20 Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stress--Clear the Clutter to Calm Down

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this is Sara Raymond with mindful


thank you for taking the time to listen

to this guided meditation to help reduce

stress and anxiety this practice of

relaxation is most beneficial when done

regularly where the benefits are

compounding and over time it will become

easier for you

while this practice of meditation will

take many different forms and look

different from person to person don't

expect perfection be patient with your

practice and the resulting effects

if you find value from this and believe

you know someone else that can benefit

from listening please share with your

friends and family

the idea of being in the present moment

is a powerful one when it comes to

anxiety and stress

we are often scheduled to the max and we

become physically and emotionally

stressed out we often find our mind

cluttered and overthinking we worry

about how the past could have gone

differently where we wonder if the

future will go as exactly as we plan it

this meditation will help to calm down

your overthinking mind it will help you

to be present so that you can simplify

and clear the clutter of your mind it

has been said by many great thought

leaders in this world but the way we do

anything is the way we do everything so

if we want to declutter our mind we must

also declutter our physical world

this mindfulness meditation can be used

to focus on the present moment and let

go of worries about the past and

anxieties about the future more you

practice this the easier it will become

for you and you will see the benefits

trickle over into many other areas of

your life and now turn off all

distractions and commit this time for

yourself let go of your to-do lists and

your responsibilities

take this time for you for self-care of

the gift to enjoy you must first help

yourself and love yourself before you

can help or love anyone else and when

you are ready close your eyes and bring

your full awareness to your breath begin

to count your breath in

then as you breathe out encourage the

exhale to be one count longer than the

inhale allow each exhale to carry away

with it any physical and emotional

stress and tension

by exhaling longer than you inhale your

breath will naturally slow and your body

will calm down

do this for a few breaths cycles then

allow the breath to return to its

natural rhythm

know that your breath is an anchor to

the present moment

you know that you cannot get back a

breath from your past nor can you make a

future breath come any sooner than the

present moment so you know you are

always in the present moment when you

are attentive to your breath

as you may still have thoughts going

through your mind notice them from afar

as if you are an observer

notice your thoughts and acknowledge

them by saying in your mind thinking

then come back to the breath and use

this breath as an anchor to keep coming

back to whenever your mind wanders this

breath anchor is a grounding and stress

relieving practice to continue outside

of the session whenever you may

experience a stressful situation at any

point in life you can always just come

back to your breath as if you are

starting over this anchor will allow you

to relax and times of stress

as you focus your attention on your

breath approach this meditation with the

intention to simplify and to slow down

allow your body to soften and your

breath to be gone

know that your body responds to your

thoughts so think about relaxing and ask

your body for a release of tension your

mind is so powerful in creating change

in all aspects of your life

and now as you breathe in imagine that

your breath has a bright white color to

it and it is filling you up as you

breathe out that white light is taking

with it any physical tension or feelings

of anxiety take a long slow deep breath

in through your nose and now move the

breath all the way down into your

abdomen filling you up with light and

making space then allow your body to

just surrender as you exhale breathing

out anything that no longer serves you

each full breath clears out the clutter

and relaxes your body and mind even more

deeply and now invite your body to relax

each muscle completely

begin with the muscles around the eyes

and the jaw

by relaxing these muscles specifically

the rest of the body knows exactly what

to do and will relax in response

continue to unclench the jaw completely

and soften the muscles around the eyes

to begin to feel that familiar heaviness

throughout the entire body all you have

to do is think about relaxing and

releasing the tension in your body and

your body will respond because it

listens to what your mind tells it

and now feel the entire body let go feel

that the tension in your body has begun

to loosen and subside

stay with your breath when you find your

mind wandering stay with the physical

sensations of your body so that your

mind can continue to clear the clutter

of the overthinking tendency know that

your subconscious mind will be aware of

anything that is important to you you

are in complete control but for now your

mind and body know it is time to relax

and let go time to slow down right now

all sounds around you are unimportant

and they just add to your relaxation all

responsibilities and items on your to-do

list are unimportant right now all you

need to do is follow the sound of my

voice as a guide

and allow your body to relax and your

subconscious mind will do the job of

clearing the clutter notice how deep and

calm your breath has become as you

continue to relax deeper and deeper you

now allow yourself to drift into a deep

state of relaxation

letting yourself go letting your body

mind and spirit become one

and now begin to use your imagination

and take a moment to see yourself in

front of a beautifully decorated glass

elevator door

this class door is etched and frosted

with the most amazing design on it see

this design in your mind reach out and

feel the texture with your fingertips

feel the cool temperature of the glass

this elevator will take you down to the

