Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote

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in the game of chess the average chess

player knows their next one to three

moves amateur oh my gosh HS here any

chess players here the average chess

player knows their next one two three

moves a pro knows four to five a master

knows six to ten a grandmaster knows

their next 11 to 15 moves by the way the

same thing you see here with chess it's

the same thing with the game of life

most people live life they have no clue

what their next 10 moves are gonna be

they just know their next one two three

moves a lot of people in life want to do

move number fourteen and move number two

wrong timing I don't know if that made

sense a lot of people want to do move

number fourteen at move number two and

it doesn't work out for them so it's so

this whole game about businesses about

you knowing your next 15 moves now

outcome of this meeting two things one

who do you want to be how do you want to

make your money because it's all about

your positioning in a marketplace so now

who do you want to be by the way almost

every single time I talk to somebody and

I'll ask them who do you want to be

these are your positions you want to be

an entrepreneur you want to be an

investor inventor co-founder do you want

to be a CEO of a small business you want

to be CEO of a big fortune 500 you want

to be CEO of a startup you want to be a

sales guy you want to be volume or high

tickets what's volume I'll do four

hundred thousand dollar loans high

ticket I only do three million dollar

loans you want to be an influencer I

want to be these guys that you know

perfect but and I just take a picture

and I get seventy nine thousand likes I

just want to walk in places and people

take pictures I mean I want to be famous

fan that's what I want to be I want to

be an influencer podcasts Instagram I

want everyone to know me when I go into

the mall or the airport solopreneur I

don't want people to hold me accountable

I just kind of want to be me I'm like

the tennis player

I'm the golf guy it's solo me I'm gonna

be able to handle myself

no one's that's perfect this mean no

one's as good as me and there's nothing

wrong with that

nothing wrong with that but that's you

and in their support team I'm good on

support Pat I don't want to be on this

stage I don't want to be the CEO I'm a

good six person I'm a good eight person

I tried being number one I can't stand

it I hate it I don't want to go to sleep

at night knowing everything's on me I

want to go to sleep at night knowing

everything's on a guy who's got three

people then these people need support

and it's me I like that

that's my comfort zone great or you want

to be an intrapreneur you know what I

want to go be part of a company and

within it grow up to be a see ioc toc

CEO CEO or whatever and i want to own a

piece of the company but i don't want to

be number one i want to be an

entrepreneur and within a company i want

to think like an entrepreneur and i want

to own a piece of the company and that's

how i want to make my wealth but that's

who I want to be well most people are

like wow can I like this guy on

Instagram maybe I'll be like him yeah I

kind of like that girl maybe I'd be like

her it'd be kind of cool if I know how

to take good selfies like her you know

it'd be cool if I can do this but we

don't really know who we want to be so

how do you make your money wealth

marriage marry a rich person fastest way

to become a million equity I want to get

a piece of the company that's someone to

create my wealth no problem built to

sell I want to build a company run it

for five years sell it get my 20 million

go enjoy myself right that's what I want

to do buy in whole domains I have a

collection of a thousand domains

somebody wants to buy this domain

$300,000 check eventually I'll make six

million I'm good

that's all I want to do long-term

planning the typical get a job for one

key all that stuff lottery be an

influencer if I become an influencer and

every time people want me to do a

certain shout-out five thousand dollars

three thousand dollars eight thousand

dollars that's who I want to be

proprietary product to use my product I

keep 20% you keep 80% but it's my

product invest I want to invest in a

business let somebody else do the work

and I make the return on the money sue

somebody I like I like to sue people

like somebody will say I'm gonna sue if

I sue the right person make a couple

million dollars there's a lot of people

that become millionaires

people anybody knows anybody that's made

money soon people there's a lot of

people in America guys I remember I went

to a meeting one time this guy's giving

a talk he says do you know why kids in

America are obese

why are we experiencing so many kids

being heavier so one guy says video

games one guy says this one guy said he

says let me show you statistic he shows

the statistic of parks in America

dramatic drop off by 70% shutting down

he says do you know why let me show you

why then he shows lawyers go sit at

parks all day waiting for a kid to drop

off hit their elbow crack the elbow up

is that your son

that's not fair what this it's the

city's fault it's the city's fault

come here let me see that arm perfect I

will represent you look he's feeling

good are you hurt as a mother I will get

you a million that you deserve a million

dollars for this Mary I will take care

of you they go to the city they sue the

city get a million bucks

he keeps 33% 330 grand they get six

hundred sixty thousand dollars next Park

shuts down obese obese obese so a lot of

people become rich soon people this is a

weird world I just don't want to make it

like that right Oh lamb you own land and

Walmart says hey some of you guys have

never been to pound Oh desert seven

Walmart's in Palmdale if you have a land

Walmart comes and says I want this land

I'll pay this much money

no problem other we're making millions

design inheritance how many guys have

the right last name here who has the

right last name here anybody's got the

right last name yes how many guys have a

last name with your families so rich

that you know that money's coming to you

anybody here any Kennedys here Andy

Rockefellers yes any Escobar's right

Andy he'll chap was in here I don't know

