Quora Secrets: How I managed 43 Million views in 5 months

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I thought I would see this video from


was lying the Syrian thing person

brining just want to share with you I

finished the video just now and I'm just

putting this video gives you

instructions video title it is how did I

manage get like 43 million views on

Quora within five months technically it

is four months because when I started

off I was just answering one or two

answers a day in between I also had my

surgery and has not acted on Bora for

one month so it's technically 43 million

views in four months however you know

just taking the time frame forty billion

views in five months second thing is

there's a timestamp below where you see

the different different parts of this

video divided so that it's very easy for

you to choose which part of the video

you want to go to and have a look at

which part of the statement also keep in

mind that I just decided to go random

for this video I didn't plan out what I

was going to say I just had a few points

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I would love to hear from you and yes I

always put videos like this so this is

dedicating it to all my Korra friends

and followers who are part of my what

something get ask me how did you get 14

million views in five months

technically four months like this wall

so this is a video to share with you

hope you like it

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed

creating it so now go ahead and

one chain minutes or one are any minutes

of content for free no anything like

buoyancy this we knew from Lima silicon

who's long as he didn't think personal

branding today the leaders 20th December

2017 time right now is five eleven in

the evening all right

for those of you who are new on you and

do not know this I'm a part of Cora Cora

is a platform it's a kind of a social

networking site where you have questions

you can ask questions and you can answer

questions so I got introduced to this

site by my friend I'll just keep his

name as ad because he doesn't want to

get recognized I don't know why he likes

to be secret so he introduced me get to

my brains and saying come on rock or

I'll help your brand I forget so but you

know eventually I listen to him and at

first I was just writing one answer I

didn't care what I just writing and one

fine day I found this question which was

about Dubai and I decided I would okay I

put some effort and I'd answer it

properly and mind you this is during my

marriage during my honeymoon I was not

even at home here so I this question

about I answer this question about to

buy what really goes on in Dubai behind

the scenes I I kind of kind of expose

the truth because if you are in the buy

you can't actually tell the truth

because if you're in the buy on it right

the truth and it speaks against the

country you can get jailed and you can

get fined you can get deported so I put

the real scenario of what actually

happens in Dubai for expatriates Indians

Pakistanis Bangladeshis Sri Lankans

so I I did that I didn't expect anything

and after I did that for a couple of

days I didn't bother and then my friend

mr. a he kept telling me hey listen you

got thousand we use you got 2000 views

you are you know 40 likes I was like

what the hell is all this upwards and I


damn much fathers one fine day he told

me do you know that you're number one as

the most viewed writer in Dubai like

from where the hell did he get that

stuck so he's like he sent me a snapshot


I was pretty intrigued I checked it and

I found out that I was a number one

writer for Dubai UAE and for me being a

blogger for so many years I was you know

number one blocking I was like no number

one so before I knew it from 100,000

views that very answer you know you can

just google kora

ROI Macedo Dubai you would get the

various answers that I've given this got

from 100,000 views mine to 200,000 views

and eventually one find eight men to

750,000 views and there was this

particular gentleman whose name I need

no water take but he was the number one

writer in Dubai for the category of

Dubai he's from goodbye and I managed to

beat him like five or six times the

distance and that made me feel good Wow

I'm the writer of divine you know

emotional bonding was there so then I

started to take interest of what is Cora

and I started writing more and more

answers and to my surprise my the number

of views I started to get increased and

increased I didn't know what was what

was to be done I didn't know what would

I do with the views I didn't know what

to do with the followers I didn't know

what through the upload so I decided I'd

create this video for you so that you

can benefit from the mistakes that I

made it so you don't make the same

mistakes and you can at least have some

sort of guidance to tell me what you

should be doing and what you shouldn't

be doing because I made a lot of

mistakes lots of mistakes I missed a lot

of days I even got bands and I even

nearly lost my account so this video is

to share with you all the things you

should you should not do all things you

must consider the for getting into porn

no yes now first and foremost is before

before you do decide to get into hora

me tell you this make sure that

everything that you put on pora

is absolutely correct from your name

make sure your name is exactly what is

stated on the passport number one make

sure your name your details are exactly

what is on the passport make sure it is

exactly as per Facebook make sure it's

exactly this because if tomorrow you

start getting popular and somebody

complains anybody complains you're gonna

lose your entire account you will lose

every single thing but you have done and

created for Korra so please keep that in

mind that's the first most important

thing because you don't believe this

my name is why Macedo my website's name

is long as you know I've created

Facebook Loy Macedo I have a Twitter

with Lloyd nacido and YouTube is long

until everything is Loy Macedo even

after doing all this one fine day I got

Cora moderation that asked me please

change your name and put your real name

from where you see them and I was like

what you need to understand the reason

why I'm telling you this is as you start

becoming popular you start getting many

haters there will be many many haters

who will download your answers who will

try to cherry-pick

each and every fault of your answer they

would try to destroy you

your your popularity they would want you

to be banned because that's how envious

and jealous some people can get and you

you'd get a massive crowd of haters

feeding you if you start becoming

popular on Borah this has happened one

student I think not engaged in a student

who I think aced the iit-jee exam I have

no idea what that is

and all of a sudden you started millions

of people all over India eating him

despising him give me and threats so you

would face lots of these so just make

sure the point number one the first most

important thing is make sure your name

your identity is exactly what is stated

on your passport so that when you create

a right now if tomorrow it gets

questioned for its authenticity for its

name you have a passport you have little

papers for me I literally I'm not joking

and this is after getting I think nearly

40 million you

and getting a whole lot of fans and

followers Korra just suspended my

accountant said please change your name

from lawyer Macedo to your real name

otherwise they're gonna ban your account

I was like are you crazy

my my name on Facebook is why Macedo my

Twitter account is going to sit on my

website is why Macedo my you know if you

google my name you'll be Seto with my

face and they were like no please give

us your real name it's like you not

believe when I when I try to get you to

marriage websites

this is dating this is a couple of year

this is two years ago they rejected my

photograph saying please do not use the

photograph or the image of famous

celebrities use your own I kept giving

