Casually Explained: Reddit

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reddit is one of the biggest websites in

the world and is more popular than ever

and if someone who's been there almost

every day for more than ten years

because I can't regulate my own behavior

I often see people either confused as to

how the website works are unfamiliar

with common etiquette that they really

need to know in order to fit in and I

want to make a bit of a guide so let's

start of course with the obvious how do

you navigate reddit now you might notice

that over here there's a search bar in

the upper right side of the website but

it's important to know that the search

bar is purely for aesthetic purposes and

serves no actual function there's in

fact currently no way of fighting things

on reddit the good news is that if you'd

like to view a post you've already seen

before you can simply go to the front

page and they'll all be there next as

you can see I have the default

subreddits along the top and these

individuals subreddits act as filters to

categorize posts on the website so if

you're into movies you can go to our

slash movies if you're into gaming you

can go to our slash gaming or if you're

into volunteering for children with

disabilities you can become a moderator

at our slash funny now when it comes to

how to use the website instead of making

content there are several advantages to

maximizing your time lurking and never

really posting anything take me for


I now know a small number of incorrect

facts about an extremely large number of

things but in contrast by posting and

commenting on reddit and you're able to

accumulate what's called karma or what's

basically a virtual tally of the amount

of times people have voted your

submissions now the first way to get

more karma is by commenting on a post

and the good news is that pretty much

every thread follows the same formula so

I'll let you know what to expect to get

you started a really witty and clever

comment that you thoroughly enjoyed only

to be ruined by an unending rambling of

edits as the person mounts their

internet soapbox and slowly descends

into insanity this is the online

equivalent of going to a Kanye concert a

concise and exhaustive summary of the

topic at hand that seems brilliantly

researched from someone who knows a lot

about the subject or reply to that

comment pointing out how everything they

just said was completely wrong a comment

that referenced is a reddit in joke or

meta post Colin ones you can throw out

in any situation to get upvotes are

Jolly Ranchers Doritos comm box coconut

today you tomorrow me 7 out of 10 with

rice banana for scale or I also choose

this guy's dead wife I'll link to a

related subreddit that you already know

or a hyperlink to an xkcd comic titled

relevant an extremely specific anecdote

that relates perfectly to the main PO

it seems almost too good to be true

until you're right at the end when you

remember the fact that in 1998 The

Undertaker threw mankind of Hell in a

Cell in plummeted 16 feet through an

announcers table the 69 gambit wearing a

top comment saying nice is followed by

dozens of comments replying to it also

saying nice every comment will have a

few hundred votes except for one that

will be at negative three thousand a

novelty account that actually

contributes in a meaningful way and

every time they appear you click on

their account to see if they've been

able to transfer their talents to

something else because you know they

deserve better than this and a terrible

pom thread where everyone gets pity

karma okay so the second way to accrue

reddit karma is by submitting a post to

a subreddit of your choosing and of

course been making a submission it's

important to know your audience now a

lot of people criticized reddit is being

predominantly male but if you go to the

front page is almost always filled with

big titties well that said if you're not

familiar with an individual subreddit it

can be hard to know the exact

demographics as an example if you go to

our slash teenagers it's mostly memes

made by white kids in high school who

want to get laid but if you go to our

slash black people Twitter as you might

expect it's exactly the same thing as

for the individuals sub reddits you need

to know what they're about and I wrote

about 80 of these but then decided to

cut them down to the most popular ones

because I had a bit of a crisis that I

made it that far our /aw is where you

post a picture of the kitten you rescued

from the side of the road after you flew

to Hong Kong and saved it from the

tyranny of Activision Blizzard our

slouch makeup addiction is for makeup

and makeup tutorials our slash

relationship advice is for breakups and

breakup tutorials

unpopular opinion is for popular

opinions our slash funny links you to

your Facebook feat body building is for

looking at juicy dudes hit a rear glute

spread finally some good content our

slash picks is for creative writing

formula one makes you want to buy a

Mercedes shower thoughts is for copy

pasting something you read in the

comments section earlier 3d printing is

literally the opposite of printing money

our / videos is where I go to remember

the good old days our sloshed Enders

guys who picked karma over the

possibility of love watch it for the

plot is only for the most detail

oriented movie connoisseurs our slash

tree's is a subreddit dedicated to

preventing deforestation old school cool

is for black and white bikini pictures

of your mom Earth porn history porn

human poem and of course animal porn all

have cool pictures that you can send to

your colleagues male living spaces where

you go to flex your $5,000 memes chair

in the 30

floor penthouse you rent furnished in

your second year of college male fashion

advice in our / street wear is for when

you can't afford to move out but you can

afford a $5,000 outfit ass credit is

where people you didn't ask answer a

question you didn't come up with gone

wild is for safari pictures am i the

[ __ ] to get validation for only

seeing things from your own perspective

our slash politics is the same thing

our slush upvoted not because girl but

because it is very cool however I do

concede that I did initially click

because girl is for any activity done by

a hot girl futurology is for things Elon

Musk said he'll do today I learned is

for things you'll forget tomorrow hour /

movies is for Disney Sony and universals

marketing department explained like I'm

v is for massively under estimating how

dumb five-year-olds are as science is

for left bracket removed right bracket

hour / seduction is if you want to

become an Omega [ __ ] Slayer right

before College starts an hour / anime

IRL for people with the same intentions

life pro tips is for little-known real

life pro gamer strategies like go to

class and drink water hour / music is

for posting songs by lesser-known

artists such as Arctic Monkeys Daft Punk

Queen tame impala and gorillas mildly

interesting actually completely delivers

and again that's just the main subreddit

so there's thousands more but they're

pretty much all Instagram memes so at

this point it's pretty natural to ask

alright I've been here for years posting

every day and commenting on thousands of

pieces of content just like you said

what can I do with all my reddit Karma

and that's a great question now once

you've had your fill in reddit you might

say to yourself okay I'd like to go now

but unfortunately one of the worst parts

of going on reddit is that you can't get

off not figuratively of course half the

web site is porn but in the literal

sense because even if you close the

browser window and pick up your phone

muscle memory will cause you to

immediately reopen the app and once

you've reached this point I'm afraid

it's too late you've been assimilated

you'll start to notice that you're

indifferent to everything before Super

Nintendo and hate everything after

Bakugan you're nostalgic for yugioh

Dragon Ball Z and any of the Pokemon up

to Ruby and Sapphire and nothing makes

you angrier than fortnight tick-tock and

rich people you work in IT and do

development on the side as when you

built your own computer ones you have

anxiety and mild depression but haven't

tried fixing it and you're in love with

Keanu Reeves and Henry Cavill until a

month from now when they make a small

mistake now all your real-life

conversations start with

so is reading this article but you

really mean you skimmed the headline and

read the comments section you'd rather

give out your social security number

than your username and despite your best

efforts to resist it every time you see

the next global calamity gracing the

world news you hang your head in shame

clench your fists and whisper we did it

read it