake

Bengie spots him and sets up for the

sneak attack but it doesn't really work

since the opponent heard him drop now

the fights on Benjy expands out on his

bills placing floors for control and

making sure to replace every piece that

parades knowing his opponent is trying

to escape here he takes out his wall to

prevent it notice how Benjy reads this

guy's actions when he sees him face the

wall he tries to stop the wall break

then when the enemy pulls out their

shotgun he expects an etic he's reacting

to his opponent's actions flawlessly now

in control of the ramp

Benjy forces the opponent down and this

is where all that structure control from

early comes into play Benjy places a

ramp to prevent getting dropped down

right and right after that he goes to

his own floor for some shots it is just

incredible like how he can keep track of

which pieces are his and which are his

opponents I guess it's just all that box

fighting practice he does all right so

after a couple great tags Benji's target

is really starting to panic now but look

at this play right here and I mean right

here Benjy notices no wall to the left

so he quickly seals it off and removes

the last exit point

this dude's hopeless no man since

there's nowhere for this guy to go Benjy

expects an eddy so he swings his pickaxe

once to juke then pulls out a shotgun

for the kill

he reads him like a book like literally

so how did Benjy roll this guy and win

lazy lake for one since he tracked his

opponent Benjy could take the initiative

he got set up on the rooftop early and

he pushed when he knew he could corner

him for the kill

then structure control poof he put down

many floors he took over walls and he

made sure to block off every exit

without any of that he wouldn't have

dealt the damage he did and his opponent

likely would have gotten away lastly

after getting him low and trapping him

in a corner Benjy faked the floor

replace and forced the edit too bad for

that guy though

man cuz Benji and a shotgun they were

ready so you probably heard this piece

of advice for tournaments and arenas

before don't take mid game fights and

honestly those are some wise wise words

to follow because fighting during the

mid game is loaded with risk why it's

good question well for one look the

zones are smaller and it's easier to

spot any action going on

so third parties run rampant and I know

how much everyone hates getting ganged

up on alright I get it it's not fun and

it usually leads to disaster not only do

you have to deal with that but also

losing your resources right before the

endgame if you spend all your mats and

healing items to win a mid game fight

it's a challenge to recover the clock is

ticking and the storm is moving so it's

not like you could just go loot and farm

up whenever you want the endgame my

friends is where most points are earned

so heading into that with a full

inventory is crucial just another reason

to avoid mid game battles but sometimes

there are situations where you just have

to fight players might aggressively push

you in what seems like a completely

random fashion maybe it's just because

they have some throwaway games or

because they aren't the smartest tools

in the shed either way in certain

scenarios you know you just can't run or

put a stop to it you've got to stand

your ground take this cash cut clip from

mr. savage for example alright he's

minding his own business he's in the

zone he's chilling when all of a sudden

look at this there's a maniac pushing

him mr. savage immediately boxes up and

expands out one more tile to make it

harder for his opponent to track his

position listening to the sound of

footsteps savage knows is safe to edit a

wall and use his third-person

perspective to gain visual info if at

any point is upon a drop-down right here

mr. savage would have seen him his

opponent wouldn't and he'd be able to

get a free jump shot in but his opponent

plays it right by building some floors

for cover while looking for a new angle

mr. savage sees his position is

vulnerable right here right so he closes

the wall up and he heads back into his

box after replacing his opponent's wall

mr. savage remains patient he knows his

opponent is going to slip up at some

point he just has to wait and this is

where it all happens once mr. savage

sees the ramp and here's the enemy drop

he knows they're going for a wall

replaced so he responds with an insanely

quick edit peak and he lands a shot to

break their shields now upon hearing

this show brick

a lot of players would try cranking up

here to finish the kill right but that

might lead to a really long bill battle

which wastes materials and draws

unwanted attention it's just so

dangerous man to just build fight when

third parties can knock everything down

just like that there's a reason everyone

says that box fighting is the meta so

mr. savage stays low which is smart

pressuring his opponent with this rifle

and he just waits for another mistake