them my actual photograph I even wrote

on a sheet of paper and said guys this

is me the unit's written here they leave

until I literally send them original

attested papers one of them even came on

skype to to believe it was me because

they said I was celebrating online and

they couldn't believe that I actually

came on the website I was on the website

feature so what I'm telling you is

please make sure that you have your

identity that is the same as very

possible because if in case tomorrow

they say no you can send all this after

my account got suspended I sent them a

copy of my passport my driver's license

my health card my ID card my book permit

I send them all my accounts because you

don't believe after selling them Twitter

Facebook website all of this they still

rejected it there is still rejected

understanding the passport still nothing

was done finally when I wrote to them

I wrote to different different people

whose emails I thought I wrote then

finally it was reinstated in between

they even asked me to change it to LOI

Anthony Macedo but then I put a special

request please my name is why you see

it's lohanthony Macedo but I don't use

Anthony in between I just put point 0 so

the first one please ensure that your

name is exactly as treated as for

password you know that's number one

second second very important thing which

I want to mention once you let me put

do you play it okay

the second thing which I want to caution

you about on in terms of core is now

this is this is a fact which I want to

share with you when I created Korra I I

think I created this many many years ago

around three or four years ago I just

wanted to ask the question and I logged

in from a different account and I just

ask one question or two questions

something like that and I never used it


so when I started using this account and

I started getting more and more popular

one fine day my friendship hey you know

the same time AD he said what the hell

are you doing I was like what what did I


he said why did you create to a comes I

said what comes IIIi didn't great where

comes he saying no look there is - Missy

goes here like I don't know this I

really no idea what is this and I

clicked on that I come to check and then

I realized oh this was the old one he

said now right now he was in a state of

panic he said right now do you need it

get rid of it I was like but I'm not

using it he said no I don't care I just

get rid of it I was like wine what am i

doing I'm I just asked a question like

four or five years ago he said no you

got blocked rated banned for creating

duplicate accounts so he was so you know

nervous and and I mean he was hyper

about okay fine fine I I somehow managed

to figure out how to delete that and I

just got it deleted permanently all the

records everything he in fact when I

just when I when I put it on like

deactivated he said not even deactivate

delete it's completely deleted I said

okay fine I'll totally delete it I

didn't understand how critical this was

until one of my fellow Cora

users who had I don't know he created it

two accounts one account long back and

he got suspended and blocked and banned

forever so please if you're creating

another account by mistake because you

know you need to understand when you

create Korra you have either Facebook or

Google so sometimes you tend to have

this problem where you log in through

your Facebook it poses what account you

login to go

it goes to another account so Cora will

get a kind of red alert that you're

trying to create a fake account and then

you will lose your account you lose your

followers you lose all your books so

please be careful don't have two

accounts and if you have not only


make sure it's deleted completely the

full trace because once you create a

core account and you get and remember

it's your IP address its they will track

you down even if you create another name

anything else they will somehow figure

it out because you can never be smarter

than the system and you lose everything

so please make sure that you do not have

any duplicate accounts okay now here's

another thing which I want to tell you

is another not to do think that is once

again let me just write it down okay

please here is one thing which I want to

tell you okay this is the third point is

please do not think you're smarter than

the system okay I have I have been sent

certain links by certain individuals who

are in penvenen fora they keep putting

up these videos power hacks for Korra or

how to ace Korra or how to get thousands

of followers and thousands and millions

of views see the thing is you cannot be

smarter than the system okay these guys

who are famous on Korra famous for are

millions of views and millions of

followers but they are not famous

anywhere else they are only famous on

Korra the reason being is they just got

relaxed here's the thing which I want

you to understand many people get famous

only on one platform and that's about it

okay I Auto respect for the guys I don't

want to take your names but there are a

lot of these chocolate flavor looking

boys pretty handsome they're spiky a

little blonde or dill muscular under

ripped and then you get all these big

guys with big Nancy oh you know a

million billion dollar company and

venture capitalists and investors and

managing director and founder and then

you get these girls were so hot like oh

I saw some of them their till

whatever they can make hi they go like

this and you know everything is shown

and OH

anything she puts anything this bill

puts ten thousand votes of what she just

what if she just would I the one thing

which I want to share with you I eat

chocolate cake and I lick my fingers or

something like that I think she got

around a hundred and seventy thousand

views in less than I think less than an

hour or something and she gets like

thirty thousand upwards or likes just

for a stupid silly answer so let's see

the thing is they're just lucky the

right person at the right place at the

right time that is why someone you see

on Bora

who might have millions of views and

millions of followers you go to their

YouTube channel there are maybe 1,000

followers you go to their Facebook they

have 300 followers so it's just they're

lucky on pora okay it's just that they

like you more so keep this in mind

whatever advice people you view or

delete all your world answers and just

keep the highest upwards or keep the

highest views or make sure that it is

balanced between the four is to 141 or

whatever combination please you cannot

be smarter than the system you can never

be smarter than system they have PhDs

they have the best talent in the world

they have people who are earning

hundreds of thousands of dollars venture

capitalists are pumping in millions they

are not some small a and you being one

small guy one small girl in one small

room which your daddy and mommy is

playing the pain the you know bills you

can't be smarter than you know Facebook

or Twitter or you know all the PHP

programmers from Harvard so please there

is no such hacks there is no such magic

stuff than here on YouTube and what

people say and also one more thing which

I want to tell you is please please

please do not copy answers from any bet

do not copy there was a really one time

one-hit wonder popular for a guy young

boy he was literally getting I'm not

even joking is literally getting mother

thousand followers 1,000 followers per

day I was paying attention every single

day 1000 1000 won and won once he even

bought 1800 followers in a single day

and he was getting literally I mean but

I I think close to 100,000 views per

answer and eventually you got caught for

plagiarism you know so please don't copy

and if you take any any question or any

any particular answer give the reference

down below because I'll tell you this

there will be people who will be gunning

for you there will be people whose only

job is to ensure that they destroy your

brand they destroy your presence on

Quora and they make sure that you lose