deepest part of your subconscious mind

so that you can declutter your thoughts

release tension and negativity

you see the door slowly opening and you

step into the spacious elevator

you know you are completely safe and you

can see through the glass walls of the


you push the B button so that you can go

down to the basement of your mind this

elevator will lead you deep into

relaxation each level will take you

deeper down

and in a moment as I begin to count the

elevator will take you down slowly into

a more deep relaxation you will find

that a deeper down you go the more

comfortable and the more relaxed you'll


10 as the elevator begins at slow

descent you are deeply relaxed you feel

the stress melting away 9 you feel

yourself completely letting go of any

responsibilities or things you may need

to do

eight you know you are right where you

need to be on your journey and you allow

the outside world to just to turn off

seven each level down takes you even

deeper into a relaxed state six you're

committed to taking your life and dreams

to the next level five

letting go completely

for going deeper and deeper into comfort

the REE almost to the basement of your

subconscious mind - deep deep relaxation

and one all the way into a deep state of

relaxation and peace and now we have

reached the bottom the elevator doors

slowly open and you walk out into the

basement of your subconscious mind

you take a look around and see that you

have stepped out into what looks like a


that stores all of your memories as well

as the possibilities for your future

there are rows and rows of shelves

throughout the entire room each shelf

filled with many many books

you see books of all different sizes and

colors some of the books are

disorganized and there are areas of

clutter around the floor in front of

some of the shelves you feel an intense

desire to organize the books so that

they are easily accessed when needed and

to clean up the clutter around the room

knowing that by doing this you will

organize and declutter your mind and

your life you realize that just by

thinking about organizing and cleaning

magically this room changes

the room becomes well-organized and the

clutter is cleared

this change has simplified your life and

with this change you feel a positive

change within yourself

you know that deep inside you a switch

has been reset so that everything works

in your favor you are now organized and

decluttered in all areas of your life as

well as your thinking mind you are able

to generate support and inspiration for

yourself far more easily than before you

enrich yourself mentally emotionally and

spiritually to do all that it takes to

actualize your goals thrive and live in

alignment with your values and

intentions you begin to take even better

care of yourself you redefine yourself

as a happier energetic and more

lighthearted person

you feel the physical weight of anxiety

has been lifted to allow you to be a

lighter and calmer

you allow new and more empowered

thoughts and inspired feelings of

success healing wellness and happiness

to profoundly build within you you

respect yourself showing yourself loving

kindness and compassion

and now you let go of any negative


that no longer serve you you let go of

any pasts negativities and you replace

them with positive behaviors positive

thoughts and feelings of gratitude you

are aware of your thoughts and you have

the ability to change from a negative

thought to a positive one just by being


you believe that you could be strong and

confident in your life

you see your past limiting beliefs and

behaviors disappear

self-doubt fear and anxiety are things

of the past and you replace them with

optimism confidence and an easily calm

disposition you trust your instincts and

your abilities you are easily able to

accept things as they are knowing that

you are exactly where you are supposed

to be on your journey

and now bringing your attention to the

room around you take one last look

around at the organized and decluttered

space of your subconscious mind

know that this new organized space will

translate to stress free anxiety free

living in all aspects of your life

now as you begin to walk back towards

the elevator the doors slowly open and

invite you in as you step into the

elevator you have a strong sense that

you can continue to reduce stress and

anxiety in your life by continuing the

process of simplifying and clearing the

clutter oh you are capable of achieving

your dreams and you have the potential

to accomplish great things now bring

your attention back to your physical

body and your breath

you will easily and effortlessly be able

to use the breath as an anchor when you

come out of the state of relaxation

and now as an observer see yourself

smiling with a positive calm and

competent mind feeling proud and

grateful when you awake you will still

feel all of the positive feelings you

experienced in this meditation and you

have patience and persistence for the

practice of simplifying and decluttering

your mind and physical world in just a

moment I will count as the elevator

slowly brings you back up and when you

get to the top

you will begin to bring your awareness

back to the present moment feeling

relaxed yet energized and confident

one you are slowly beginning to come out

of the state of comfort

to bring your awareness to the present

moment to the sounds around you to your

physical body 3 you are feeling totally

relaxed and calm for your mind is clear

calm and confident 5 your thoughts are

positive 6 you begin to bring some

gentle movements to your body 7 you are

feeling wonderful emotionally calm and

at peace you choose to feel wonderful

and you choose to be positive 8 you feel

the strength of confidence and you

believe in yourself feeling ready to

open your eyes ready to move forward

with your day 9 open your eyes you are

fully awake and energized and 10 you

feel amazing thank you so much for

listening please share if you found

value in this recording and comment

below if there's a specific topic you

would like to hear in the future

recordings I hope you have a wonderful