How to See The Big Picture

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Hey hi everyone Jim Richard and welcome

to my session for mine campus your call

the big picture how to get ideas more

effectively down visually in front of

you so you make more associations and

connections than you would otherwise

we're going to have an absolute blast

looking at some great techniques this

year so come on on with me have a look

over my shoulder is we look at the big

picture it's going to be so much fun so

the big picture is well how we process

ideas visually and get them in our mind

we can hold a bunch of ideas and make a

few associations connections but we need

some kind of a better compass something

to give us some direction and show us

how to do better at it and that's what

the big picture is all about is about

how to get more ideas out of our mind

and make more associations connections

more rapidly than we could otherwise and

see well things that we couldn't see in

other ways that's what the big picture

is all about but what's the problem that

we're dealing with well the problem is

that our short-term memory visually and

just thinking wise is pretty limited we

get lots of ideas up there but we can't

hold them there for very long the more

we get the less we can hold so ideas

just kind of drift off fling off into

outer space become what I call space

junk just out there floating around but

the big picture we're going to learn how

to capture these things and hold on to

them and keep them in our working memory

and be able to use them and so how are

we going to do that well one of the big

things we're going to talk about is a

process called externalization getting

ideas out of big sheets of paper so we

can hold a number of mine and use them

it's like having a cognitive CO

processor on board it's really really

powerful so what I call visual random

access memory being able to hold things

they're a lot more than we could

otherwise vram visual random access

memory and another thing is you don't

have to be a good artist to that's

actually the less one artist you are the

better our mind and our eyes prefers

simple well line diagrams just little

stick kind of diagrams these become

visual metaphors for the real world that

we actually process well faster than we


normal pictures it becomes basically eye

candy for the brain and the eyes here's

a little bit more detail on the tools

we're going to use so you got lunch with

a friend and you start discussing the


lots of ideas start to flow thoughts so

many we can't keep them in our mind oh

no space junk we got to start writing

this stuff down we're going to lose the

ideas so you take the paper placemat

start writing down both costs no gotta

get them down transportations an issue

transportation costs hurting us getting

the stuff to our plant and hurting us

get it to the customer and they're not

very happy as a result but what are our

competitors doing over here well they're

doing some cool stuff and what are they

doing well they're doing some money into

internet marketing and they're starting

to reach our customers over there two

big problems

ah transportation internet marketing

what if we could combine the two somehow

what you've just done is you've

constellated an idea you laid it out so

you can see a bigger picture on paper

but what happens we go back the office

well maybe we'll do a storyboard so we

can explain all this to everybody ah

storyboard another powerful technique so

we can look at storyboarding and how to

console eight ideas two powerful

techniques we're going to look at in the

big picture well the big picture it's

well all about getting a road map and

not just a road map of how to find your

way but also giving us a compass to find

our way along that road we reuse things

like big paper which acts as a cognitive

coprocessor to expands our visual random

memory and line drawings which are

metaphors we're going to constellated

ease out we're going to storyboarding so

join me

Jim Ridge at the big picture at mine

camp this year bye bye

looking forward to seeing you all there