your account so please make sure that

you use proper references now I'm giving

you the first the warning the big

warnings which nobody will tell you okay

now another thing which I want you to

tell you anyways please make sure that

you know how to handle

heaters once you start becoming popular

out there are thousands of trolls I

don't know somehow the one thing which I

do not agree with your eyes they have

these 13 year old boys and 13 year old

girls my my friend's son who's 9 year

old has a poor account and so you get

all these children coming up from now

and they're pretty jobless most of them

they don't have anything to do so when

you give when you give a platform by

your voice can be heard go to a genius

and to a jackass both to a grown-up and

a kid the kid starts thinking oh an

equal to you the jack has start singing

I'm a genius

you know you'd not believe I got I

literally got 14 year old kids I'm not

joking 14 year old kids giving me advice

on how I should treat my wife and I'm

serious 14 you're young boys when I put

when I asked him to come on skype when I

saw him he looked like a boy who whose

pubic hair

clone from anybody's what you didn't do

that facial hair

you know forget sorry P we have one

likely to behavior he didn't have any

facial hair you look like a smaller

Quigley 12 and he said hey you treat

your wife nice and but I spoke him on

skype he was shivering

high but when he spoke to me here when

he was chatting oh no what's up it was

acting like a picture you know therefore

these keyboard warriors or keyboard MMA

fighters they act like they are my

ultimate but the minute you talk to them

expectantly tradition and then you got

these these these small kids I'm telling

you one boy he literally said I wanna

business deal with you and

entrepreneurship and all that crap and

he was harassing me like anything else

finally got fed up I I put on the camera

his cap is this way he's putting in some

fake bull chain and yo-yo you know I

just want to speak you man about you

know the social media kind of platform

we are talking of venture capital and

what are you a swallowing kid what are

you talking about I was listening this

crap his mom boxing gloves is here and

this you know takes in my vision without

looking at the screen so what I'm sorry

you'll get plenty of heaters wannabes

they will harass you so please do not

get into a fight with them if anyone

harasses you just block them just

freedom a block mutant so you don't have

to see them in fact I got so many people

telling me why are you why are you using

a pot to manufacture upwards and

manufacture likes and for you to ask

questions to yourself so you will get

ridiculous statements like this so if

you you'll have plenty of haters please

make sure that you block them hey ACP

I keep blocking many of them there are

some of them who do not allow females to

come in I allow emails come in I get

plenty of free requests at least on an

average at least ten per day so just be

wary of a sign that you'll get plenty of

haters and very importantly please be

careful of putting your phone number


miss your details because a lot of

stalkers out there who will choose you I

have this one female who literally had

this crazy stalker was chasing us so

these are now these are six things one

two three four five six six things is

one second let me just put it on that

you need to be careful in terms of

putting on Quora so please be careful

okay now in terms of the tips let me

just bring this now in terms of the tips

and tricks on how to get you know

approximately for PE what is that 43

million views in five months okay I'm

just going random you know so if there

is any errors in this video just don't

okay now I just put her on 20 tips all

of you I'm just going to randomly so

whatever you feel is useful just take it

for you and you know use it okay

so first and foremost is tip number one

every answer that you give make sure

that you have a proper image every

answer that I've given I've used an

image you know this is a search bar and

you click on the image when you click on

an answer questions oil you get an

answer okay then you go to the answer

then it is that small button at the

right hand side where if you click you

get an image just Google there let's say

for example someone's talking about

laughs just Google love relationships a

lot of friendship or love in love or

something don't just put love put

something else you'll get a proper image

choose that image or choose something

from the internet you know if you have

the iMac you can obviously take a small

screen shot use that image but make sure

that is not copyright do not have super

stars do not have famous people withdraw

take someone else's image without your

permission take general images and

always have an image firaon so that

always helps in my case I use my images

so nobody can scream copyright laws so I

have an image okay first one is have an

image for every answer that can it grabs

people attention and make sure that the

image is good be careful however of

images which are sexual in nature images

which show nudity violence because you

will get flagged I was like you don't

believe I got flagged for

this kind of flag I got a flag for nice

this kind of flag I got flagged for

putting you know Muslims have the hola

which is you know in Arabic I just put

that just to signify in terms of Muslims

I got a moderator who said please use

images which I don't please use images

which are permitted or which are in

English or not in any other language so

just be careful of that so avoid using

anything controversial or too overtly


just keep normal general images but

attractive but so tip number one tip

number two is I just make sure that your

answers are in the range of 100 to 200

words okay it's always good to have 100

to 200 words because I in in the

beginning I use for 3,000 worded answers

I've even put one which is 8,000 words I

used to put hats which where like if you

type loin Macedo hacks you get one which

is like 200 and I think 224 hats

it took me 24 asked to write that buddy

answer and then the problem of doing

such long answers is not that people

people get bored but if that answer gets

collapse its collapse or be eaten

all your hard work is gone so just make

sure that the answers and you put on say

the answers that you could are 100 to

200 words and make sure that it speaks

to the point don't go to weight greater

than 100 of 1 words that you're putting

is quality stuff ok that makes a little

bit of experience so keep writing the

third one is this is a strategy which I

follow before I used to cherry pick and

choose ok I only answer questions

related to personal branding I only

answered questions related to Dubai or

questions related to bodybuilding but

what I decided is for me at least I'll

just choose random answers so whoever

sends me a question I always give an

opinion unless of course there is

something which I'm not very comfortable

speaking on let's say they

there was this question about a medical

question with regards to how to how to

fight depression or suicidal tendencies

so those are pretty sensitive matters

somebody asks me in terms of what do I

do after completing my engineering

should I take this field this branch of

engineering or another branch and I told

them listen I'd know answer me just from

a fan it's just a little I hope this is

not talking okay it's not right yeah

sorry it's feeling a little hot so make

sure that you do not wait let me just

make sure this doesn't come okay yeah so

oh wait wait wait

okay sorry because I don't want me to be

heard on my video recording so I choose

one of answered questions which ask you

stuff related to you know like

engineering there was one guy who asked

me something related to investments and

Bitcoin so I do not know much about

these so make sure that even though you

answer random questions but make sure

that it's not something that you foolish

because if in case you answer something

that you really are wrong I mean you get

