How to Think Bigger

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listen I'm a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk

I love Gary Vaynerchuk we've shared the

stage together but I can tell you this

it's not about hustle and grind all the

time and you just you just said that

because you can burn out hustle and

grind is what happens when a 747 is

about to go down that runway they give

it full thrust were pinned against our

seat it needs to get airborne

once hustle and grind has got us

airborne we now have to go to scale and

structure we need structure in our life

we need structured teams around us we

need a structured plan

so we can scale our business around the

$500,000 a year mark you should switch

gears from hustle and grind to scale and

structure and when you do that something

magical happens you are no longer doing

the work that you could pay someone $20

an hour or less to to do in other words

you're working on the critical few and

not the trivial many what I call the 5%

rule hustling is me doing everything all

the time scale and structure is figuring

out the things that I can outsource and

delegate and the 5% that are within my

zone of genius that I could do and so

what I do with my high-end clients who

want to become New York Times

bestselling authors I go why do you want

to become that well I like the idea of

being a New York Times bestselling

author great I got many friends who are

New York Times bestselling authors

they're broke they're always on the

speaking circuit they get paid to

perform like circus monkeys and so if

you've got a following because you have

a fan page why don't we take that

following and get 25 or 30 people to pay

you $2,400 a month and now you've got a

seven-figure coaching business oh my god

I never thought of that see that scale

hustle is I'm going to hustle and do

this speaking gig I'm going to speak

there I'm going to travel there and it

sure looks good on Instagram baby it

looks good on Instagram when I'm

traveling here I'm first-class there and

private jetting there but you're burnt

out I've done it man you wake up in

hotels and you play the wake up game and

the wake up game goes like this where am

i and I never know until I open up the

curtain Oh New York City Oh London I

don't ever want to go there again now

I've got so many different reoccurring

income streams coming into me that I

don't ever have to travel to speak

unless I want to and that is scaling

structure social media now is like a

nuclear bomb and if you do your

marketing right through social media in

- Graham Facebook YouTube it's like

fishing with dynamite you can make

200,000 more last year but you can make

literally 2 million more this year

so most people aren't thinking big

enough and it's usually an issue of

their low self-esteem and confidence you

show me anyone who's successful at any

point in their journey to success their

low self-esteem will come out and if

they don't process through that and

fix it they'll forever hit this glass

ceiling if they work with through their

self-esteem issues then they'll go

higher to the level and I'll give you a

great example of that I thought hey man

I sell info products online I'm a coach

and a consultant franchises that's

McDonald's that subway that's 7-eleven

that's that's not me that's those are

the big boys and then I process through

that I work through my for a year

and a half man I kept talking myself out

of starting the franchise and when I

worked through my we now have one

of the fastest flooring franchises on

the planet me a foreign kid from another

country doing it and it's proof that it

was all my head and not in my abilities