Book review: "How to Think Bigger" Book by Martin Meadows

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today I'm going to talk about a book how

to think bigger mm higher get more

motivated and accomplish big things by

Martine meters I finished this book in a

Kindle and I found it so interesting

because not that the the text was very

easy to understand and it was recapping

everything but majority of things I

would say this book was a recap of every

other self-help book of read and it was

trying to explain everything in a very

nicer small understandable way so the

author just put everything in seven

chapters which I'm going through all of

them one by one

I made huge notes of everything so I'm

going to just go through my nose and

explain everything and whatever I learnt

and whatever I've made a note so the

first chapter is about what makes you

ambitious first thing first is about

people or things which is surrounding

you and make sure you understand like

replacing mass media or news with books

with good things or like positive videos

this is very important second thing is

you need to be very careful about people

or things which are around you they are

going to affect you so much even though

I well it's not my words but I'll say in

my videos quite a lot and you have read

many books a lot you are the average of

the most the five people you spend most

of your time with so this is very

important to make sure you understand

who you spend your time with and this is

going to this is going to make ambitious

or not and also it is very important to

pay attention to the negative thoughts

and negative friends because they have

more effect than the positive or

motivational talks so if you have

negative people around you they are more

powerful than those positive friends

because the negative conversation

negative words they are more powerful

they have a bigger impact and on top of

that your physic

well being and your physical health is

very important no matter how ambitious

you are if you know physically healthy

if you're not healthy then you can't do

anything and before every one of them

you need to really think about your

basic and fundamental needs like food

health sick safety security sex and this

kind of stuff because if you don't put

everything in place then you you don't

have enough energy you're not healthy

you know your mind is not free to think

about bigger ideas bigger thing second

thing is about what is your why or who

so basically whether you say and whether

you think you can or you can't you'll

right so this is from Henry Ford which

is trying to say if you think you can do

something you will do it and if you

think you can't do anything or you can't

do that specific things probably you're

not going to do it or you can't do it so

make sure you try to find out you think

correctly you think positively second

thing is there is no way to make a

permanent change to your body if you

don't change your mindset so the mindset

is very important to and big achievement

are impossible without strong internal

motivations so the next thing is you

need to be aware of your intrinsic

motivations like fulfillment and joy are

more important more powerful than

extrinsic motivator motivations like

like money or power and make sure you

feel for example if you want to achieve

your goal and you need a lot of money

then you need to put a why or who next

to your goal because these are extremely

extrinsic motivators or motivations and

there are occasions that you're going to

lose your motivations or your strength

but if you put a bigger reason next to

this money you want to buy a big boat

because you want to enjoy it because you

want to go holidays video

family or something what I don't know

how many times you want to go be boats

but if you put a person or internal

motivations or feeling or why next to

your extrinsic like power like money

then you are going to make this pond

much stronger and also once you have a

vision it's very important you write it


obviously and because it's make it

easier to think about and also it also

makes it easy to remember it and if you

want to read it every morning or

visualize it it is very important to

write them down because it makes the

whole process easier and also don't

forget the visualization power because

you need to visualize your dream or your

goal with a lot of details so you need

to know exactly what you want how does

it look like and what do you want to

achieve after certain time so make sure

you write it down and picture it and

visualize it with a lot of detail as

much as you can and also the last thing

in this chapter is about your habits

your life is basically some of your

habits and if you want to change

something you need to change your habits

so this is the power of habit and how

important is our habit because in

everyday life when we wake up and until

the time we go to bed we we are doing

yourself and things those things are

basically our habits and we're not doing

anything is anything different

well maybe we do a little bit but 80 90

percent of things we do every day is

just some of our habits the next chapter

is about chip versus human so make sure

you understand who is in charge who is

making decision and also you are aware

of your values and sturms terms of your

life so you need to write down every

value you have your philosophies your

ideas and make sure whenever you're

making decision who is making the

decision is it the chimp or is it the is

it you or human side so if you want to

know more about chimp and human you can

listen to the book review I put about

King paradox it was a very very good

book it also changed

your mindset about how you think and who

is in charge with doing this stuff and

also do a lot of tricks to just manage

your team so feel free to just watch

that video as well if you like I will

put the link in is it this corner yeah

this corner this corner and then you can

also just look at the video so the next

chapter is about competitive

competitiveness and collaborative

so basically competitiveness and

collaborative Drive ambitious so if you

want to be ambitious make sure you

surround yourself with successful people

and also be part of a group because

studies shows in you you're going to try

harder if you're part of a group because

basically when you're in a group


unconsciously you don't want to be the

weakest one so you try harder rather

than if you try alone and there is no

one to just look into or there is no

really measurement to see how good you

are doing something but if you're part

of a group you're going to do definitely

better also on the other note in a book

it just referred to another study which

shows that we are normally we are

focusing more on a bad things rather

than good things so it's very important

to put a special care or special

attention on our thoughts and make sure

we usually think or we try to think of a

positive aspect of behavior or a story

or something because usually we put more

attention or like by default we are more

we think about the negative part of the

story more than positive one so make

sure you have a special attention on

this one as well and also if there is

one thing that all successful people

share is that they are surrounded and

they are working with other successful

people so it's very important to think

about your mindset to be with the right

people to think positively and act

positively the next chapter is about

focus and the art of focus

basically the

