How to Stop Stress in 90 Seconds

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so we have a 90 second window to

circumvent a stress reaction that if we

don't circumvent it's gonna create a

knee-jerk stress reaction in which

you're going to behave badly and you're

going to regret it later

and so the 90 second window the tool

that gets you through the 90 second

window in time is called the Clear

button and here's how it works

hold your palm in front of your face and

with the index finger press the button

in the middle and you keep pressing it

right about there

from smack in the middle right smack in

the middle and you keep pressing it you

can close your eyes if you want relate

to your breathing and we're going to

count to three I'm going to think of

each number as a color so two on the

in-breath count one and on the

out-breath think red on the in-breath

count two and on the out-breath think

blue on the in-breath count three and on

the out-breath think green now release

the button and let your mind go

completely blank for about ten seconds

just be free of the world and all its

stress for ten seconds and now when you

come back to this situation or a

knee-jerk stress reaction might have

made you behave badly you're now clear

to make a better choice to make a better

decision to do something more positive

and proactive business I'm so passionate

about this is because stress is

something we all write off to a little

issue we gotta get through in life when

I begin to learn is not to cut outlined

that it's actually making us more prone

to having Alzheimer's especially some of

us it's no longer mine a little thing

because the person you're hurting is in

the people around you it's yourself be

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