a backlash a massive backlash okay

point number four which is pretty good

as be consistent every day every day

without failure I have made it a policy

to answer at least forty four zero forty

questions now there are people who kind

of misuse this this rule like I don't

want to give names but this dude this

gentleman he answers 104 answers every

single day now however you know I think

the new scene is 40 so he doesn't know

100 and out of the 100 answers that he

does answer he answers each answer in

one word or one line okay now in as much

as that might look like a very smart


oh I'm answering 100 answers every

single day yay I have 10,000 answers

that I finished in

100 days Quorra like i told you is

smarter than you the system you cannot

beat the system most of his answers

started to collapse because people

started to you know choose the option

that it is an answer to the point or

it's it's a small answer it's not

appropriate and he lost 50% of all the

answers that he gave so please make sure

that it's not one line or you're not

answering just for the sake of answering

karai's constantly improving its its

system and if you try the shortcut

eventually you will pay the price so

please make sure that you are consistent

so even if you choose let's say I will

do one answer but make that make sure

that one answer comes if you bring 20

answers make sure it's funny answers but

quality so don't focus on make it

exceptionally high quality because then

you'll you know it's analysis paralysis

just state your opinion because on pora

they're just looking for an opinion so

just be consistent every day 5 minimum 5

maximum how many ever in my case minimum

is you know the maximum is 40 every

single day okay so the point of a boy is

be consistent point number 5 is a

support I have a support I have a

support group of korah enthusiasts and

that I've created in a neuron I think I

have roughly 500 of them so once a while

I always ask them please share my

answers on your social media please to

upload my answers so 500 maybe 50 are

very accurately said yeah sure why are

we for you so I'm really grateful to

them and really thankful so I was a

whole group that's a whole group obvious

that that likes about your answers and

shares it on their social media platform

because the more help that you get the

better it is so it's always with us

support point number five point number

six is share your answers on your social

media now there's a caveat to this

initially what has to do is I used to

answer 100 questions per day 100 answers

and all the 100 I used to put on my

Facebook and I shot up flooding people's

feed with my answers and very soon

people started to unfollow me so

dai doesn't realize the hard way so what

I suggest you to do is if your answer

any questions just make sure you cherry

pick one or two one or two really

high-quality answers and you share this

with people because what happens is if

you share this this quality answer

people will click on it and they will

share it the difference however if you

bombard them with ten ounces per day

will be little unbelieving that will

work against you so share what while

content however on Twitter I share

constantly each and every answer so you

know the more you share the better it is

but however don't overdo it

so why number seven is make sure that

you answer each and every email every

day after I finish my that is I finished

all day you know it is only then in the

evening I answer emails or if I get up

in the morning I'm sipping my coffee I'm

watching a kind of a movie or the news

or the latest educational section I just

opened my email on the left side or I

put it on the left side and the movie on

the right-hand side and I just answer

one my answers or I have a standard

template that I said everyone so make

sure that you answer all emails because

your fans and your followers like to

know that you respond to that okay

point number eight that I'd like to give

these please make sure that your entire

prop profile profile is filled out

because what happens is then when this

is the mistake that I did I I didn't

realize until four months into it when

you have your profile make sure there is

a call to action also now first and

foremost is put your name you probably

make a decent please don't do this don't

have something from the internet of

somebody else's for gap or some you know

like image or something cool don't do

that happy but I don't have punched it

on the face so many times that you are

in prison see you don't need to very

handsome you don't need to look

exceptionally beautiful but have a nice

decent photograph a nice one you know

you see remember today every smartphone

has certain features you can have a deal

poultra have a decent one put it up and

that's really nice it's always good to

have a nice decent Borah

come that's my wife and my dog easy

coming okay so have a decent photograph

and put some meat packs Megan eyes but

please make sure that this is your

photograph and in terms of your profile

don't this is what people normally do I

am a foodie I'm a world traveler

I'm a innovator I am a rebel stop it


this is overused maybe just remove the

belt from the doggies and remove the

belt my dogs have a belt so please don't

have the what do you call that this you

know I'm a rebel I'm a foodie Emma

enthusiast that is so overly done it has

lost its freshness instead make sure

that you have a call to action let's say

for example you are you know

bioengineering student for example okay

have your name if you want people to get

in touch with you put your email address

make sure that you have if you can each

other girl don't put your phone number

or you get stalkers make sure that you

have your sir okay that's mighty she

wants to go this way

it's always unless keep my go Tommy

so that's what I might be and maybe

close that okay thank you yeah okay so

so it's fine you know something and I'm

Mary okay so anyway so unless don't you

just make sure that your profile is

probably filled up and have a call to

actions like have your name have your

email and so people can you get in touch

with you and if there is something that

you like to stay like for example my

profile if you would see it it has like

traffic to divert to my youtube channel

so that is at the topmost below that is

it let me check so I can give you the

proper information yeah first is my

youtube channel which is right at the

top the second one is my what's up for

those who would like to join there is my

facebook group so the top 3 the top 3 is

what people normally we try and I make

sure that

that directly we can just move the mouse

they click on it and those redirects to

the call to action so they go to my

YouTube and just to share with you ever

since I joined Korah in five months my

subscriber base which was a thousand has

jumped up to five thousand people out so

it does work the call to action and what

some group every day I get at least five

people would like to join my groups and

then obviously because I don't have time

in so many messages at least three or

four dropouts or one may stick okay at

least six hundred people who have joined

my grinding groups now apart from that

another thing you can have on your

profile is please make sure that you

have a bio about you like what you can

do is you can create a blog on pora and

put you know let's say about me

something about me then put your contact

information which you like put stuff

about you so in my case my true story I

have half of my contact lens which is

another of my introduction I put it in

other my email policy I put in mother so

what you can do is create all these

different different links to your blog

on so what happens is people can click

and choose and then if you are or are

you can see how many holes you got how

much traffic or like for example when I

click on my true story that is point

number four

as of now you know I have around eight

thousand six hundred and forty eight

views with 376 upwards okay when I click

on my contact links I've got around two

