How to be QUIRKY! (The Cringiest Wikihow)

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i'll take that i'll take that

no moy it's joining and if you are like

other girls

you may have been wondering how do i


not like other girls how do i achieve

the coveted title of being

quirky well i have good news for you


has the goods for you with this classic


last updated in july 19 2020 how to be

quirky we're going to go through each of

the steps and we're going to learn how

not only me

but also you can become the quirky

person you have always

wanted to be the demeanor changes as

soon as you end the intro

that's what happens when you come to the

stream you see that uh i am exposed

that i am not always no boy

i'm not always talking like that not

always scaring my cat out of the room

with the namoy step one get a quirky


quirky people are described as being

unusual in a likable and endearing way

to give off a more quirky vibe you may

need to change the way you think

dress and act the main thing to keep in

mind is to always be yourself and to

enjoy things that you genuinely like

even if they're not well understood if

you embrace the things that make you

different and start thinking more


you can be quirky oh my god

like what like come on if you guys

aren't just

a born with it then are you really ever

gonna be quirky

are you really ever gonna get to my

level of absolute

quirk like gosh you know there's only

one person who learned to be quirky and

his name is deku

you wouldn't understand that reference

to be honest technically he didn't learn

it was gifted to him

yeah same same thing

method one having a quirky frame of mind

you can see here in this illustration

you gotta go like this

and think outside the box think


to solve your problems or complete tasks

think outside the box solutions for

problems that you encounter

try to see all aspects of a situation so

that you can come up with the solutions

that no one has thought of before

don't rest your opinions on old

assumptions go against common trends and

let your mind wander to unexpected


meditate on ideas before you form an

opinion or solution you can keep a dream

diary to give you more creative ideas

what um what think creatively

to solve look if you have to think that

hard about being quirky then maybe just

being quirky isn't for you

to be honest develop interests in unique

and obscure things

ah like tea unique hobbies could include

beekeeping kilting or dull collecting

there is nothing

more quirky than beekeeping be

passionate about a few key cases most

quirky people will be deeply invested in

important causes like environmental

justice civil rights or women's rights

women's rights so quirky

i'm the quirkiest girl because i believe

in rights

don't act fake for the sake of being

quirky if you're always trying to come

off quirky at any cost people may find

you to be disingenuous

most quirky people will act and dress

how they want regardless of what other

people think

do things that you truly like and wear

clothes that will make you feel


don't do things just so you can appear

more quirky guys i don't wear

oversized t-shirts and a cap like this

to appear quirky

i do it because it's comfortable there

is nothing more

comfortable than sweats i don't even

wash them

maintain a positive attitude quirky

people are often described as happy and

energetic don't be negative or


try to maintain a positive attitude and

always look at the what if

i know madison and i do

there is nothing more quirky than just

like hating things omg

life right what a mood you know what i

hate people

people suck honestly i would rather be

friends with guys because girls

are so much drama you know the classic


the classic quirky lines are not

positive attitude lines

i don't know i don't know about this

article i don't think this article is

written by a true quirky person

i think this girl might just be like

other girls method two

do quirky things well like be an alien

visiting the pyramids

have conversations about random topics

don't hold back your thoughts when

you're talking to other people even if

your thoughts may seem strange to other


try to look at all the aspects of a

conversation and run with the first

thing that comes

into your head even if it seems random

or weird for instance

here we go we need an example here you

can have a conversation about the beauty

of peach trees or the possibility the

aliens may have invented the pyramids oh

no oh no be a flat earther

yeah so quicky so quirky guys so i heard

about this

theory where that people say that the

earth is

actually flat and there is like these

big walls around

it and like you know at first it may

seem kind of silly

and you obviously just like write it off

you know i did but then

you kind of look into it and like

honestly at this point

i think if you don't do you do diligence

and look into it then you're ignorant

the more you look up about it

the more research you do like i honestly

did like a whole

evening of research on this and i swear

it starts to make sense

to be honest don't follow the crowd act

as whimsical and adorable as possible

look at these people they're just

admiring him walking past with his hands

behind his back this is the naruto walk

do the unexpected

quirky people don't follow the norm set

by society approach situations and

problems in a way that's perceived as

strange or weird to other people if

someone asked why you did something out

of the ordinary

act like it's totally normal

actually okay they're kind of they're

