Think Before You Talk | Strategies for Clear Communication

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Wow I can't believe I just said that if

only I thought before I spoke how many

times have you said something you

regretted simply because you didn't take

the time to first think about what you

were going to say

thinking before you speak is a powerful

skill that can make you sound a whole

lot smarter and a whole lot more

polished if that sounds useful to you

stick around because I'm gonna walk you

through a helpful framework for thinking

before speaking what's up next burner is

married Ashley hear of my swearing calm

where we believe a ritual life begins

it's better communication today we're

talking about how to think before you

speak too often when someone asks us a

question we blurt out a response before

even thinking about it or even thinking

it through or maybe in the heat of the

moment we say something without

considering the impact it will have

right these situations can make us feel

embarrassed and frustrated at ourselves

and as we know from the last lesson

those types of feelings aren't good for

keeping a positive mindset check out

those videos by contrast when you think

before you speak your response is

structured and organized which is easier

for the other person to understand you

and it makes you sound more

authoritative and confident when you

sound Thorat ativ and confident people

listen to you and they respect you all

good things all right so let's walk

through my framework for thinking before


what repeat or paraphrase the question

they just asked to ask a clarifying

question 3 don't be afraid of a few

seconds of silence so pause for present

your response alright so let's take a

look at what this framework does first

by repeating what they asked you ensure

you heard them correctly then bike

verifying what they asked you can get a

bit more context about their question

which will help you formulate a more

complete response now the pause after

that is a little bit tricky I know but

it's really super important people tend

to be afraid of silence which is why

they just blurt things out in the first

place but by pausing you give yourself

the time to think even cooler you

increase their focus on you so you have

them on the edge of your seat waiting

for what you're gonna say next

it also demonstrates that you're putting

real thought into your response you're

not just saying whatever comes to mind

now sometimes during this pause they'll

jump in and they'll say something this

is natural because they're all so

desperate to fill the silence well

that's perfect that just bought you more

time now you're ready to respond you've

collected your information and given

your mind time to digest it you might be

surprised at how much thinking your mind

can do when you give it a little time

even if you aren't consciously thinking

about your response just by letting it

sit in your head and percolate for a few

seconds you are guaranteed to produce a

much more compelling and persuasive

answer so that's all there is to it our

CPR repeat clarify pause respond with

this simple framework you will

dramatically improve the quality of your

responses be it in a meeting a casual

conversation an interview or on stage

when you sound good and when you feel

good people respect you and so I really

encourage you to commit this one to

memory and let it become second nature

alright explorers that's a wrap on this

video add these strategies to your

communication toolkit try them out and

make them your own if you enjoyed this

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next lesson

the explaining