How To IMPROVE Your Basketball IQ!

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hey what's up y'all coach Rock here the

official trend for 'allah basketball TV

in today's video we'll talk about how to

improve your basketball IQ so that you

can become a more effective player on

the court so that you can score more

points so that you can overall dominate

every time you step on the court IQ is

highly underrated or having a good

basketball IQ is highly underrated and

if you look closely the best players in

the NBA have a very good basketball IQ

so I'm gonna be showing you how to

better your IQ today so first let's talk

about what is basketball IQ because I

think a lot of players don't really know

what it is right we see of rating on 2k

like high basketball IQ but we don't

really know what that means so that's

gonna I Q and having a high basketball

IQ that's what IQ basically is your

ability to process the game I'm at game

speed the plays how they develop where

you need to be what you need to do

what's going to happen what this player

does where you're best at where your

other plate where your players are where

your teammates are best at things like

that is what basketball IQ is so having

a good basketball IQ means you know this

player strengths and weaknesses you know

every player strengths and weaknesses on

your team you know the spots that you

should attack at you know the best place

your shooting guard likes to catch the

ball before he shoots you know what

plays the the other team is going to run

you know where you need to be on defense

it's being one step ahead of everything

if you've ever watched guys like Chris

Paul play who's you know he's gonna be a

Hall of Fame point guard or he is a Hall

of Fame point guard going to be whatever

but guys like Chris Paul when you watch

him play you'll always hear the

commentators say man he saw that play

before it happened usually whenever you

hear that it's because the player has a

good basketball IQ so for example one

play we used to run in high school I

remember my shooting guard what he would

do is he would fake his man and cut back

and we would get a layup easy now it

would look like I was an amazing passer

but in reality it was just our our IQ

was both really high

I he knew that his man was going to bite

and he would throw a sign out and he

would go back door I knew that sign

I knew his man would bite so I would

pass the ball to him for the backdoor

layup easy that right there is IQ that's

the definition of having a good IQ so

how do you improve your basketball IQ

the first thing you have to do is you

have to study okay you have to study

your game and your team's games so

anytime you play it's great to film the

game not just so you get your highlights

but so that you can study the game guys

like Kobe Bryant who had it amazing

basketball IQ he studied so much

basketball it's ridiculous like the best

players study I know that sounds boring

but if you want to develop a high

basketball IQ you have to first study

yourself study your team's games you

have to know what are your strengths

what are your weaknesses

what are your team strengths what are

your team weaknesses where the plays are

going to develop where you need to be at

where your teammates need to be at on

offense and on defense and then if you

have footage once you start getting to

the higher levels like high school

college pros you'll have footage on the

opposing team you'll know what plays

they run you'll know what strengths and

weaknesses they have so you you start

building up that information in your

brain and using that on the court to

stay one step ahead all the time all

right so we have study film yourself

your opponent's next thing is to study

film at higher levels so college mb8

overseas in in Europe phoebus stuff like

that study those games

what are those best players doing what's

the best college if you're a point guard

look at the best College point guard

right now I don't know who that would be

right now because really early in the

season but what is he doing how does he

play does he spend a lot of time doing a

lot of dribble moves no probably not is

he quick with the ball can he shoot

probably so does he do a hesitation here

hesitation there when does he execute

knowing all this stuff is going to

improve your basketball IQ because

you're gonna be able to do it when you

get on the court of course you have to

practice it but you should be able to do

it over time and that goes perfectly

into the next step it's the practice all


practice your skills not only your

skills but practice in real game

situations so obviously if you're on the

team this is a great the more practice

the more reps you get in with your team

running plays the better you're gonna be

able to know what's happening so take

practice serious don't go to justone

don't just go to practice and BS and

practice really focus on what's

happening if you have a question for

your coach ask your coach so he can tell

you and just really start to develop

your basketball IQ by always thinking on

the court a lot of I know a lot of

people say oh you don't want to think

you want to be in like that kill zone

mode where you're just not thinking but

in order to get to that level of like a

Kobe Bryant where he's just out there

just not even just in his zone just

scoring a bunch of points it's because

his basketball IQ was so high at second

nature he knows what to do in order to

get to that level you have to know the

game of basketball you have to know

everything as much as possible and only

then can you start to develop where you

know where everything is happening at

all times you don't have to think and

you can just dominate if you found this

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