we got some names out there right it's

probably more ill chop with an Escobar

so maybe it could be a difference as

well okay so how you gonna make your

money so what's your game plan who are

you gonna be how are you gonna make your

money by the way just so you know it is

the easier

time ever in the history of mankind to

be a millionaire ever it's the easiest

time ever to be a millionaire it's never

been easier than today ever it's a joke

today to be a millionaire it's a joke

today to be a millionaire it's so on let

me explain it to you

you know how celebrities used to be like

a person was on TV we would be like oh

my gosh mom look look look look look

it's the weather guy

I said weather guy mom it's Burger King

it's 1998 it's the weather guy oh my

gosh the weather guy mom is crazy today

oh hey Jon what's up you know why why

because people follow youtubers more

than they follow whether your weather

guys Instagram influencers are more

following than a weather guy does it's

no longer a big deal to be a celebrity

just so you know social media here's

what it did it made the whole celebrity

thing gone there is no more value at

being a celebrity your PewDiePie is

known as much as some of the biggest a

celebrity Hollywood stars in America in

the world and he just hates PewDiePie

regular guy login Paul Jay Paul it's a

complete different game today being a

celebrity is so easy today making

millions is so easy today your

strategies is what needs help

so let's talk about it where most people

struggle lens and language let me speak

about Lansford earlier a guy comes to me

and he starts talking to me and he says

hey you know Patrick we were at the time

you guys were at the CEO at the luncheon

that they had who was at the luncheon

deal right who was at this luncheon when

this one kid was talking to me where's

yet I want to find him I'm not gonna

call him out I just want to find him is

he is the CEO package guy or no are you

anywhere here wink at me I got big eyes

I'll find you okay all right all right

let me tell what this kid did so he

comes up and here's how he starts it

he says Patrick I can't even tell you've

changed my life

your content is incredible it's

absolutely ridiculous

I learned so much from you any goes for

30 seconds no one's doing that so far

because they just want to come and ask a

question because it's another some

thinking like this is getting somewhere

and then he says here's my card if you

ever want to buy any real estate in

Nevada Vegas just call me and I said do

you know what you just did he said what

I said what you just did to me it's like

a guy at a bar going to a girl and

saying to follow and think saying hey

you're so stunning

you're so beautiful oh my gosh you're

the hottest thing here if you ever want

to go to bed call me I'm like you're

serious I said so let me get this

straight your lens here is you're just

looking at everybody as a customer

that's a wrong lens that's a small lens

this is what do you mean I'm just trying

to I'm not coming like that I said you

are but the guy had a good attitude

about it so let me give you a story

years ago I had a guy right before me

another guy came up and he said Pat

actually I saw his face

he says Pat we know same name a guy

named Eli that fish right where's the

guy that said Eli did you say Eli so he

comes to me and he says hey Pat we know

same name a guy named Eli and I told him

who Eli was to me I was 21 years old

when I met Eli at an event by LAX

Airport so I get close to Eli I get

invited to his 50th birthday party I go

to his house I'm a nobody

I'm selling gym memberships at Bally

Total Fitness a guy comes to me he's one

of the biggest attorneys in Vegas it

comes to me and and he said so so I said

so what are you doing he says I'm an

attorney for you know how to say for

Hollywood for you know this is what I'm

an attorney give me some big names I'm

like okay this is what do you do that's

how I work yeah Bally's

oh yeah so you run the casino in Vegas I

said no no no I'm the I'm the weekend

assistant manager at Mohali Total

Fitness right oh oh and you know yes

okay very cool good to meet you right I

stayed the night at the end I'm washing

the dishes for this lady her name is

Jelena it's his wife I'm washing the


I talked to Eli say Eli how can I help

you he says Patrick you can't really

help me and

but one way I said what is it I said my

son's in prison for nine years he said

okay he says he did something he

shouldn't have done I said what prison

is yeah

men's callin anybody knows men's colony

near San Luis Obispo you don't know it

it's not a good prison it's a hardcore

person like Mara Salvatrucha you know

what I'm saying like it's a hardcore

hardcore prison okay so he says none of

my friends and relatives want to go

visit this guy his friends won't want to

go there I said I'll go

he says you sure absolutely he says but

this is not a regular person do do

background check whatever they got my

back I took thirty days I go to prison

I'm sitting there all day with them in

there he says that guy shanked that guy

he was in the hole he just got out he's

just um and he's sitting like this it's

his Patrick just said I'm not even

kidding with you guys he sitting like I

never forget this day we took a picture

day I got the picture till today

this was picture was taken mm mm mm one

so I come back

Eli's emotional he said I can't believe

you just did that for me I said buddy

you know what do you mean I did that for

you it's your son he says how can I help

you I said I don't know he says here's

the six hundred most influential name I

know you can use my name to call them to

help you out with it whatever you want

as you're serious it's okay I came back

I called them one of the contacts

introduced me to another person who

introduced me to another person who

introduced me to another person who

introduced me another person made me

thirty million dollars one contact why

cuz I didn't say hey you want to go to

bed no I went and I said how can I help


almost everybody in this room almost

everybody in this room all you have to

do is just take the lens off you have

put a different lens on because when you

put a lens on you just look at the world

in a whole different way you're now

looking at everybody here that I'm just

