How To Answer 11 Key UX Design Interview Questions

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hi I'm Mike head of a Career Services

here at career foundry now interviews

can be pretty nerve-racking but I

promise you the better you prepare the

more at ease you'll be if you've got a

UX design interview coming up you're

probably wondering what kinds of

questions will I be asked that's exactly

what we'll cover today with the help of

my colleague Jeff a seasoned UX designer

I'm going to talk you through some

essential UX interview questions and

show you how to answer them by the end

of this video you'll be ready to ace

your next interview and land that job

okay let's go tell us about yourself the

classic tell me about yourself it sounds

like a conversational icebreaker but

there's a bit more to it than that what

they're really asking is why UX design

what led you here and how does your

journey make you a good fit for this job

so Jeff what would be your advice for

answering this first question I would

say think about your life story in

relation to UX how did you discover your

passion for UX and what have you done

with it since talk about your

experiences so far and how they set you

apart for this role like if you were

working in customer service and realized

hey I have a natural gift for empathy

this is a good link to UX design tell

them what excites you about the role and

then focus on how you think you'd be a

great fit finish with a positive

statement like I hope I can show you how

my background and approach to UX will

make me a great addition to your team

what is UX design this seems almost too

basic to be true right but don't be

fooled this is actually a really

important question and you'll need more

than a textbook definition of UX design

if you're going to impress the

interviewer the underlying question here

is whether or not you truly get what it

means to be a UX designer it's not just

about making things look pretty it's

about understanding the user what

they're really asking is what's the

value of UX designer highlight the

importance of empathy and user

centricity why is a user first approach

so crucial and how does it translate

into good business talk about user


customer journeys and usability testing

show that you understand why UX design

matters to users to the company and to

the population at large

that's what UX is all about imagine

having to explain UX design

people with differing degrees of

knowledge on the subject how would you

explain it to an eight-year-old or to a

university graduate how about to a

fellow UX design expert don't forget to

talk about their business to discuss how

good UX adds value to their product

that's what they're really interested in

what is the difference between UX and UI

this seems to be an eternal source of

confusion both in and outside of the

industry so the interviewer could throw

this one in to test you make sure you

can explain the difference between the

two but also talked about how UX and UI

designers work together Jeff

how might you answer this question I

would start by reiterating the fact that

well UX and UI designers do work closely

together they are indeed two very

separate roles as we already mentioned

UX is extremely user focused all about

finding what the user wants and the kind

of challenges they face in a given

product ui is all about the visuals the

interactive buttons and screens that the

user moves through the colors and fonts

they see UI is a part of the overall

user experience much more closely linked

to visual design whereas UX is more

about empathy problem-solving and even

psychology talk us through your workflow

UX design is such a varied hands-on

profession with a huge emphasis on

problem solving the interviewer wants to

see how you go about solving these

problems how do you use yet design

thinking to take action they might ask

you to talk through your typical UX

workflow what kinds of things should you

focus on over to you Jeff there's no

right or wrong answer to this question

every UX designer has their own way of

doing things and that's absolutely fine

as long as you show that you're focused

on the user at all times

use an example to frame your process

talk them through your steps in handling

a specific project ideally one that

relates the kinds of challenges you

might face in this role you also be

expected to mention some key things here

like user research personas user flows

wireframes and testing do you consider

yourself a team player UX design is a

team sport so of course the interviewer

wants to see that you're a team player

they're curious as to how you'll work

with developers UI designers and product

owners at the same time they want to

suss out if you're open to feedback and

ideas so how can you convey a bit of

healthy team spirit in your

as a UX designer you'll work with

different people who are approaching the

project from different angles so it's

really important to show that you can

emphasize with the whole range of

perspectives your answers should

emphasize communication efficiency and

an open-minded attitude weave in a few

real-life examples when you collaborated

particularly will outline the challenges

you face as a team the steps you took to

overcome them together and the role you

played as an individual

tell us about your most or least

successful UX design project this is

essentially a more you like specific way

of asking about your strengths and

weaknesses if the interviewer wants to

hear about your most successful UX

project they're really looking to gauge

where your strengths lie if they ask

about your least successful project

