10 Ways to THINK BIG - #OneRule

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think big think big thinking really big

bigger go big think big dream big think

big because then you're gonna get big

then you're gonna go and achieve big

things that is the most important thing

you know we don't achieve big things by

accident so shoot for the top shoot for

the sky for the you know of for the

stars I come from a small city in

Florida in Central Florida and there's

not too many people in my city who sort

of spread out around the world night I

live around the world I travel around

the world nits it's really great it's a

lot of fun but I think as a kid I had a

lot of ideas that were really big and

both my parents had passions that they

never really followed my both my parents

love to play music dad play guitar my

mom loved to sing and play banjo my dad

did a little bit of theatrical acting

and but they never really followed their

dreams neither one of them you know and

I think that was one thing my mom always

wanted for me she always wanted me to

follow my dreams and to think big don't

you know don't just think of like you

know just a little problem you have at

school or just a little I mean you got

to take care of those things too but

it's thinking about the you know someone

like that all I long what he's thinking

about the whole world every time he

makes a decision you know and and if

people think if more people think that

way more big great things happen taking

risks for me has been a big part of my


just thinking outside the box you know

doing the thing that everybody thinks

it's dangerous sometimes and just

knowing that you can do it knowing that

you'll get through it thinking big it's

something I say a lot of a lot of times

when I get warden arrows encourage my

family to think they think as big as you

can if we treat way beyond any default

you still gone so far short of your goal

you still have what would so high you

had some problems early on right you had

some time in prison we'll talk about

that later

what how did the rebound happen you what

this got a 10-year plan when I got out I

had a 10-year plan that I wrote when I

was in there on what I plan to

accomplish come when I come out you know

the goal is to stay out of trouble and

not come back into that environment so I

had to have a plan not the trouble you

know so ultimately that goal became of

course I started Konvict Muzik which was

supposed to be a concept that would

really have billet eight convicts coming

out and utilize the talent that they

have and they just sprung into this huge

entertainment enterprise so before

prison no music was in your head no

definitely not in a way of making money

from it it was more as a hobby yeah so

what happened but what was your big

break uh the big break actually was

getting locked up believe it or not

there explain that well fortunately for

me my concept was always thinking big

and before getting locked up my goal was

to be rich by any means necessary

so I robbed the bank that's one me

Leicestershire that's a risky but what

was scary was that that thought crossed

my mind a couple times before and

ultimately was it like okay how do I do


and get away with it and just made a lot

of bad decisions you know ended up

getting locked up which saved my life

once you get locked up for actually I

got locked up for a stolen car in a

concealed weapon how much time did you

do I ended up doing six and a half

months for that the judge was actually

lighter on me he started the potential

so out of the edge felt there was there

a break in the first solo artist to

simultaneously hold the number

number two spots on the Billboard Hot

100 that wouldn't guess you wouldn't

guess that for someone coming out of

prison absolutely not

you know what did it I think it was more

of the drive and constantly recording

constantly you know just working towards

that plan to one day work with Michael

Jackson and become the biggest you

didn't know him I didn't know but you

wanted to work with him that was the

time I was at the top of my goal I said

if I can shoot for the sky you know at

least so you set goals high absolutely I

think the most important thing about

growing a business successfully is

thinking ahead about where you're going

to be so I think about like the three

tips you have for scaling an

organization the first I think the most

important is to think big people think

about how do you manage how do you

motivate an organization and I think

about management you know basically the

science of administering a business or

leadership and my favorite definition of

leadership is the art of accomplishing

more than the science of management says

as possible when you have a big vision

when you're thinking really big

something that can change the world so

my favorite example connecting the world

which was Mark Zuckerberg vision for

Facebook that's the kind of thing that

excites people and motivates them that

gets them to follow you not just because

they work for you and they need to do

what you say well because they believe

in what you're trying to do and when

you're trying to really scale an

organization you need to go really

quickly and get people to accomplish

more than they thought was possible

and I think that comes from internal

motivation which really comes from a

vision that's big enough what is it

you're really after and is it after what

you are you after enough for yourself

are you are you limiting yourself based

on your current competencies a lot of

people do that they narrow their vision

or their ambition for tomorrow based on

what they can do today or who they are

today without realizing they can develop


Street their skills their competency

their knowledge or experience without

realizing they can become a better

person they can live into their highest

self they can live into the type of

person who could accomplish those goals

who could have those things so never

limit your ambitions based on your

current competencies never limit

yourself today based on your current

inadequacies because those can be


tomorrow the main thing is to have aim

in life to have your own aim to have

your own ambitions not the ambition

somebody told you you should have or

someone told you you're supposed to be

after because that's how we all get on

sort of you know sometimes a corporate

treadmill or we get on those things

where we just start trying to live a

life that's not even our own because

we're just going with everybody but

ambition liberates that your individual

