How to Think Strategically and Act Tactically

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hi my name is John M Hawkins I'm an

author consultant and strategist you

know how they're these little sayings

that we use on a daily basis

well there's one saying that as a

strategist I use everyday and that's

think strategically and act tactically

so what I want to do today is I want a

whiteboard for you why this saying is so

important to me and how I use it on a

daily basis to align the activities that

I'm doing to the goals and objectives

that I'm trying to accomplish so let's

get started so first when I think about

things strategically and act actively I

think about a pyramid at the top of this

pyramid I've got my goals and objectives

this is what I'm trying to accomplish if

I were to take and draw a line through

this the top half these are all my

strategic bottom half this is tactical

so for me thinking strategically I've

got the top half strategic and the

bottom half tactical so in the strategic

I've got all those courses of actions

that I could be taking those are my

strategies those are the courses of

actions that I should be working on to

accomplish a specific older objectives

in my act tactically these are the

actions this is what I'm working on it's

my tasks it's everything that I'm doing

to support the strategy that's going to

help me accomplish a goal if everything

is in person perfect alignment here

between those activities and those tasks

I'm able to accomplish the goal we feel

a sense of accomplishment and we're able

to focus on the next goal the challenge

with most of us though is that not of

all not all of our actions and tasks are

aligning to those goals and objectives

that we're trying to accomplish many

times there's other competing strategies

that are out there whether it's work

whether it's family whether it's your


and what happens is is that we start to

focus on all these actions and tasks

that are aligned to somebody else's goal

and somebody else's objectives so what

happens here is when you're focusing

every day and all your actions and tasks

are driving somebody else's goals and

objectives the gap is that you're not

able to accomplish your goals you're

just you just run out of time so what

happens is you become disappointed you

don't feel like you're working towards

your goals and objectives and you're

just helping everybody else so it's very

important for us to have that alignment

so one of the sayings that I use on a

daily basis to help me align my actions

and tasks or those specific goals is

something that goes like this dream for

the first hour of the day and work the

rest of the day to accomplish those

dreams so the Dreaming for the first

hour of the day it's thinking about

those goals those strategies and the

courses of actions or thinking

strategically work the rest of the day

that's the tactical it's focusing on

those actions and tasks that are going

to help you at tactically so think

strategically at tactically is a phrase

that you can use on a daily basis to

help you align your actions and tasks to

those strategies that are going to help

you support your goal I hope this was

helpful please feel free to keep it

social post comments below I'd love to

hear from you thank you