kind of hitting the hitting the nail on

the head here they had a rocky start but

they're getting there

for instance you can skip instead of

walking or you could hum

even if there are people around you

create unique art take photos paint


popular instruments among quirky people

include the guitar

bass or ukulele you hear that slappers

you guys are the quirkiest of all of

them how about this one quirky people

are seen as cute and innocent

rather than sexy whoa now

i'm sorry that was probably really loud

but i just don't even care if you're

here to tell me

that sweats and oversized t-shirts and

this sick

cap isn't sexy then

then maybe i'm just not sexy i'm so

innocent i'm a beekeeper and you better

be my friend

i wear flowy sundresses and longer

skirts here we go

things like scarves cropped pants and

sweaters can also make you look quirky

you need sweatpants oversized t-shirts

you know you're missing the mark here no

okay see i didn't

go into this just with one article i

knew that one article was not going to

be enough to cover how to be quirky

you can't just learn how to be quirky

with a single wikihow article what we


is another one so i was looking into

this and i found this other article

called uh

how to be weird and different it has

eight steps with pictures

and i clicked onto it and to my surprise

it says how to be weird and different

we're sorry this article is currently in

quality review

this article either has not yet passed

our initial quality review process or

has been flagged by a wikihow editor for

potential content concerns that would

make it unhelpful to readers

i find that as a as a challenge i think

that this means that this article has

the actual goods

because clearly the one before it wasn't

working for us this information

is too important that it must be locked

up so i mastered out a little trick

i jumped on the google cashed version

and here we go

i have it here we have the cached

version of how

to be weird and different don't thank me

just take this advice and use it how to

be weird and different

being in the in crowd is not always the

coolest thing

being different and unique can be

awesome too and it takes away the bland

and puts you out there as someone

unafraid to be yourself without


true let's get into it steps don't be

hung up on what other people think about

your style while it does matter what

people think about your manners

cooperativeness and thoughtfulness how

you look and the style you choose to


isn't their judgment call realizing that

a lot of people would love to be unique

and out there

but they're so totally afraid of not

fitting in that it's just

easier to pick on people who do have the

courage to be different

jeez okay calm down

this article just seems like they've

just been attacked and they're like

yeah well you just don't have the

courage okay

i wear my fluoro orange overalls any day

i want

look at you in your normal basic jeans

in your pink t-shirt

pathetic being different is about taking

a risk and doing something

people don't tend to do on a normal

basis oh it's kind of like

it's kind of like how i wear like really

big t-shirts

like i almost don't really know anyone

else who does that

but like i'm not even trying to be

quirky it just sort of happens i guess

be a kind thoughtful and nice person

it's a mistake to take a generalist

statement about

be yourself and don't care what others

think and confuse that for

if i feel like being a rude schmuck who

makes millions of the backs of other

people's heart labor

that's okay what we're just coming after


jeff bezos here listen jeff you're

getting this being quirky thing all

wrong that is not how you do it

you don't make billions of dollars

that's not quirky

you rude schmuck you can be different

slash weird and unique without being a


trump about it okay

now we're also getting a little bit

political wait no wait maybe we're

talking about him from the beginning is

this like a really

like is this like a secret political

thing is this why this article was taken

down don't stoop to the level of other

people who act

meanly and hate on you ignore them smile

at them and wave them off

you don't need to joint the small-minded

brigade but you can be polite toward

them and

in general be a nice person who cares

about others and show a supportive and

uplifting attitude

this is written so bizarrely whatever

you're weird don't base it on being

a mean head don't be a mean head guys

okay trump

okay jeff jeff and trump if you really

want to be quirky

stop being such a mean head you rude

schmucks don't be a mean head 2020. step

three define your weird

whatever it is it must come from within

and be something you are personally

comfortable with

being weird for the sake of being weird

won't work unless it resonates with your

sense of humor personality type and


quacks own your weirdness there is

nothing less quirky than a girl

who is uncomfortable with her own

weirdness like girl

embrace that i do whatever you define

your weirdest it must be something you

display at home and out if you've only

the courage to be this way at home

that's fine to begin with but let it

branch out in time so that the world can

see you're weird too

oh this is so true if you're just quirky

at home then you're not really quirky


like gosh you think you're so quirky but

all you do is say quirky things around

your family

you need to actually get out there get

out on the streets

and start being quirky okay girl come to


when you can walk around the mall

and be the quirkiest one in there


