How To Have Better Creative Thinking

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how to improve your creative thinking

Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the

brain and learning and inventor of the

revolutionary mind mapping technique

through his work in the media Tony aims

to educate the world in how to use the

brain more effectively Tony believes

that everyone has the potential to be

creative and in this film he talks about

how you can find and develop your inner

creativity step one everyone is creative

first I want to dispel the notion that

anyone anywhere could be not creative we

have a million million brain cells and

they all integrate now anybody with a

piece of equipment like that who says

I'm not creative is obviously making a


what has happened is that they haven't

been taught how to use that phenomenal

piece of equipment step 2 the left and

right brain as we know the left heals

with words and numbers and lists and

logic and analysis and the right brain

deals with rhythm and color and shape

and form and imagination and daydreaming

it has been thought that creativity was

right brained

and because we've Mis analyzed that

creativity has therefore been majorly

damaged when it needs to use both sides

and get the order and the number and the

image and the color and the rhythm and

the imagination and the daydreaming all

working together that is creativity step

3 speed of thought speed of thinking

it's called fluency how fast how rapidly

can you generate ideas and that you can

develop by just playing at it you can

practice thinking faster you can

practice you know getting those little

puzzles and working them out faster and

faster speed and that kind of

productivity is one of the hallmarks of

creative genius step for originality of

thought if someone says what could you

use a coat hanger for and you answer for

hanging a coat that would not get you

high high points in creativity if you

said you could use it to fuel a rocket

ship to the moon by taking the

constituent molecules of that particular

coathanger and converting it into some

kind of fuel that's way out that's what

is known as thinking out of the box step


flexibility of thought most people tend

to focus on one way this is the way I

think this is the way I see that when it

should be how many ways can I see this

from how many perspectives can I look at

it from and the the great creative

thinkers play with looking at different

perspectives step six

imagination and Association all great

creative thinkers are using their

imagination what they are doing in

addition to that is they're making links

between things so they are associating

so it's imagination and Association the

two big key words for creativity and

what you have to do when you are being

creative is to find those associations

and connections between things that are

going to create something new