ambition who you want to become what you

want to do what you want to contribute

and the highest forms of all ambition

usually come down to your creative

expression your contribution and your

connection with others that creative

expression what is it you want to create

in this world and I mean get your hands

dirty doing you know not just create

some PowerPoint once in a while for some

corporate thing but something real and

meaningful that you consider art for

yourself whatever that is even if it is

a PowerPoint presentation right but to

do something that you find artistic and

meaningful that's our human drive for

creative expression then what about

contribution what's your ambition to

give and to serve greatly for others

what do you really want to give back or

give to others what is it

and what about connection you know the

ultimate ambition and aim to have I

think for a lot of people is their

relationships to operate and have a love

that knows no bounds I mean a love that

is extraordinaire it is amazing you

can't improve your relationship with

your family or your spouse or those that

you serve unless you have in some sense

about you that desire to love or give or

connect more so today

get clear what is it you want and is it

big enough for yourself not limiting

yourself based off your inadequacies

your competencies but based on what you

truly desire last challenge take

whatever that is that you come up with

and TEDx it take it by ten times what

would be ten times that in addition not

just because it's silly I know I know

it's kind of silly but to take that

ambition that you initially have which

is usually what we usually want is an

impulse based on who we are today I just

challenge people don't think bigger for

yourself because you are a mix you are

magnificent you are powerful beyond your

current understandings so break through

that another little challenge your brain

to think even bigger for yourself even

it's just Eva's activity to break the

bounds of your current beliefs and

behaviors you deserve something

extraordinary in your life but at first

you have to want it go big or go home

it's so easy to think that if you play

it safe if you do it a little simpler a

little smaller you won't scare yourself

you won't scare your friends or your

family you won't scare your investors

when you go ask them for money it's just

not true the world just doesn't work

like that

it's counterintuitive but you can't go

too big

you really can't the bigger you go the

more inspired you will be personally and

trust me you will need to be inspired to

get through the hard times that will hit

you the bigger you go the more of a

cause you can make it for the people who

you're going to need to attract hey come

with me we're going to do something and

make the world 5% better yeah you know

what I'll stay my current job we're

going to make the world ten times better

we're going to make the world a hundred

times better now you got me now it's

like I'll ask what I'm getting paid

three months after I start work right

that's the feeling that you need to be

able to create in people in order for

them to join you so go big or go home to

be an intrapreneur and also to be a

visionary person you have to actually be


very bold you have to be ready to take

calculated risk not just any risk you

have to take a calculated risk you have

to think big if you think small you

always have been small in life what do

you mean by think big well each one of

those letters means something special

the t is for talent which guy gives to

everybody and everybody has their own

unique set of talents develop those use

them and let those carry you where they

will the H is for honesty if you lead a

clean and honest life and you don't have

a bunch of skeletons in the closet it's

really hard for them to come up if you

don't put them in there and it really

uncomplicated your life quite

substantially the I is for insight which

comes from listening the people have

already gone where you're trying to go

you know a lot of the adults in your in

your life have been through the very

things that you're going through right

now and if you can talk to them and see

what lessons they learned maybe you

don't have to repeat the same thing now

maybe that will allow you to move much

further and faster than they did the N

is for nice be nice to people because

once they get over their suspicion of

why you're being I still be nice to you

and you can get so much more done when

you're being nice when they're being

nice and not get caught up in the

meanness and the selfishness that is

promoted by many segments of our society

the K is for knowledge which is the the

way that you make yourself more valuable

and no one else can do that for you you

have to actively participate in the

process of becoming knowledgeable and

the mechanism for doing that is the next

letter B books you know some people say

I don't like reading books besides that

I can learn anything I need to learn

from watching DVDs and videos but it's

like saying that you can develop your

muscles by watching somebody else with

weights you know it doesn't work that

way you have to exercise your brain if

you want it to work for you and reading

is a perfect way of doing that

the second eye is for in-depth learning

learning for the sake of knowledge and

understanding as opposed to just

learning some answers so that you can

put them down on a quiz that superficial

learning doesn't last very long and the

last letter G is for God which is such

an important part of each of us as

individuals and the fabric of our nation

and we make a grave error when we allow

the secular progressive movement to push

God out of our lives you know we

shouldn't try to force God on them but

by the same token we should not allow

them to remove God from our lives most

entrepreneurs are dreamers we dream big

we dream out at a box and we dream out

of the reality of our circumstances of a

lot of us come from the inner cities and

we want to be somebody but after you

have your dream and you have your vision

you have to open your eyes and see and

deal with the reality of what it's going

to take for you to achieve that dream

and now the real work begins

thank you guys so much for watching I

hope you enjoyed I'd love to know how do

you think big and also what did you take

from the clips which one did you like

the most why how is it going to impact

you leave it in the comments below and

I'll join in the discussion thank you so

much for watching

continue to believe and I'll see you