Conceptual Thinking: Thinking Outside the Box

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conceptual thinking is like it sounds so

it's really about thinking about large

concepts abstract thoughts systems

systematic thinking so it's big picture

thinking rather than the details I think

especially for leaders conceptual

thinking is critical because more and

more the world is driven by thoughts and

abstract thoughts and large systemic

kinds of thoughts and so leaders really

need to be focused on the big picture

and get a good grasp of things that are

going on at a fairly abstract level I

think that's where leaders really set

themselves apart lots of things can help

us with that reading is huge talking to

other people who are abstract thinkers

and challenging our own thought

processes and patterns really just

engaging with other people who are

thinking systemically it causes us in

that interaction to grow in our ability

to think outside the box as an introvert

conceptual thinking is huge in fact it's

one of the the legs up that we have it's

in our wheelhouse naturally we're always

in our heads I love the quote from Susan

Cain who says there's a word for people

who are in their head too much they're

called deep thinkers so introverts are

naturally conceptual thinkers so I try

to help them leverage that skill

extroverts can be good at conceptual

thinking as well I think as we look at

different competencies in the complete

leader there are certain ones that seem

to be easier for extroverts to master

and others that seem introverted

oriented conceptual thinking is probably

leaning toward introverts but that's no

excuse for extroverts they can all

master it introvert extrovert alike