5 Ways to BOOST Your CREATIVITY | Artistic Life Hacks

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when you are perfectly free to feel

stuck or non stocked then you're unstuck

a lot of us want to be more creative to

have an experimental outlet of our

imagination here are some tips to boost

our creativity fear absolutely destroys

creativity so as soon as you take away

that power you're open to so many more

possibilities so grab some art supplies

even if they're quite cheap ones and you

can even use coffee I keep my previous

video which I'll link to in the

description box I love working on big

canvases and I find that it really helps

me loosen up so be brave and free of

judgment creativity begins in the

artists mind generally creative types

are more sensitive to their surroundings

take in the silhouetted trees against

the Sun look out for unusual cloud

shapes or soak that warm Sun into your

face and let that moment live in its own

entirety you can feel so different just

by noticing the things around you just

by opening your eyes


stop stalking your favorite artists on

Instagram and scrolling through

Pinterest and go create go outside and

take interesting photographs paint a

beautiful flower that you found on your

morning walk try all forms of art maybe

painting isn't your thing there are tons

of creative paths to go down like

pottery floristry graphic design

photography there are so many different

options don't be a copycat copying

someone else's painting isn't creative

yet it might be that you're physically

painting but it doesn't make you an

artist copycats take away everything

creative about the process be unique and

say what you want to say you have a

different mind different strengths and a

different fingerprint to anybody else on

this planet so what you create will have

value because it's yours I find it

really helpful to buy a little

sketchbook and take it with me wherever

I go

so when inspiration hits you can jot it

down or you can sketch it out just shut

down words that even make sense to you

and logos colors atmospheres everything

is all around us for inspiration so it's

handy to have a sketchbook whenever we

need it most of all just have fun with

it paint exactly what you want to paint

and paint whatever makes you happy don't

get stuck in the rut of painting just to

show your teacher or just so you can put

it in your artwork book or just so you

can put it on Instagram paint to fulfill

yourself and so that you can express a

little part of you that you didn't know

was there I really hope that you enjoyed

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