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hi before we get into the seven steps of

how to think differently it is important

to understand why knowing how to think

differently is a significant factor on

the path of you becoming your best you

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consultations the how to to being true

to you so why is knowing how to think

differently significant sometimes we

feel stuck in a perpetual cycle and our

lives seem dark and unappealing

simply because of the way that we think

thinking differently is an essential and

very necessary concept for living a

successful and truly fulfilling life the

way we think is a determining factor

influencing our feelings and how we feel

commands the actions we take and how

quickly we adapt to situations therefore

our outcomes and resiliency to achieve

anticipated goals result from the power

of our mental conditioning how we think

thinking differently will encourage

difference and often times more

prosperous results from our actions thus

leading to fulfillment if you pay

attention on your journey to becoming

the best you what is truly important to

you will come before what you believe

that you want think relationships trust

and happiness this is why knowing how to

think differently is such an important

step on the journey of you becoming your

best you so without further ado here are

the steps on how to think differently

step 1

question everything questioning

everything means to inquire about what

you don't know as well as what you

believe to already know

questioning everything sparks an

internal dialogue within your mindset

assisting with the distinguishing of the

truth from popular opinion or common

practice actively questioning our

reality will help us understand it to a

greater extent figuring out the why that

drives actions and inactions could help

you understand situations and people to

a much greater degree for example you

could find out what encourages your best

friend a track runner to stay motivated

to perform at the high level that they

do you'll being a track runner yourself

who has been unmotivated for some time

would benefit greatly by understanding

what drives your friend and how you

could apply that information to your

reality this can only be achieved by

questioning what is known on the surface

level questioning what you see on the

surface level will always bring you

closer to the foundation of that reality

as said by Martin Luther King jr.

everything that we see is a shadow cast

by a hat that we do not see therefore

question everything because even the

things of which we are most certain of

how way of turning to be either untrue

or simply just not complete always

remember the world that we know is just

a very small part of a much much larger

world step 2

patience being patient with yourself and

your growth is an excellent method to

harnessing the capacity to think

differently being patient with the

information you gather will help to

avoid jumping to conclusions

patience is a great virtue on this

journey because it is accepting that you

are capable of growth being patient

understands that everything you have

seen and been through

a sort of mirror to what you currently


therefore it is acknowledging that you

may not fully be at the level that you

desire to be yet yet it is having the

conviction that you will one day get

there always practice patience step 3

avoid prejudice keep an open mind

prejudice is a preconceived opinion that

is not based on reason or actual

experience think prejudgment or judging

something before you have taken the time

to understand or consider it oftentimes

prejudice is a natural tendency that

happens as a reflex to protect you from

perceive displeasure or potential danger

however it is important to be wary of

what you are being prejudiced of and why

being stuck in preconceived notions of

who or what the other is can easily

cause a block to new pertinent

information and in turn will limit our

own life experiences once you notice

your prejudice stop yourself and

doublethink to doublethink a term taken

from George Orwell's famous novel 1984

is the acceptance of or mental capacity

to accept contrary opinions or beliefs

at the same time especially as a result

of political indoctrination in the

context of prejudice this means to be

conscious of your habit of prejudgment

yet to be able to accept or think of a

different perspective step 4

do not be emotionally attached to a

desired response being attached to what

you believe an answer should be will

often cloud what the answer truly is

this dilemma often happens in the

relationships that we create we want to

believe someone is the ideal person we

believe them to be despite the numerous

evidence science showing us the opposite

we often desire to be right and do not

know how to handle or deal with being

wrong we therefore become so attached to

the idea of being right that we

subconsciously ignore anything showing

us otherwise the desire to be right and

the desire to have been right are two

desires and the sooner we separate from

them the better off we are never

restrict yourself to expected results if

you are to desire desire to want

something that you cannot yet see thus

taking you to newer heights that you

cannot currently fathom sometimes you

have to think about things the way you

don't want to think about things to get

results ideal for your progress on the

journey of you becoming your best you

step 5 explore follow your curiosity let

your intuition guide you to new places

from the inner crevices of your mind and

soul to the vast locations of the world

visit other cultures or even explore

your own culture in ways you haven't

before speak to new people or even ask

different questions to the people you

believe you already know allow your mind

to wander to the depths of what you

believe you are capable of exploring

begins from within and will translate to

be accomplished in your outside reality

they say curiosity killed the cat but

always remember that it is a

satisfaction that brought it back step 6

take action always take action towards

your truest intentions taking action

will give you answers

we're simply thinking would have left

you at a standstill it is important to

understand that life is a game of giving

and receiving therefore if you entertain

negativity negativity will continue to

entertain you yet if you move towards

positivity positivity will in turn

subtly move towards you taking action

will lead you closer to your truth and

will help you understand your own

perspective to a more profound degree

which will reciprocity encourage

thinking differently always remember the

truth is always simple to the true

seeker and complex to those comfortable

in a lie step 7

spread love spreading love will be a

guiding light where it was once dark

always remember love is the opposite of

fear and it is fear that constrains and

limits movement the energy you put out

will invite the same energy back in

therefore always spread love do a good

deed offer your time to someone forgive

someone spreading love will challenge a

narrative and help your mind develop

avenues of thought where there was once

confusion or uncertainty as said by the

legend himself Bob Marley light up the


so that's it people those are the seven

steps of how to think differently and to

start moving forward today post a

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shifting your thinking has helped you

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will see you here next time on how

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