How To Think FAST and Talk SMART - Verbal Fluency

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have you ever had a time when you're

trying to explain something and you're

looking for that one word and for some

reason it just doesn't come to your mind

and you just get stuck you get stuck on

that word because you know there's a

perfect word for this thing that you're

trying to express but for some reason it

just won't come out so that is when

you're in a low verbal fluency state

some people are constantly in that state

and some people are rarely ever in that

states or don't even know how that even

feels like how to speak fast and smarts

all about verbal fluency my name is Tina

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course comment below as you do the

exercise and what you come up with what

your insights are because this is a very

interesting topic so before we get into

it I wanted to go over what two verbal

fluency is and why should we even care

now verbal fluency is how quickly you

can access certain words or sentences

when you think and you express when you

talk it out loud so that is the verbal

parts in the fluency part is how fast

you can access it to go ahead and

express it when we think about great

communicators it really goes down to

three different aspects number one the

content number two accessing that's

content within your own mind and then

number three how the person expresses

that content so you have to have the

content you have to be able to access it

with your brain and then you have to be

able to thirdly express that content so

now we're talking about speaking fast

and speaking intelligently you really

have to think about okay how fast can I

retrieve the information I want to

retrieve and how can I access all of

that and express it at the same time

because it's not just about how you say

things and your tonality it's also how

quickly can you access the information

that you need to access you're not just

sitting there going uh

well and all of that can be partially

because you're insecure maybe you're not

confident enough maybe you're not sure

of what the situation is or maybe you

have lack verbal fluency so

interestingly enough there's a test out

there for verbal fluency and it's called

the controlled oral word association

test so I just thought to myself why not

do a verbal fluency test with you and

then you can always come back to this

video and see if you've improved or

maybe hopefully you didn't go backwards

but let's just see how much we improve

and then how we can improve our verbal

fluency going forward so number one go

ahead and get your phone so you can

record your own voice number two I'm

gonna put on the screen here 60 seconds

for you to come up with words in each

category so we're gonna do this three

separate times of 60 seconds each and

I'm gonna show on screen here when the

60 seconds is up but during that 60

seconds I want to make sure that you

come up with as many words as you

possibly can and you have to make sure

you say it out loud don't just say it in

your head

hence the reason that's who you are

going to record from your phone record

the 60 seconds when the screen comes on

here and you're going to record first as

many words as possible that begins with

the letter F and then second as many

words as possible that begins with the

letter A and then third as many words as

possible that begins with the letter s

so let's go with F first three two one


now go ahead and stop that recording and

we're going to do another recording and

this time it's on the letter A three two



all right now go ahead and stop that

recording right here and now we're going

to start with the letter S here we go

three two one


congratulations you have done the verbal

fluency test so here is what I want you

to do go ahead and go back to your

recording and number down or tally down

how many words that you have used within

that 60 seconds now if it's a repeat

word that doesn't count right if it's a

repeat word please don't count it and if

it's a word that's let's say Apple and

apples that counts as one word so you

can't cheat and go Apple Apple's boat

boats that doesn't count so that counts

as one word so telling it that way in

each section the F the a and the s go

ahead and add it together divided by

three and we have your average now

technically speaking there is no

scientifically proven average however if

you are below eighteen eighteen to

twenty you should go see a doctor there

might be something wrong with either

your cognition or you might have brain

fog or something that is stopping you

from having normal verbal fluency so if

you are above at least eighteen then we

can measure from here and this is going

to be a starting point you can always

come back to this video and retest so

you might be thinking to yourself well

okay great now I know where I'm at Tina

and there is no generally accepted

here's the average here's above-average

here's excellent so then where do I go

from here so I always believe in

progression not perfection we want to

progress to where we are at right now as

a base and then go up from here

so how do you increase your verbal

fluency now you can do the same exact

test that you've done here the F the a

the S the problem is you might start to

remember some words and you might repeat

it just game the system so instead of

doing the same exact test as a form of

exercise I want to challenge you to do

different topics so let's say tomorrow

morning you want to do a topic on fast

foods come up with as many

words as you possibly can that has to do

with fast-food fries hamburger hotdog

ketchup mustard right and just keep

going for again 60 seconds then the next

day do another topic it could be on a

topic of your favorite TV show like

suits so every single day if you pick a

different topic you can't allow yourself

your brain to specifically memorize

certain words instead you're training

your brain to retrieve retrieve that's

content in order for you to express it

out loud and then again we are

increasing our verbal fluency comment

below and let me know what your average

was again there is no scientifically

proven standard to this verbal fluency

test of course this is not conducted by

a scientist so please take this with a

grain of salt but that being said I

really like to know what your score was

and where you plan to go from here like

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