decide how you will reflect your weird

and unique style

will it be through clothing your

mannerisms the way you speak the things

you have to say

what i don't understand i don't even

really get what they're getting at


i honestly don't think i have any manner


the way you speak what no i

i no i i just i just have always be

spoken like this this is just how i talk

uh why

why why would you think that i

could do this on purpose maybe it's a

combination of things

maybe it's more than these things again

that is something that only you can

really discern for yourself you're not

really going for looks you're going for

attitude hell yeah girl

whoa attitude

that it's actually my middle name but

from from birth my name is madison


i don't i don't know what madison's last

name is my name is madison attitude only

make really good friends

and know my last name though be

self-accepting to be different

learn to accept yourself the thing is

that most people do not

and hence are easy pray for the park

mentality because

they're too scared to send out and

voiced their real opinions the popular

girl at work or skull doesn't

necessarily have the greatest


she's just a great mimic with a louder

voice or deeper pocket

enabling her to bend to the well of the

masses with

greater impact my goodness

this article is like you can tell this

was written by someone who actually sees

himself as pretty quirky because they're

like the popular girls

no they're just like that because they

have low self-esteem or because they

have a rich dad

like geez i thought we were just here to

learn how to be quick

what's that got to do with anything that

doesn't mean she's right or the

yardstick by which to measure yourself

or anyone else for that matter

realizing this can help you to be proud

of who you are to shout it out

and to stick to being different i don't

understand this

i guess be self-accepting was a good

introduction there and then we just went

on this whole tangent

about how popular girls must have low


and and rich fathers

realize that some people are gonna boss

you and tell you

oh my goodness yeah this article really

needed some severe quality control

realize that some people are going to

boss you and tell you what you ought to

be doing

okay i guess that kind of makes sense

they're going to tell you in no

uncertain terms

that you're just not fitting in again i

swear this article was written by

someone who's just been a bit attacked

in recent times these are the alpha


they're the ones who don't like to see

the boat being rocked because they've

spent a considerable amount of time

money effort and lack of thinking on

adopting what is

socially appropriate as their style so

if you hear someone say

you should stop doing that it's getting

really annoying or

stop being so weird you're creeping me

out that doesn't mean you should stop

being yourself by any means

if you change to fit their needs you're

not being different and you're caving

into their idea of what's appropriate

instead be alert to their agenda stick

with your preferences

and be reassured either others will

appreciate your strengths

in sticking up for yourself and or you

might just meet someone who likes


the weird you're rocking and give you

the much desired

support i honestly think the person who

wrote this article is just hurting

this article started off as like how to

be weird and different and it's just

like slowly transforming into an

absolute like attack piece of the types

of people who have been putting this

person down

oh gosh here's some good advice if

someone says you're weird

say thank you we are all going for weird

here and i'm stoked you've noticed


thanks for the advice thanks for the ass

i'll take that i'll take that you know


if someone in the comments says you're

weird i'll be like thanks but

i'll go and feel weird and i'm stoked

you've noticed

oh gosh okay all right form a squad of

like-minded people hang out together

feel good together be a force of

strength together it's also just a

really nice thing to do

as an added bonus you're weird um

guys we're all going for weird here so

thanks i'm stoked you've noticed oh


go ahead have some quirk-tastic fun

if you feel like being different is a

hard job or you feel pressured or


it's time to relax lay down on the sofa

take a walk whatever makes you feel

comfortable if it feels too hard

maybe you're trying too hard my point

exactly like

gosh i'm just like super quirky but

honestly i didn't even put that much

effort into it all i really do is just

like watch netflix

i put chicken nuggets in the oven and i

forget about them

but that's you know that's just me like

it doesn't actually take that much work

to be um quirky all right we got to the

end of the article

tips don't try to change who you really

are inside don't go to a football match

or something

like everyone else if you hate football

if someone invites you

flat out say no the ultimate how to be

quirky tip

if someone invites you to a football

game just fly out say no

quirky people don't go to football games

okay geez

like if you have to if if we have to

spell this out for you

then i just don't think you're ever

going to really cut it as a quirky

person as a quirk-tastic person

all right well anyway i hope you guys

learned some pretty

quirky tips for how to be super quirky

uh let me know the tips that you liked

the most in the comments below

and if you want to be really quirky then

uh get some of the quirky

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