How to think wisely

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hey guys this is Wellington Fernandez

from your imagination if you have been

looking for something to help you think

wisely or to make some important

decisions in life then I will recommend

you to stay around and have a look at

this video so here we begin to think

wisely it's as simple as to think smart

and you just beat up your intelligence

and to do that you need some of their

resources first know yourself by

spending quality time with yourself in

please second ask questions whether to

you or to other people because when you

ask questions you learn a lot I mean a

lot 3rd recollect your experiences your

past your mistakes and learn from them

not only yours but also other people's

mistakes because a smart person learns

from other people's mistakes

put follow successful people with

personality is very charming and

appealing and try to know how they are

successful in their life there comes a

time when we have to make decisions when

I say decisions they could be big or

small and besides that we need to make

choices against options but most of us

find it difficult but have we asked

ourselves why is it so difficult is it

because we lack knowledge in that

particular subject or is it because we

are afraid of getting a bad outcome I

will say it is because of lack of

self-confidence but mind you

overconfidence is also not good so what

do we do don't worry for that purpose I

have some tips and I

which will help you to make a better

decision in life think about priorities

because they are very important to make

the first attempt benefits can be

long-term and short-term but your

decision will depend on your situation

take your time and feel comfortable

letting mind be at peace take people's

opinion and compare it with yours and

see if you can feel the difference

advantages and disadvantages play a

major role in making a good decision see

what makes you happy if you are happy in

making the decision you will surely be


to be successful with people always keep

promises but second thing is never make


as a concluding session I would like to

say always believe in yourself because

when I believe in yourself nothing can

go against you


thank you for watching this video I hope

it will be useful to you in some part of

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you next Monday

till then take