thousand five hundred fifty views so in

each and every link then but you get to

know how much of traffic you sorry it's

always nice so just make sure that you

fill up your profile with a call to

action and you can have a look at my my

Cora profile so that you you know what

hey don't make me oh let me just get my

toe me up oh okay sorry

so you know they want to hug it so I can

you know okay

yes yes you know thank you yeah well

waiter thank you okay so sorry I was

stating the points and now the next one

is so please make sure your profile is

filled up make sure there's a call to

action and be sure what do you want

people to do if they come to your

profile when people come to my profile

obviously I collect them to my youtube

channel I want to direct them to let's

say my Facebook page or I want to direct

them to buy what some group so what

happens is when you correct them it kind

of gives them a call to action okay so

that's very very important now the next

one is point number nine okay why number

nine is what is your agenda okay point

number right now what do I mean by what

is your agenda you need to have a

purpose of Beaman for many people they

just come on garage just for getting

views and upwards so personally speaking

I will tell you that this is a very big

mistake if you want on Borre only for

upwards and followers it's a very very

big mistake and I'll tell you why this

this was another young man was on Bora

literally getting like 800 followers a

day and even there was this girl she was

literally getting I think close to nine

hundred or thousand publicity upwards by

like anything even if she just what did

you do today I had coffee you should get

like a 1000 upwards and like ten

thousand views

you know so she was there one fine day I

don't know understand she just got back

I have no idea why I whether she created

a fake account or whatever and this guy

also got banned along with uh maybe they

both we're playing a game or something

the sad fact is they were only famous on

Korra when I did search them anywhere

else I just found them after a great

deal of you know seeking investigation I

found them on Korra and they saw them on

Facebook and not very popular there so

ask yourself what is your agenda of

being on Korra if it is just knowledge

fine it is just knowledge and if it is


in terms of knowledge and if it is just

answering question fine that's okay if

that was not your strategy that is not

your strategy what I suggest you to do

is ask yourself would you like your

follow some Cora to become your business

clients would you like to network with

them as friends

would you like to increase your fan base

your followers or you know you're just

looking for genuine relationships not

not in terms of getting married or

something so just ask you so what is

your agenda because one fine day they

will come a day where who is no longer

there Oh Cora is no longer existing so

at least all the effort all the time

everything that you're putting on for up

at least it has a meaning today I have

what subgroups

I have Facebook groups I have YouTube

I'm diverting the traffic there means

traffic in the sense just mine the fans

and followers but at the same time I'm

using them to once again come back to


so it's it's like a loop it's like a

root so I make sure that I give

something of value to Cora I I'm not

joking I I give six to eight hours be

just for Hilde just for Cora and I'm

contributing as a contributor at the

same time you know everything benefits

okay my muse are going on my comments

are going on yes I have got some clients

I have made some amount of money or

through pora managed to make clients who

pay me for my one-to-one professional

services so that's good so just have

your agenda it should be very clear okay

let me drink coffee but sit then point

number 10 is focus on your area of

expertise okay what do I mean by that

now I specialize in personal branding

okay I told you you need to make sure

that your profile is probably filled up

okay and I specialize in personal

branding now one thing our personal

branding is I made sure on the title I

have clearly stated and the world's

number one personal branding strategist

okay and I've also made sure that every

question that comes with my Macedo I

answer it whatever it is because it

represents my brand and any any question

related to personal branding or

communication because I do both of them

and goodbye because my main trying basis


these three are my primary area of focus

personal branding communication goodbye

okay so Dubai is where my most of my

clients come from person branding is

what I specialize in communication is

what I'm good at

so these three are my areas of expertise

so if you're for example let's say

you're only a student now obviously if

you're restoring you can be an expert in

but maybe you're a student in Mumbai so

why do you answer questions related to

Mumbai and if you're a student of

science why don't you focus on science

if you are a student let's say you like

cricket you like link again search

answer questions related to cricket

search questions related to your hobby

search questions related to what you

love doing now enjoy and make this your

area of expertise so then what happens

is people will identify you as an expert

and they will they will have something

to speak you about and that is where

your network grows because remember this

what is important in the end is for your

network to expand to you to get in touch

with people for your education for

learning for friendship for business

whatever so make sure I know if a friend

who is very much into a search engine

optimization and other guys very much in

the body building so they only focus on

search engine optimization and you keep

answering all questions and queries

related to SEO this guy who's a

bodybuilder speaks about fat loss about

muscle building about fitness and you

know every photograph answer that he has

me he shows his washboard abs or his

physique or his muscles so you know III

think he is literally not 50,000 50,000

followers I think so you just make sure

that you focus on your area of expertise

okay that is number 10 number 11 okay

draw out the line now what do I mean by

draw the line is you need to know till

where you should interact with people or

how much you should interact with people

sometimes people just go off tangent

like for example there was this this

this friend follower of my not friend

follower of mine he told me like what

can you give me advice on this guy you

know he is hacking me or what am i

arguing money can you help me down with

a straight one my eyes

okay fine man then he showed me the

thread that he was having this

conversation and to my surprise it was

almost like I think 400 or something in

comments 406 so one common he put one

that I put one he put it just went on

and on announced and from Howell misses

he said literally eight days eight days

they have been going back and forth back

and forth backwards so for me when I

believe with people I know where to draw

the line if if I speak to a person once

if let's say a person says can you give

me advice on this uncertain months if he

asks me again I'm sorry you know you

want my time you might buddies you know

please go to my website pay me a

professional service only then I'll give

you the answer others I'm sorry I don't

want so I draw the line I draw the line

not more than once I I make it very

clear that I you know I I don't wanna

interact for free then there are those

people who have lot of hate comments or


I just answer then once nicely in a nice

way without you know getting too


please be careful if you respond with

hate somebody may be trying to trick you

or trying to trap you and you know your

account will go for a toss don't respond

to hate block them so just draw the line

and for example there was this young man

who was commenting on my wife which I

didn't like very much and you know but

that's why that's why you don't cross I

I don't think a young boy who is just my

