Think deeply - Lessons from my grandmother | Lex Fridman

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the third lesson

is to think deeply to be

quiet and think until

you know the situation you know the

right thing to say

and the right thing to say is the one

that internalizes considers and thinks

through the big picture

of the situation so the emotion you feel

especially when you're young about a

particular situation

the desire to be sort of a crybaby about

things about me me me

about being upset about this situation

or that situation

there was something about the way she


quiet and the way she looked over the


and the moments when she spoke

were words of wisdom of calm

and patience that was so inspiring

to a mind that was impatient she helped

me understand that the immediate

emotional response to particular

situations the ups and downs of how you


influence the perception the cognition

of how everything is interpreted

and taking your time thinking

being quiet

and speaking when you have something to

say is the kind of man

i should be