How to answer, "Can you work under pressure?" - Job Interview Questions

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hi everyone down George Fitch here

author of the complete interview answer

guide and today I'm going to answer for

you the question can you work under

pressure just the way I do

inside the complete interview answer

guide now this is really an easy

question answer even if it does make you

nervous I mean this question is asked in

a way that it requires a yes or a no

answer but I don't want you to just say

yes or no you should describe situations

where you have worked under pressure

your job or at your past jobs where you

had to meet deadlines and that you had

no control over that's really the focus

of this question don't just say yes or

no and I'm going to give you what I

think is the best answer to this

question I most definitely can work

under pressure in my current position I

can be faced with stressful situations

that require me to work under pressure

on a daily basis and I have since learn

to manage stress now it's just a part of

the job that I do well now do you see

how I answered that question I only did

it in a couple of sentences and it took

me about 20 seconds long to answer it

it's really not that hard to answer it

you just need to focus on something that

you've done in your past and and connect

it to to how you work under pressure

it's really easy let's do another one

yes I actually enjoy working under

pressure though I believe that proper

planning and good time management will

greatly reduce any alarming deadlines

now I answer that one in just one

sentence probably took me about 10

seconds long you can do the same thing

it's really easy now I really the point

is I don't want you to memorize my

answers because that's really not going

to do you any good but what I want you

to do is just get a feel for the

language that I'm using to answer these

questions and I want you to apply it to

your own and make it your own

and that way when you get asked this

question you're not going to be

scratching your head and you're not

going to be reaching for those answers

when you make them your own they're just

going to come to you in the interview

and that's really what I teach inside

the guide and really just what I'm

teaching you right here in this video is

really the same thing

let's do another one

yes I work well under pressure but I

believe that by simply reacting to a

situation you are creating the pressure

instead of reacting to a problem I will

review all the facts at a heightened

pace and respond to the situation with a

solution all while keeping a clear head

that's another perfect way of answering

this question and really all you did

that in two sentences and all you have

to do is just massage that change it

around and make it your own and it's

going to be at the top of your head

anytime you get asked that question and

it's just going to roll right off your

tongue very very naturally which is

which is really what I'm trying to teach

you again this is dawn Georgia [ __ ]

author of the complete interview answer

guide you can visit us at job interview

tools calm for more interview questions

answers we'll take the era