follower should speak about my life

publicly so I complained about Amanda he

got suspended so I was really glad

because he deserved an apology and sorry

I don't do you have clocked him off so

you need to know where to draw the line

okay I have the line because if you

start doing things so free and you start

arguing a lot of people are people

I just bored in like they don't know

what to do so be careful of this okay

point number 12 which is very important

is learn to handle haters oh my goodness

I don't even know how to kill a breed of

this you would be surprised to know and

I'm telling you this you'll be surprised

to know there is a group is actually a

group that has been created to bring

meda on Quora and

I found out because how did I find out

is one of the guys who was part of that

group first he's to hate me like crazy

you really wanted to bring me down but

eventually what happened was he ended up

in some trouble in terms of his work

nobody was there to help him he

approached me and yeah I you opened up

very honestly belly generally he told me

but that's why that's really kind of

stood out before me like I'm sorry I I

try to bring me down asked can you help

me so I said okay fine said you open up

I gotta help them I don't want to give

many details and later on I didn't ask

you much

he himself opened up and said you know I

wanted to let you know that we created

this group there are around 52 or 53

people in this group and I instructions

are every answer that we need to

download it we need to report your

profile for any mistake that you make

any mistake every answer that you give

we will download it middle now and he

gave me the name of the person who was

main guy and you know we need roles so I

just told him I don't appreciate but

that kinda kept me at the edge and from

then on I started to be careful you're

not baby a lot of people who join my

what some groups apparently to spy on me

okay there are some people who have been

busy spying on me how did I come to know

about this

there was a dime apparently acted like

she was a girl he was a girl and I don't

care you say hi and show me your sexy

photo I don't give a damn for me I've

seen everything

so okay fine join the group and then

this guy who acted like the girl started

contacting all the people in my group

and saying you know about who I asked

him until this idiot this guy got in

touch with my one of my very close

friends and asked the same questions and

eventually this person opened up and

said you know I'm here to spy on why so

that I take screenshots of the messages

and I'm going to entice it to everyone

and bring boy down but he begs people

for words and he asked me yes I do ask

who asked you to share I mean what's

wrong yeah I asked people even to be my

youtube channel so money doesn't hurt so

he was busy being screenshot so what I

did is as soon as I found who this

person is

I myself emailed him enough and more

screenshots and other bits of

information including my ex-girlfriends

whatever not their photographs all the

steamy love letters I said put this and

spoil my name as much as you like

so what I'm trying to tell you is there

are enough and more haters be careful

they will gang up together they will act

like your friends I don't know why but

apparently they want to bring you now so

be careful then a lot of them may be

ganged up together especially especially

from I don't know why Romania

I just have no idea why these youngsters

from India day I don't know they get up

high I mean I just never seem to

understand and you can check my youtube

you know plenty of these guys keep

putting sexual comments about my by how

much you can pay for your by I wonder

for one night so and I just bought them

a United States oh hello to handle

heaters don't take anything personally

never respond to them with anger just

block them and that's all and make sure

that you would put the are answers ok

quite over 13 is very very important oh

goodness I don't know how important this

is these violations please you not

believe I got chorus slap me with the

suspensions or one suspension that is

for you not be I just recommended one

user who said that I have mental

problems or something like that I said

you need to go to the mental hospital no

yeah you need to go to the mental

hospital okay because I didn't put it

dramatically proper you need to go to

the mental hospital or something like


I got ban Bank for me I got it it block

for a week so I can answer anything so

please be careful because the violations

are pretty slippery you do not know miss

April I'm so here are some tips on how

to not get into violations one is do not

use controversial photographs do not use

photographs of any celebrity stars draw

use copyright photographs

using photos that I put on newspapers

just don't do that don't put anything

controversial do not put editing which

you know would what anyone can complain

don't be rude

even formatting just write in a

paragraph nicely that's it if that's the

simplest advice I can give you in terms

of edit formatting because if you poem

out and you keep writing line by line by

line you do not believe I put a list of

the top ten piece of advice just this

list and that got collapse for a for a

violation of you know formatting you'll

be surprised to know I answered one book

review question by my copy pasting a

small paragraph from my website through

my website and copy pasted see this was

taken from my website and copy this is a

paragraph why do you see oh that's it

that's what I put and somebody somebody

kind of complained and said that I

copied so plagiarism I my answer would

collapse for plagiarism from my own

bedside and then when I contact then

they say you should have put a link for

value God so and this started telling

you the violations some of them are very

silly I even got a violation for instead

of putting LOI and three Macedo as for

my password I put my Macedo so they had

actually kind of suspended my account

for from Ryan three Macedo to join the

zero I got Eddie I got violation for

formatting it didn't look nice

don't put too many images in between you

can again get a collapsed answer which

is really bad I'll tell you it it stacks

up against you do not fight with anyone

don't get into any you know someone

arguing with you don't respond to anyone

Butley don't write about any religion

you're not write about any controversial


here's something for you to be really

shocked and surprised about if a person

has been you know as we charged with

sexual molestation okay somebody has

been charged as a pedophile and you say

do you tell the person that

you know you had got chance for for

being a pedophile just because you see

it what is actually true as for the news

okay you state the facts you can you can

get collapse for or you can get

suspended for B and VR that is be nice

be respectful policy so just stare of

all these while it's the most common

ones are edit edit violation that is

formatting the second one is being yuck

that is the most heady it's such a big

heading if you respond to someone rudely

if you write about anything

controversial you you speak about any

religion you hurt anyone's feelings you

do not believe the one of my answers

which I spoke about India having

corruption that got a violation because

I said India is a corrupt nation listen

you're hurting the sentiments are being

a there will be nice be respectful so

and even when I told someone don't meet

a doctor to get your to get your your

problems checked even that doctor to get

your problems check that was also be an

BR violation so please be careful of the

violations please otherwise you will

lose your account okay point number

fourteen very very important anywhere

anywhere on the Internet you take line

or you take a phrase please put them

below as footnotes references just put

that once you put the links you'll see

and always take it from Wikipedia you

always have okay when number four point

number fifteen is which I tell a lot of

