How to Think Like a Millionaire (The Millionaire Mindset)

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what does it take to be wealthy good

luck right timing a lot of investments

all of those are helpful but the most

important part is the mindset if you are

not mentally ready to be rich how can

you be rich hmm

today I will be going over the mindset

you need to become wealthy it doesn't

only apply to money you can apply to

many other aspects of your life first

off when you talk about money there are

two very different types of people there

are those that are really excited and

they are all like yeah let's make some


on the other hand there are those who

believe money corrupts people they have

negative associations of excess wealth

here are the facts money is just a means

of exchange it doesn't have magical

powers that will rewire your brain money

is just like gasoline if you are a nice

person who loves giving back once you

have more money you will give back even

more if you are a jerk from the

beginning now you're a bigger jerk money

does not corrupt it brings out and

amplifies who you really are if you're

laying those negative associations of

money hold you back from making it I

want you to go out there and talk to

some millionaires go find out what rich

people really are like only after then

you can form your opinions next diera

scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset

the scarcity mindset believes that there

is never enough for everyone say if I

make some money someone else won't be

making money the abundance mindset

believes that there's more than enough

for everyone the scarcity mindset

creates fear and anxiety and those who

have it here's an example for how the

scarcity mindset ruins people outside of

their finances say you're trying to

score a date you don't believe there's

an abundance of people out there that

you're compatible with so you get really

attached to as one person and end up

turning them off from your desperation

and neediness

you need to have the confidence and know

that there are other options the person

with the abundance mindset might fail

but they all say ok let's move on and

life moves on for them let's get back to

talking about finances you might want to

start a business or side hustle to make

some more income if you have to scarcely

you mindset the fear sets in and you

start thinking oh no there's so much

competition I'm gonna fail if you have

the abundance mindset you see this as

hey competition is good that means

there's a market out there or maybe you

want to invest and the scarcity mindset

is saying oh no there's no more good

stocks to invest in the abundance

mindset would say ok this one won't work

let's go research some more on a

different one it's just like pessimism

versus optimism some people will never

start and try to change their life just

because of the fear let's go even deeper

to a scarcity mindset versus the

abundance mindset the scarcity mindset

is so fixated on the outcome they don't

care about the process they have a fear

of failure the abundance mindset is all

about trusting the process they are ok

with failing the scarcity mindset

doesn't understand why people would give

away their secrets in books or online

courses they want to hold on to their

knowledge they are not too open to

helping others because they think it

creates competition the abundance

mindset believes that the more you give

the more you receive the worst part

about people with the scarcity mindset

is that they feel a sense of entitlement

the world doesn't owe you anything just

because you did this or that it's all up

to you to get what you want out of life

for me I use sad the scarcity mindset I

used to fear failure and hate it


life was pretty miserable for me even

though some of my friends thought I was

doing good

by the standards of society I was

successful as a child of immigrant

parents I felt like because I

wasn't who I wanted to be but after

slowly changing my mindset I've come to

enjoy life a lot more as I work towards

who I want to be every day work on

changing your scarcity mindset if you

have it and you will be better

conditioned for wealth than most people

out there you will also be free from the

shackles of all those negative emotions

finally the most important part of the

millionaire mindset is never settling

broke people say I can't afford it the

millionaire asked how can I afford it do

you see the difference

don't settle for an outcome you don't

like if you don't like your situation do

everything in your power to change it

when you settle for Less your program

your subconscious mind to think you are

not worthy you only deserve the best for

yourself this applies to all areas of

your life outside of finances you don't

like your body don't settle and go to a

gym and diet properly to change it you

want to get that hot date even though

you don't think you can don't settle

and go talk to them part of selling for

less is thinking you know it all wrong

people think oh I know so much what else

is there to learn if I fail it's not my

fault I have all the knowledge they

barely touch self education if you want

to achieve your vision you need the

knowledge to achieve it millionaires

invest a lot of their money and self


this is how they increase their income

every year even if you have a good

stable job and investments we want to

invest in self education you don't even

need to invest money in self education

you can just invest your time there are

so many good free resources out there

like YouTube videos such as mine a

college degree will make you a living

but self education will make you a


here's a note before in this video you

don't need to be rich to develop this

mindset you want to develop this mindset

when you are working towards becoming

rich it will change your view on life

and free you you can use what you learn

and implement it to other areas of your

life thanks for watching I didn't cover

all the aspects of the millionaire

mindset so if you want me to continue

comment down below if you enjoyed the

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