How to Think Clearly and Logically | A Simple Solution

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the ability to think clearly is a

valuable skill that we often take for

granted it's a skill we often learn by

ourselves through trial and error if you

feel like you're struggling to think

clearly the problem might be due to

brain fog there's a lot of causes for

brain fog and you can't blame it all on

one cause so this video won't be

exploring that topic but this video will

be exploring how to think clearly our

brain deals of external stimuli every

day and event were to absorb each and

every stimuli the brain would shut down

they would be way too much information

to process and we wouldn't be able to

function like that in order to deal with

this issue the brain has filters that

filter out what's important and what's

not it knows that if you are talking

with someone then the conversation more

important than what's going on around

you although it is a great system that

works sometimes the filters work against

you especially if you are dealing with

brain fog how many times have you been

thinking of something completely

different from what you are currently

doing we all had that experience more

times than we could count there are

times where our attention isn't directed

to where it needs to be because we are

not actively directing it there so what

do we do when our brain is failing us

obviously the best course of action is

prevention but I will talk about

prevention later in order to think

clearly when your attention isn't where

it needs to be you need to organize your

thoughts and discard the unnecessary

ones it sounds simple but it's easier

said than done you want to find some

space where you can extract that

information in your mind and organize

them a common method many people use to

organize their thoughts is by journaling

it allows that person to get down

everything that is going through their

mind however there are many other ways

to achieve the same result such as

taking a nature walk it's up to you to

find a routine that works for you to

help you organize your thoughts if you

are in the middle of something and it's

not an ideal time to use your routine

then just take some deep breaths and try

to redirect your attention to where it

needs to be it might be simple but

that's the best course of action if you

are unable to drink clearly in the

moment and you need to focus with that

out of the way let's talk about

prevention we all consume a lot of

information from the internet and social

media it's completely harmless and in

fact it might even be good for you if

you're using the Internet to learn some

stuff the problem is that depending on

how much time you spend consuming

information you might be giving your

brain too much stimuli for example

watching a YouTube video is all good and

fine you have a good time watching it

and maybe you'll learn something however

when you spend four more hours just

consuming then your brain will feel

tired and overload it another example

would be scrolling through Reddit

spending some time on it is good but

when you spend too much time scrolling

through your brain won't be in the best

condition when you're consuming too much

you aren't giving yourself any space to

rest and take care of yourself I would

say that I'm not taking care of yourself

is one of the biggest causes of brain

fog if you can prevent yourself from

gaining brain fog then you can think

clearly so how can we properly rest and

take care of ourselves

on most days we work and then spend the

rest of that time glued to our screens

when you think of resting you might

think of working less and spending more

time doing the things you do in your

free time what you need to know is that

there are much better ways to rest and

take care of yourself if you're not

getting enough sleep then you need to

get some more sleep of the time you just

got from working less getting some more

sleep might just be what your body needs

to be back in peak condition if your

health is not in a good condition you

should go take some walks or maybe work

out while it sounds like you're exposing

yourself to more stimuli doing some

exercise does the opposite when you

exercise you often clear your mind and

you can just focus on your own thoughts

all your body is great at telling you

what you need a lot of us don't listen

to our bodies I think one of the reasons

why is because it just doesn't seem

productive to rest also culture tells us

we need to grind 24/7 and work like

crazy to get the success we want we get

told that putting in more hours is

better but the truth is that quality is

better than quantity just one good hour

can get you a lot more work done than

three bad hours no matter what hustle

culture tells you you need to rest and

take care of yourself this way you won't

have any problems with brain fog and you

can think clearly

have you ever struggle to think clearly

leave a comment below and check out the

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want to learn more about decluttering

your mind since that can also help you

think clearly