people please please please do not under

any circumstance think that you are

smarter than the system you know I I

took a couple of these videos I don't

want to take games there is this this

guy he's very popular on pora

he gets I know a hundred thousand

followers or something he's on that's it

he's not popular anywhere else he's

popular on Cobra so he stated one of the

secrets apparently is delete all the

answers which do not have a very high

ratio of uploads is to answer so it

should have a forest one of what east

one of Fuji is one something like that

he just stated this gray

analysis now here's the thing you love

you of a guy in a room a guy in a small

room who's telling you I actually found

out the secret of this company's billion

dollar million dollar company ha ha ha I

know the foreman of coca-cola I know

there's one of them on Facebook ha ha ha

ha I'm the expert if you're such a great

expert why haven't you been employed by

Facebook or kora or somebody else you're

just like you know that this phrase that

people use you're speaking out of your

ass my friend is speaking out of your

ass Forrest one can you can you

seriously tell me how many people a

forest 140 is one ok for every 40 views

I don't wanna put you know if if

everybody started to beat all their

answers on Quora what would be left you

think Korra is so stupid you know the

the artificial intelligence the

algorithm the system that the greatest

minds who are being paid money their

only job is to make sure the system is

improved upon you think one person

sitting behind this computer has managed

to outsmart a million dollar company are

you serious please don't listen to such

shitty advice

there is no power hat there is no magic

there's no secret you cannot fool the

system you start deleting answers

just because you are lucky that you look

nice you look smart you have a big

designation on your name CEO and Founder

and you can you know you you you look

sexy or beautiful and you have an

amazing Instagram account and that's

when your blind followers doesn't act

like they're wrong if you want to know

so much it buys this white do it do it

and see it and if for example I

recommend take a blue pill and I tell

you take the blue pill will make you

sleep you think the blue pill doesn't

make you sleep means it doesn't work so

if I if you want to know if something

works give the same blue pill to ten

people if all can fall asleep it works

on everyone if I give the blue pill

people to fall asleep innate don't or

full fall asleep and final means it's

not a universal piece of advice or it is

not something that works on everyone

it's just one person who it works on it

doesn't make it universe he's an

exceptional she's an exception to the

rule please don't follow it the second

one is a point of a sixteen which I want

you to know is please don't let it get

your head okay there are some people who

suddenly call themselves the

fastest-growing star of korah the

fastest rising star of this od the most

powerful person please let me tell you

something about people who are on pora

wealthy person pora well I can take

their names I don't want any connects

but the highest the person the highest

was or the person with the biggest

number of upwards or whatever they are

just one hit wonders right person at the

right time at the right place you know

in the right capacity you put them

anywhere else you put them on YouTube

you put them on Instagram you put them

on Twitter they will never replicate the

success so they are just lucky so it's

just a one-hit wonder

please keep this in mind somebody

succeeds on Instagram he doesn't succeed

anywhere else he's won 8-1

on Instagram if somebody searches on

Twitter and nowhere else is a wannabe

porno on Twitter so it's like just

because you succeeded in one kind of

business doesn't mean you will succeed

in every other business okay so that's

another thing point number 17 which I

want to tell you is these are things

that really help people succeed these

are the easiest strategies and what are

the easiest strategies if you put


you would see your venture capitalist

you know owner of a million dollar

company or if you look good you're very

handsome a very good-looking or the girl

looks very hot sensual and beautiful or

you're a celebrity that is the surefire

way of getting millions and millions of

followers on series you know hey it

happens everywhere this happens even on


so my request is don't fake it don't put

something that's

reading initially when I started McCory

this is a confession when I started on

Quora I put CEO of my Macedo calm

because technically I am a CEO of my

brand so but you know I never put it in

apart from you know just just to get

that high you know I'm CEO okay

but then yeah I didn't want to put but

my friend that the same guy he said no I

put CEO on your oh okay fine see

you I could see you say yeah and nothing

happened you know I was like one day

fully myself why am I putting myself yes

I did so so you're so great and this and


finally I got fed up I said forget to

see you I deleted that now if someone

tells you he's a CEO

remember this somebody tells you is a

CEO ask that person verify the personnel

there are many people who are CEO of a

single small office with no employees

you never see a photograph of them in

305 or 500 employees you'll never see in

fact if you're a CEO of a company you

will not have time to be on Bora do you

seriously think Larry Ellison

not Zuckerberg Richard Branson are busy

sitting on Quora eight dollars a day and

writing answers if you're really a CEO

of a multinational company you not have

time on boron seriously telling you you

will not have time on Quora and your CEO

of a company of one person or two people

of five people you're small you know

dumpling like an office see you if you

want to know the person to see or not

please just check their website see a

photograph of not internet images of

them that person sitting with 2030

directors and maybe 700 employees fine

you are seeing you you put your your own

photograph and you sit in a small chair

with a bloody computer and a table and

see you see you what see you today every

Tom Dick and Harry is a CEO every Tom

Dick and Harry is an entrepreneur or I'm

an entrepreneur how much money do you

have you miss Li little

you know entrepreneur every youngster oh

I'm an archer

nor do you know the spelling of

entrepreneur you you miss Li little

maggot that's so stupid you don't have

any money in your bank you know I got

this one boy was I think 14 or 16 and

he's 70 he's an entrepreneur Mohammad

sure oh I have a million it really oh

very good

he said I'm only advice then I told him

listen since you are a CEO or

entrepreneur and your Millions

pay me $1,500 but off of my advice


and then oh no no you know I shall so

please keep in mind these dummy

designation way on Google no this dummy

designations of CEO and entrepreneur

please don't fall for it anybody can be

anything okay

point number eight which are 18 which I

want you to keep in mind is remember

collaboration is the key you need to

collaborate with other people I have you

know a couple of guys who I collaborate

with I share I share my thoughts they

show me conditioned media thoughts on

what work what did not work and it's

very important to collaborate so I have

teams at collaborative in terms of

Facebook in terms of Korah and of the

YouTube so I collaborate exchange ideas

so it's like having a mastermind team

that really hurts I have a mastermind

team for Harrah's well we share what

works what doesn't work trending items

they tell me about your competitor whom

they want to compete with you know we

share and exchange ideas so

collaboration is very very important

there are some people who you know there

are some people who who literally what

they do is I don't want to take names

again but I feel it's ass-kissing it's

like oh you know I have achieved success

but you know the Korra user X Cora user

X he's a great one and if you go to Cora

user X he said you know I agree but mr.