they're keen to suss out your weaknesses

and more importantly how you learn from

your mistakes what's the best way to

approach a question like this Jeff in

both of these scenarios you need to

focus on what you learned when talking

about a successful project show how you

measure success in terms of the project

goals this is a good time to bring up

measurable results such as an increase

in signup rate after a website redesign

be sure to talk about your personal

strengths and the project either drew

upon or made you aware of when talking

about an unsuccessful project be honest

but strategic talk about where the

project went wrong and the hurdles you

faced but also how you overcame them and

what you learned what will you avoid in

the future as a result of this project

turn it into something constructive how

do you practice Universal Design

accessibility is a huge topic so don't

be surprised if it comes up in your UX

design interview why is Universal Design

so important well creating a good user

experience means creating a good user

experience for everybody at all times as

a designer you need to cater to

temporary situational constraints and

long term impairments of course

Universal Design is also good for

business Jeff how would you approach the

topic of Universal Design I would

mention inclusive design principles such

as given the user options say the choice

between audio content and written

subtitles I would then focus on how

crucial Universal Design is from a

business perspective the more inclusive

and accessible the product is the wider

and audience it can reach

which is ultimately great news for both

the brand and reputation and the bottom

line you could also provide a few

examples of how you might make their

product more accessible what do you

think will be the next big thing in UX

design if the interviewer asks you about

industry trends there fishing to see if

you're passionate about UX have you got

your finger on the pulse do you know

what's going on in the world around you

don't get too hung up on this no one's

expecting you to predict the future

Jeff what what you mention here this is

a good time to talk about any books or

blogs you're currently reading

maybe you're fascinated by the rise of

voice technology and happen to mention

an article you read recently or a

podcast you've been listening to as

always try and relate it back to the

employers business needs and goals how

do you see this trend contributing to

their success why is it an important

trend to be aware of always make it

relevant to the role you're applying for

how would you improve the UX of our

product now things are really starting

to get personal this can be quite an

intimidating question but don't let it

scare you this is an excellent

opportunity to show that you've

researched the company and really

thought about how you can make a

difference to their success

this demonstrates genuine enthusiasm to

the role which will earn you major plus

points make sure you research the

company and their product thoroughly

before your interview and come up with a

mini plan of action to improve the UX

what else Jeff it's important to show

that you're full of ideas and ready to

hit the ground running but of course you

need to be diplomatic here ask the

interviewer a few searching questions to

show that even though you research the

part beforehand you're aware that you're

working with assumptions once your

assumptions have been confirmed or

remodeled you can deliver your potential

solutions present your ideas in a

constructive way

don't start trashing their product where

do you go for UX design inspirations the

best UX designers are constantly

learning and growing so potential

employers will be curious to know how

you go about this continuous learning

process where or who do you turn to for

inspiration do you make development and

growth of top priority there's no right

or wrong answer here as long as you show

a genuine passion for learning and

exploring and a rapidly evolving field

like UX design the only way to stay on

top of your

is if you're constantly learning and

sinking knowledge even if you follow

loads of influential UX or is on Twitter

and have a shelf full of design books I

know that my mind has a tendency to go

blank when I'm asked to name a few on

the spot so go prepared with a mental

shortlist be it a design podcast or blog

that you follow religiously or even

personal contacts you've made in the

industry anything that inspires you and

feeds your curiosity hands on design

challenge you've talked the talk now

it's time to see if you can walk the

walk in addition to answering questions

verbally you might also be asked to

complete a hands-on design challenge

skill space challenges come in many

different forms you may be given a

design problem to take home and work on

in your own time or you might be asked

to critique an app on the spot then

there's the whiteboard challenge as the

name suggests you'll be presented with a

problem and asked to design the solution

there and then talking to panel through

it as you go no matter what kind of the

design challenge you're faced with the

key is to clarify assumptions and show

your process your approach to

problem-solving how you lay out your

initial assumptions and how you discuss

your process are all way more important

than the final result so focus on these

in detail and make sure you're talking

about the user at every stage

that's what UX is all about right so

there you have it 11 essential UX design

interview questions and how to answer

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