How To Think Consciously

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if you believe that the way you think

has some effect on your life and you

think the same thoughts every day 90% of

most people think the same thoughts as

they did yesterday

would you agree then that if you're not

waking up every morning being defined by

some vision of your future then pretty

much you are going to be living by the

memories of your past and you will be

predictable in your life yes or no

because the brain is a record of the

past and so if you're not creating a new

future is it possible that you believe

in your past more than you believe in

your future and is it possible then that

many people don't want to create a new

future because they're more in love with

their past than they are with their

future in fact they romance their past

every single day so then is it possible

then that that person in the same brain

circuitry and the same emotions of the

past are viewing their life through the

lens of the past and they're not seeing

things how they are they're actually

perceiving and seeing things how they

are and they're telling a story in their

mind that's actually causing them to

perceive life equal to that story are

you with me still

so then you ask that person so why are

you this way and they say I'm so glad

you asked because I get to talk about my

past and as they talk about the

incidents in their past

would you agree then that they're there

saying that was the event that changed

me and I haven't actually been able to

change since that event I've that event

has defined me as the person I am today

yes or no now the research on memory

says after a period of time that story

that they tell of their past 50% of it

isn't even the truth so they're making

stuff up

they are reliving a miserable life they

never even had just to reaffirm to

recreate the emotions to excuse

themselves from changing so then most

people then they they may say with the

five percent of their conscious mind I

want a new life I I want a new

relationship I want a new career and or

I am healthy but if 95 percent of who

they are is subconsciously programmed

into the past then that thought of their

health that thought of their wealth is

never going to make it to the body

because the body is programmed into the

past how many people understand so then

if you teach a person then how to be

defined by a vision of the future

instead of the memories of the past then

they would have to really start thinking


would you agree they would have to start

making different choices than the

choices that they always make yes or no

they're gonna have to start doing

different things and breaking certain

habits and that's gonna be uncomfortable

yes or no because the body is gonna say

why are we doing this it's it's so much

more fun suffering than and going out

for a walk into joy I don't know if I

believe in joy I believe in suffering

the body goes back and so that person

would have to stop talking certain ways

they would have to start staying away

from certain experiences with certain

people you know what I'm talking about

yes and they would have to examine their

emotional state every single day they'd

have to stay conscious of their

emotional state because the moment they

started feeling suffering they just

disconnected from the energy of their

future they're back to the energy and

the emotions of their past so then

teaching people then how to be defined

by a vision of a few

every single day means they're going to

be uncomfortable now it's going to be

unfamiliar there's going to be some

uncertainty and you may not be able to

predict the next moment because you're

no longer feeling like you that's the

moment you just left the known and you

steps into the unknown are you with me

still now if the body has been

conditioned into the familiar past or

the predictable future and the body has

become the mind of the past or the

predictable future would you agree then

the body would say what are you doing

and the body would say listen let's get

you thinking like you've been thinking

and it starts influencing the mind and

people start hearing the chatter in

their head and if you respond to just

one of those same thoughts you know like

start tomorrow

you'll never change your ex's fault your

mother's fault if you respond to one of

those same familiar thoughts those same

thoughts lead to those same choices

which lead to the same behaviors and

create the same experiences and produce

the same emotions a person says oh this

feels right this feels better to me now

they're back to the same comfortable

South yes or no and this is why change

is so hard

so then new thoughts should lead to new

choices new choices should lead to new

behaviors new behaviors should create

new experiences and new experiences

create new emotions yes or no and our

research shows that people who do that

in four days four days they changed

their gene expression four days four

days and don't you know I know in the

first day they don't want to do it they

want to go back to laying down and they

hate me and write an email you know it's

I'm I'm a liar you know all that stuff

they want to quit you know and I want

you to know that there's no such thing

as a bad meditation there's just you

overcoming you and you can do it now or

you can wait

but now is the new leader so then if

your personality creates your personal

reality give me a nod and your

personality is made of how you think how

you act and how you feel then the

present personality called you raise

your hand has created the present life

called your personal reality yes or no

but if you begin over time to become

conscious of your unconscious thoughts

you become aware of your automatic

behaviors how you speak how you act and

you can look at an emotion and say my


I didn't even know this was guilt I just

it just has felt like me my entire life

would you agree then the more conscious

you become of those unconscious states

of mind and body the less unconscious

you'll go during your waking day yes or

no so then most people try to create a

new personal reality a new life as the

same person as the same personality and

it doesn't work you literally have to

become someone else so of 95 percent of

who you are by the time they're 35 years

old is a set of memorized behaviors

unconscious habits automatic emotional

reactions hardwired beliefs perceptions

attitudes that are functioning

automatically like a subconscious


then in order for you to change you got

to get into the operating system where

those automatic programs exist and

become familiar with them yes or no and

you know as you begin to observe those

thoughts become aware of those actions

and notice those feelings all of a

sudden you're no longer immersed in the

program your consciousness you're no

longer unconscious your conscious and

aware and you begin to objectify your

subjective self and if meditation means

to become familiar with and the more

familiar you become with I can't I want

to quit this is too hard the more aware

that that is a thought standing in the

way between you and something that you

truly want you'll listen less to that

voice in your head in your waking day

would you agree and if you just said ten


I haven't complained all morning it's

getting really hard I just just want to

stop that lady and just suffer and

playing with her just about something if

you became conscious that your body

wanted to do that would you agree then

that would be a victory in your death

and those victories add up

would you agree and what if you know you

associate that person that's your best

friend with suffering and the moment you

see them your body just goes oh this is

gonna be so good stimulus I'm waiting

for the response the body is gonna start

saying the brain is gonna start

complaining you catch yourself doing

that that's a victory too