Z he is great when you go back to mr. Z

he says Mr X and X so what you do is

exchange it's like giving each other a

man come on stop doing that okay

that's stupid that's one thing I never

do I never follow someone to follow

anyone on Quora please don't start

giving each other hand job

don't say o X is good because X said I'm

good and he would X X is Z is good

because come on that's stupid okay

collaboration is not

behind-the-scenes and that really helps

point number 19 which I tell you

honestly is be genuine I have put a lot

of answers for which I've caught a lot

of flack but I'd be very general like

for example you know my wife baby I mean


you know I put the the the answer there

by I had actually asked my wife to clean

the gym room where the dog eat food now

you need to understand that my work is

on mine her work is she's aha you know

she's always white so on your I have

been a sweeper I mean Athena I think

I've done all this so I work very hard

for me clean the dog Cooper's not a big

deal okay

however we have an agreement between us

me and my wife that she would do

housework and I would do this I wanted

to see how long would it take for her to

actually do the work in then I pointed

it out I would have done it and I've

done it I there are so many times when I

talk I I clean it okay but the point is

trying to make is she needs to do a job

responsibilities she needs to do her

part of the work and mind you my wife

had is has been a farmer has been a

farmer where she has worked 12 hours in

the Sun so for her this wine is much

more luxurious she doesn't have anything

to do other than stay at home in the AC

just read any book she wants beyond you

know on the laptop you know she can

enjoy a life the only thing which is

just to house work so I am pretty

particular I'm a little old-fashioned

when it comes to house work

sometimes I help when I'm free but most

of them I do creative work I study so

those days I have to do my work so if

I'm going to do a house work then she

should do my work because one of us has

to earn money and bring in for the

family you know

so I stated this everyone sort of bash

me although I had respect for you there

was a teenage guy who looks like a ugly

frog he looks ugly as your mind my ass

with him his face looks like my ass with

hair and he is telling me what is he

telling me or why I had respect for you

I had respect for you but ever since you

spoke about your wife's breasts that she

wanted implants and

since you I read that she is she has to

clean the house I lost respect we

newsflash this is a piece of you're

a teenager you're 15 or 16 years old you

do it in a pubic hair

you're not even had sex in your life

your father and mother don't even trust

you with a woman what the are you

talking you are giving it twice so 40

your own book yourself

so I don't want to give you names of

this person but seriously man come on

you need to go up

you're a teenager 13-year old 14

yo you're telling me you don't have

respect I give a about you you know

you don't pay me any money you don't

give me any support if you pay me money

final listen to you you can't afford my

services you don't have one very dollar

to pay oh no I lost respect for you boy

tell your father that you know please

bud sit with your father discuss with

him dad

you know speak to him why are you

speaking to me as if you know I mean you

are not even at my level and sorry

you're not your Elsa bloody kid remain

at your bloody level here's the thing

most of these kids when they come on the

internet they come like no from the norm

X like you know weekend but you keep on

warriors but you meet them face to face

they're so small they're so skinny

vessels we shot and this Shiva they

don't even have a job they don't even

know how to you don't create your resume

to get a job to earn ten dollars a day

they don't have that capacity but they

have the young me audacity to speak see

this is the problem when you give the

Internet to idiots at the same time you

give the access to genius you give to a

jackass and the genius one of us Andy

something you know I am big so please

you know I ask tell you I'm very

generate about my views I don't give a

whether people like it or not I am

going to be myself my life doesn't have

a problem I don't know why the do

people have a problem if if I have

clearly defined what my life is supposed

to do what I'm supposed to I don't know

why people have a problem but I don't

care who is Milan so this is me being

genuine so the point I'm trying to tell

you is I'm genuine this is me would you

like someone says can you have this

charity no you I'm not gonna help

your child in off so people would

know I had such a high opinion or if you


yourself sell your house and give

it to charity don't come to me so this

is why I'm so I'm genuine whether people

like it or not and last point 20 is keep

attractive art now for example I have my

daily score

I know every single day for me news I

got every day I literally write it down

abuse number of views I write it up okay

the 4900 okay 4025 every day I write out

number of views number of followers so

the point of Venice is keep a track

record of every school every follower

every mutant every single day so that

you know if you are going high I'm going

low and to give you a perspective

compare and contrast the number of views

that you have with somebody else don't

see I'll do an example there was this

gentleman who I was speaking to and he

was apparently popular and I just spoke

to him and he was like haha you know I

just want to tell you you'll never reach

the number used I've ever reached you

will never be at that level so I was

like okay fine whatever

so what that person didn't know was that

I had his data for a whole month and I

had my little problem and I was

increasing at least around 25 percent

more than him every single day and he

has been our poorer for many many years

okay so I'm doing at a faster rate than

him even though overall is much more

than me so keep a track because what

happens if it gives you a perspective it

gives you a perspective where you are

happy so so this is my baby

so I tell you who the King doggy poo

problem no no no sure okay sure because

some people say you not happy they say

maybe you should be no joke

my baby okay so the point I'm trying to

tell you is yeah so this is why I'm

actually happy so go yourself okay

so the point apparently is keep a track

record of there you are and compare

yourself this all better than you so

that keeps you grounded others will be

oh I'm so great I am so great I'm better

than them I have one person who I

compare myself to who is

much more popular and much more papers I

mean is great much more faster so I know

that I need to be humble and I have

someone who's for many many years and

yes stagnated so I kind of keep our

perspective and that makes it

competitive so overall I hope all these

twins have kind of helped you and they

give you a kind of perspective to grow

on Quora I'm pretty sure that anyone can

go on Quora okay anyone just to share

with you these are the overall scores

that I have on Quora

just just an update that is before I

crown so 100 ounces that we need it now

might be the only 40 I don't know that

change may Accord them the number of

answers that I do per day is 36 the

average increase of almost parity is 226

I've had forty two point seven million

answered views in the last I think from

June June or July just profits give me

after one month in between and the

surgery where I think three weeks I

didn't come out to Cora so you could say

four months you know more or less four

months so 6.8 million used this month

last 30 days the most popular answer was

what is the most random thing that

you've ever get I got three hundred to

three hundred three hundred thousand

views approximately 3,000 won

but the all-time highest is how does one

avoid getting conduct that is four

hundred and twenty six thousand views

and the - words that I got I think of

course what's a prince the men from the

boys within a month I think I got three

point one thousand views very I hope

these points really healthy in terms of

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