is trying to explain a lot of people in

a majority of societies and companies

and groups and there is a wrong idea

behind that if you are busier it means

you're important what you doing more oh

if you are doing a lot of things you're

more successful or you're more

productive however is not really right

because the reality is if you are more

busy or if you attend more meetings or

you do a lot of things means it doesn't

mean you are doing a better quality or

you are more productive so it's time to

really focus on one thing so make sure

you have a goal it's a clear goal and

you should be also be a master of saying

no so by saying no you're gonna make a

lot of time for things which are matter

the most so remember like for example

the 80/20 rules the 20% of things you do

brings 80% of values so it is also

important to just by not going to a

meeting or not doing a lot of things

you're not gonna miss a lot of things to

be honest so make sure you focus and and

say no to a lot of these things which

keep you busy or try to keep you busy by

being lazy or just not even bother to

just or you're not even strong to say no

to a lot of them so this is important if

you want to be focused it doesn't mean

if you want to be more productive it

doesn't mean you should do a lot of

things it's actually opposite you need

to do a lot less so in order to have a

like a better focus on something or a

task you need to follow these things

according obviously to the book first

have a clear goal to be clear about what

you want to do second you should be able

to receive feedback as as soon as

possible either from others or from the

tasks you do you need to see a feedback

that is freedom of distraction so there

should be no distraction or you should

minimize the distraction before is you

should be able to be challenged so

whatever you do you need to be

challenged if you want to be focused if

you do something very boring or if you

know a lot about that task

or if you're doing something everyday

then probably it's not easy to be

focused think of driving think of

driving going home 99% of time we're not

really thinking what we do because we

know exactly where we're going where to

start where to expect a traffic light so

this is really in and we are in

autopilot autopilot mode so we're not

thinking so you should be able to be

challenged if you want to focus so these

are the four steps to have a proper

focus or perfect focus on a task which

we are working on the next chapter is

about how to achieve impossible so

nothing is impossible for a man who

refuse to listen to a reason basically

there are always and every time people

around us who are giving us a reason to

not do something so B we need to be very

careful about that

and also one of the key things about

doing impossible is to really have a

self confidence about our abilities so

we need to be very confident about

whatever we want to do on top of that

you need to have you need to let's say

you need to have a short deadlines why

is that think of let's say you you want

to do it you want to achieve something

in 10 years obviously little girls take

a lot of thing time to achieve if they

are big enough I mean but think about it

how can you achieve it in six months or

in one year by doing that you are trying

to find a better way and also better way

to achieve your goal obviously you might

not be able to achieve it in one year

but if you think about it in that way

you are going to put more effort put a

try harder and also waste less time

because one of the one of the thing one

of the thing is procrastinating is one

of the like key things which leading us

to failures and if we are putting short

deadlines and quick and short deadlines

to our big goals we are going to achieve

our goals much quicker so and none of

these big goals happen in a day or over

a night but you can achieve

small piece and then add these small

wings together to get to the big goals

we want to achieve at the end so this is

very important if you are going to

achieve a big things to break it down to

smaller pieces and also have a shorter

deadlines because we are going to put

more effort and also try harder if you

want if you're going to achieve it so

make sure you understand what you want

break it down to smaller pieces and if

you can and possibly just make you go

much shorter because by making it

shorter you are going to try harder and

also waiting for the right moment is

also another myth because waiting for

the right moment means wasting more time

there is no right moment right moment is

definitely right now if you want to do

something oh I don't know the sooner the

better I don't want to say exactly right

now but mmm well the right moment never

comes because you're gonna say oh I'm

waiting for my 30s or 40s or 50s to do

something but you may never get there or

even if you get there it might be late

because you don't have the foundation

you didn't have these smoked wings in

order to get to that moment so the next

chapter is about danger of being overly

ambitious and how dangerous it could be

in a long run so think of work

friends family health and integrity as

five balls and the only one which is

made of rubber ball the made rubber is

work so if you drop it it will

definitely come back but the rest are

made of glass so if you drop them they

may break and never come back so make

sure you understand and be you and pay a

lot of attention on these things going

extreme doesn't mean working long hours

if you work a lot it doesn't mean you're

productive because at the end of the day

working smart P is better than working

hard so working smart is definitely

better than working hard think of for

example you're not gonna have six-pack

in a gym you are going to get it in your

kitchen so buy your diet definitely so

working smart is the key in this

example and also a lot of studies shows

that if you work more than 50 hours per

week it will decrease your productivity

working more than 55 hours per week

doesn't produce any additional result so

you if you work 70 hours a week you're

essentially wasted 15 hours per week

also sleep deprivation is a silent

killer silent killer of productivity and

your well-being so make sure that you

don't if you put a long shift or long

hours on something it doesn't

necessarily means you're improving or

increasing the productivity he finished

a book with a very beautiful sentence or

paragraph and it says you can learn all

the tips and every trick in this book

and every other book but the the main or

ultimate goal is to change your mindset

if you don't change your mindset you're

not going to achieve anything you're not

gonna do anything big so the key to

think bigger is to change your mindset

no matter how much you learn things if

you don't change your mindset you're not

going to achieve important or good

things so this is what I understood by

reading this book I made a lot of notes

because it was a very very good recap of

every other book I read I really liked

it in a way that the author wrote the

book because it was very easy to

understand there was enough examples and

it wasn't boring so the book was very

like I would say 50 or 60 pages it was

very quick to read however there was a

lot to digest so I really recommend

reading this book if you are looking for

a self-help book or if you're really

looking to recap every other self-help

book you've read so thank you so much

for watching this video and if you

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reviews in the channel so thank you