this guy goes for a drop shot but Savage

was ready to trade with them right now

his upon his low and health and has

given up high ground when mr. savage

drops the ramp and goes for the wall

replaced notice how he pulls out his

shotgun after a single swing just in

case his opponent goes for a quick edit

play once he sees that it isn't

happening he goes back to the pickaxe

steals the wall and he finishes the kill

so a few things right here to take note

man first off high ground isn't

everything mr. savage plays it low

because it conserves materials and just

keeps him safe from third parties from

within his box he could just wait for

his opponent to drop down which he then

can just use that to capitalize on

mistakes from the low ground you could

use the third-person camera for some

cheeky Peaks gaining sight while

revealing nothing and pulling out your

shotgun during wall takes will keep your

opponent on their toes they can even

save your life for crying out loud

because you know if they go for a quick

edit you could react and shoot first

next moving on to some endgame tips now

alright so by analyzing 200 IQ mr.

Savage again we're gonna see how the

decisions this guy makes affects his

kill rate and survivability alright so

just before we start take a look at this

guy's inventory mr. savage he went into

the endgame with the rifle a shotgun six

minis and uh would you look at that two

full stacks of floppers maybe he's

trying to start a sushi business or

something like that but uh you're gonna

see in a second just how precious these

fish can be so mr. savage is controlling

the high ground right here which

depending on if you have the materials

or not can be the most advantageous

position to hold he tarps in away from

the storm but make sure to water fall

down anytime he's up too high

a guru love thumb for high ground

control it's always be connected to the

structures below you if you can't

connect then you're too high up savage

gets in a limb and he goes to precious

someone else wins surprisingly

he gets laser from somebody inside the

storm with all those floppers man it's a

sense for him to just get his health

back taking a bit of storm damage turns

into no big deal

well unfortunately while looking for the

player behind him he gets beamed yet

again but just look at this scenario

absolutely certain death if he didn't

have those fish all right and it

actually works out for him he picks up a

free kill his opponent never saw coming

he even takes his time to loot letting

everyone else just finish each other off

while he just relaxes in the storm and

after looting and while working his way


he helps eliminate another player then

Rocky's tippecanoe went up himself

believe it's my friends look no one ever

expects the storm play it's a very

strong position to be granted that if

you have some floppers are like slurp

fish to devour finally back inside the

safe zone it's one versus one all right

once mr. savage hears his opponent drop

on the ground he immediately goes for

height but so does the enemy and after a

crazy gut clinching standoff mr. savage

gets the win so what can we learn from

mr. savage late-game plays okay here's

one for starters try and head into the

endgame with some fish anytime you're

looting and you see a harpoon or even a

rod just go fishing if you have the time

all right these things are absolute game

changers and should never be ignored if

you're going to hold high ground don't

be too many layers high preferably like

stay within two tiles of the player

below you so you can connect if you're

ever shut down finally if you got some

fish don't be afraid of the storm and as

we saw no one seems to expect players in

the storm even mr. savage didn't know

where he got lazer from for staying

alive and finally sneaking your limbs


oh we're sad so developing game sense is

tough you know it's not something that

you can just learn by hopping into

creative I wish it was but it's not

instead it takes a lot of evaluation not

only of yourself and the mistakes you

make in game but of other players too

that's why you know one of the better

ways to learn is by watching pros and

questioning their actions what decisions

are they making that lead to success do

they use a particular technique how was

that beneficial and obviously you know

there are more things to ponder as you

analyze but believe me no one becomes

great as something just on their own it

takes time

alright guys once again this is your

motivation guy make sure to connect with

me on my new instant and your motivation

guy once again don't quit if you make

mistakes hey get back up keep going if

you feel discouraged keep practicing and

keep grinding and keep learning

information and keep trying new things

out and I promise you man you're gonna

see results you are I believe in you

guys alright make sure that you're

making the right

choice by watching us and we thank you

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