How To Think Better Of Yourself In A World That Doesn't Care

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this is replicant fish welcome back glad

you could join me again as human beings

individual human beings many of us do

feel as if the world doesn't care

doesn't care about us what we think what

we feel even some would say their family

members their friends lovers even don't

seem to care fully about what they think

and or feel now as human beings

something we do easily and quite often

is beat ourselves up you know just beat

ourselves up because of something

something we have done something that

may have been done to us but we feel

it's our fault in some way something

said to us something realized understood

whatever as human beings we often beat

ourselves up now as I like to venture

off and talk about futuristic

possibilities in a science-fiction sense

imagine a time where a machine exists

one that could create a temporary clone

replica of yourself and within this

machine you have the opportunity to beat

yourself up actually beat yourself up

now I wonder for as out there as strange

as sci-fi as that sounds I wonder how

many people would use that machine I

wonder how many people who had failed a

test an exam had lost some money gambled

away some money had fallen in love with

the wrong person had gone back to a

person they should not have gone back to

gone back to a woman you know you should

have ran from or one of many many things

either way I wonder how many would do so

yes it sounds weird but the point is how

easy it is for us to get frustrated with

ourselves not even just because of

ourselves but because of other people

because of others in this world the mind

is a powerful thing

it's a wonderous place or it can be a


dark place for many if not all of us was

also a place of joy a freedom clarity a

place where one could feel good about

themselves indeed but the thing about

the mind is not just what you process in

your own mind

it's what others puts into your mind or

what others say to you or do to you the

words or trauma inflicted upon you that

leaves let's say scars trenches chasms

in your mind and these are the

afflictions of other people they're

things others have said and done to you

however it makes it difficult for you to

see yourself more clear in your own mind

simply because you've been stained by

the spewing sprayed crap of other people


so because of this many people do

internalize many things even things that

are not their own they internalize their

own problems

the inflictions bought on by others and

they continually beat themselves up in

trying to see this clear image of

themselves in their own mind and not

only that it's the weight and burden of

those you love and/or care about as well

the burden of them in your mind the

space they take up in your mind because

they do now now in order to see yourself

in a more clear sense you first have to

clear the image of yourself in your own

mind you know we hear the cliche

nonsense of healing yourself from within

it starts from within all that normal

crap we continually hear but the point

is that is actually true it's a sense of

you have to take steps to clear the crap

in your mind about how you see and feel

about yourself you have to understand

there are so many things in this world

you could actually do better and

actually do but the only thing stopping

many people is how they see themselves

how they feel about themselves you see

if there's no clear image in the mind of

the self then then what do you think

you're projecting to the

world what do you think you're showing

to the world you see you see many people

care how they're seen by others in this

world but the point is they don't try to

fix home before fixing somewhere else as

in the world the outside they don't stop

and think how do I feel about myself

before I care how the world feels about

me or sees me how do I feel about me you

see you see many people use fake things

to make themselves feel better

masks for instance for instance many

women use makeup in lies and deception

to hide the fact as to how broken they

may be until as a man you date her and

find out oh my god this woman's kind of


and yes the vice-a-versa as well or like

a man who surrounds himself with many

things to hide the fact he does not feel

the way his car looks his house looks

his woman looks his bank account looks

his clothes whatever you see regardless

of what's out there in your own world if

the vision of yourself in your head is

not clear it's not sharp it's not

defined it's not 4k clarity if it's not

so sharp then of course you would feel

less about yourself of course what the

world says to you Matt is more than it


of course you trust the words of others

more than your own of course you may

lack confidence self-esteem of course

you may not want to look in the mirror

of course you may feel like crap about

yourself you see you see there's no

quick fix to feeling better about

yourself understand many people can be

broken in an instant some it takes time

to break them it's an overtime sort of

thing so in a sense understand this it

would then take time to fix many of

those wounds those scars those traumas

most will never be fixed but it's more

sense of dealing with them in a

different way not in a way that brings

you down not in a way that brings

yourself down where you have to go back

to that room and beat yourself up it's

more in a way of seeing

seeing than handling those things in a

different way instead of letting them

beat you up do something different with

those thoughts and feelings sounds

stupid sounds random but in a sense when

you occupy your mind with greater things

than the things that hurt you you will

then see how the things that hurt you

and broke you brought you down and held

you down you will see how those things

became fuel became power in other words

when you occupy with the good it reduces

the power of the crap because your focus

now on the bigger thing the bigger

picture something more something you

weren't doing before you focus on the

crap what was bringing you down what was

making you beat yourself up so if the

focus is on this here this prize of a

thing in which you're trying to become

and seek and be that's when you lean

more towards that that is you trying to

define yourself to create the detail to

get rid of that blurred shadow spectral

image of yourself in your head to define

it even if it still looks like a specter

and a dark creature thing at least you

can see it clearly clearly in a sense to

see the definition of self is to see

yourself in a higher sense basically in

a bigger way in a more productive way

and in some way one could say that is

one becoming more defined thus a higher

definition of self how you see and feel

about yourself none of that is easy none

of that is overnights snap of the

fingers but it is good to learn to do

that in a sense to be prolific with your

self development to be on its neck for

it to give you more because you should

demand more from yourself

why settle why choose to settle for what

you have been told what has been done to

you and what you have told and done to

your damn self

why settle to think better of yourself

and start with something small something

about yourself you do care about you do

like you want to improve

focus on one thing first in many ways

the way the mind is connected

it causes chain reactions of thoughts

and patterns and feelings and whatever

so understand by starting with one small

thing in a sense you may continue some

reaction that spreads out through you

and the rest of your damned life want to

be more and not the bastard on the floor

you're continually kicking beating up

and stomping at the end of the day no

matter how hard you kick that's you

in other words focus observe remember

the world is yours have a nice day