Speak More Clearly | Daily Practice

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hello there and welcome to improve your

voice my name is Darren McStay and today

we're going to talk about learning to

speak more clearly through daily

practice so every time I get a message

relating to how someone can improve

their voice it's often followed by the

assumption that they can get this

quickly laughs it's a quick fix of how

to get this done unfortunately with the

voice it doesn't really work like that

your voice is created by your body using

air manipulated accordingly through

intentions and impulses created by the

mind your body is a physiological

machine it is an instrument made of

muscle bone fasciae and many other bits

and bobs thrown in if you want to train

this instrument to perform better then

you are no different to an athlete who

also has to train their body only we're

training our bodies in different ways

and of course we all know that the

smarter an athlete works and the more

consistent they are with their work the

better they become this means that if

you want to create permanent and

positive results which will ensure your

instrument can function to the best of

its ability then you need to think and

train like an athlete okay not by using

the same muscles the same way as an

athlete but you need to practice

regularly and dare I say it daily do you

want to get better practice daily want

to stop mumbling practice daily

improve your confidence practice daily

articulate better resonate more become

more present practice daily but most

importantly and according to the way

this video is titled if you want to be

clearer and better understood then you

need to practice speaking clearer daily

so it's all very well taking the

exercises from my channel and also for

my online course which are designed to

make your instrument the best it can be

but if you're not practicing using that

instrument it's just going to start

getting a bit rusty and a bit dusty so

even though it's a good instrument

innocent good shape it still needs to be

played and what I mean by that is to

become more mindful and more purposeful

with how you speak daily so in order for

you to learn

and to understand and start practicing

speaking more clearly daily I'm going to

set you a task now which you can start

once this video is complete I want you

to go and find someone whose voice you

like now this could be a TV personality

a newsreader an actor politician anyone

that you know whose voice you can find

in many places beyond films radio

cassette recordings or anywhere you can

find it on the Internet is a great

source of material of course find

someone whose voice you would like to

sound a bit like and what I want you to

do is find the 30 to 60 seconds max

recording and put it on your phone or

your laptop of this person speaking and

what you're going to do is every day

you're going to play that recording back

listen to it stop it every few seconds

and repeat what that person is saying

exactly as you think they sound when

they say it now I think it's important

that you find someone who you believe to

be a good speaker someone you find to be

articulate and clear in their voice not

just someone you like their voice if

it's a singer for example if it's a

mumble rapper that's not going to get

you anywhere with your articulation

clear of speech so what you want to do

is find someone who maybe uses their

voice as a speaker for a living possibly

an actor or like I said before a

politician and try to notice what it is

that makes their voice stand out what is

it that makes it clear and I don't want

you to worry too much about this I just

wanted to do it every day now until you

can impersonate the recording you have

of this person until you can actually do

it the way they do it I don't need to

think too much about what it is they're

doing I just want you to mimic the

sounds they make and there's a reason

for this when we're children everything

we learn is through copying it's through

mimicking this is how we learn and what

happens is as we get older we form

habits which aren't necessarily so good

for our speech or good for our lives

even so what we need to do is to retrain

our bodies to start thinking and acting

and copying those who we now wish to

sound like or we now wish to become so

specifically with our voices find

someone who you want to sound like or

believe that has quality in their voice

that you would like to have in yours and

we're going to start mimicking that

that's how we're going to

so if there's a lot of words in this

text you can stop it every few seconds

and repeat after them or if it's just a

short piece of text maybe it's easy for

you to learn it and repeat it back and

once you get to the point where you can

remember everything that's great keep

doing it keep listening to the recording

every day until you feel you can do a

very good impersonation now the best way

for you to find out whether you're

progressing and getting better with this

is to record your own voice as well and

what you should do is if you do this

listening exercise daily and speak along

with it then at the end of every week

you can record your voice and play that

back against the other one and listen to

yourself against how you sounded the

week before so you can do this for two

weeks a month six months a year if you

like just do it until you're comfortable

that something in your voice has changed

I don't want you to do this without

using a warm-up or some kind of physical

exercises that get your body and your

voice ready to speak now you can do this

one of three ways I have tons of videos

on this channel and this one in

particular is a great warmup I'd like

you to look at that everyday before you

do this exercise so this way your body

is in a really ready state to get

started and if you feel that after doing

these exercises for say two weeks or a

month and doing these warm-up exercises

and the one I've set you then I think

you would be ready to check out the

online course do these exercises daily

go through all my videos find everything

you can practice daily

make something up maybe just do one

video a day failing that if you really

don't want to do these exercises and you

don't want to practice daily you're not

going to get as far as you want as quick

as you'd like of course if you want to

make permanent changes in your voice and

permanent changes positive results from

your instrument then you need to do a

very specific set of exercises which is

why I put together my eight-week online

course because it took me 25 years to

amass all that information and put it

together in a structured way that I

could teach others to literally

transform their bodies from where ever

they are into the ultimate speaking

machine but that aside you have your

task whether you choose to take it or

not it's up to you I hope you do thanks

for joining me my name is Darren McStay

this is improve your voice

and until the next time practice using a