trying to figure out a way what I can

get for me it's a complete different

lens right so the most check most most

people have a challenge of what lens

second challenge is language a lot of

people I listen to their language and

I'm like oh my gosh this language is

just not the right language what I mean

by language I'll give you an idea

so while I'm speaking to the same group

a guy comes up to me he says Patrick I'm

a loan officer if you were in the long

game what would you do to get customers

I said so tell me who's your ideal

customer here's what he says to me he

says somebody who is currently a

homeowner has high interest rate and

would like to find a way to get more

write-offs I said what else he says I

said what else he doesn't have an answer

for me that's okay

let's go complete different direction he

says what's that so you single I grab

this left hand get a nice watch on but

he didn't have a ring

I said you're single you're not married

so I'm not married that's okay you got a

girlfriend he's I don't have a

girlfriend right okay perfect I said so

Tom you ever want to be in a

relationship I do what kind of a girl

you're looking for

he said I want her to be top notch I

said listen

who remembers when he said top notch gee

willikers I want her to be top notch I

said you gotta be very careful when you

say word like that because it's very

general I said you ever seen Shallow Hal

cuz top notch has a different meaning

for a lot of different people I said

give me specifics okay okay this guy's

like six five six six little taller than

me he says I want it to be five seven

five eight I said great what else I want

her to have like eyes I said look you

and I have brown eyes what if she has

brown eyes will you still go out with

her I think I would so put the ice aside

so I said what else and then he was

stuck I said you're not gonna find your

girl he says what do you mean I said you

have no clue what kind of a girl you're

looking for

I said me tell you what I said if by the

way how many of you here know a girl

that's five seven five eight raise your

hand do you see how how wide this is

right but you know what kind of a lead

you can give them

I know 82 year olds that are five seven

hey hey I got a five seven percent for

you patchi's 82 all you told me was five

seven she's five seven 82 but that's not

what I want well then tell the world

what you want so I said look here's what

I did

I was hitting all these girls they were

all the same one day you know how guys

and girls we all complain where are all

these great woman ads I'm telling you

there's no more good woman nowadays and

these man oh my gosh look at them today

and we complain it is not the men or the

women it's your language and it's your

lens so I sat back I said Pat what are

you looking for I went specific toes

eyebrows cooking I could care less about

nationality because I'm okay there but

for me whatever you are you got to learn

to make my dad's cooking I don't care

what it is because I want the house to

be good smelling food if the house

smells like food kids come to the house

I want you to learn how to make these

five six dishes my dad makes and my mom

makes I'm good I don't care what you're

doing I want it to be career I want it

to be this this so I wrote it down what

I wanted you know what I did next I told

everybody here's what I'm looking for

hey I'm looking for this kind of a girl

okay cool there's a criterion because

what I'm looking for here's what I'm

looking a here's what I'm looking for

here's what I'm looking for here's what

I'm looking for I'm looking for a girl

like this here's what I'm looking for

here's what I'm looking for then all of

a sudden they start to shown up and then

I pick my wife she's sitting over there

right now we got married

it's my criterias though moral the story

lends language change the lens change

the language business it's all about

lens so you're here what are you looking

for here why are you here are you just

here to listen today with Goggins or me

speak are you here to just get close to

Albert why are you here what is the

purpose what is your lens what's the

language you got to speak to get what

you want those two need to adjust let's

continue next part no matter who you are

in this room guys interview me in the

back and he asked me this question he

said do you remember when you make your

first million you know how they do the

speed round stuff in the interview and

you kind of ask you questions tell me

the first thing that comes to your mind

when you say this he says your first

million I said I don't remember and he

went off track this so why don't you


because it wasn't a big deal it was like

if if it was million I would have slowed

down I don't remember the first million

so really I say yeah I don't he says so

tell me why so then we went in that's a

look here's what you got to realize most

people this is how they compare

themselves most people see in every

single level in life there is an 80% in

that group then there's what 20% then

there's 1% what does this mean

let me explain in this room raise your

hand if you've made less than six

figures in 2019 so far raise your hand

if you made less than six figures in 20

guys we can either have a regular

meeting and four if you come to my

meetings on discipline I don't screw

around I don't like to waste your time

or my time if I'm asking you let's

participate together having guys many

less than six figures I can't help you

if you're not gonna be real with me okay

less than six figures how many guys have

made so far this trip between a quarter

million to half a million net not gross

net quarter million to half a million

look around okay good

how many guys have made between a half a

million to a million dollars net so far

this year half a million to a million

who has already made more than a million

dollars this year more than a million

dollars this year okay one two I want to

see these hands can you put them up one

two three four so I know him Michael

tint out what's your name Alexandra and

then what's your name gentleman out back

there can you scream out your name Louis

Bruce we got Bruce anybody else I got

one over there anybody else anybody else

any buddies keep your hand up again keep

your hand up again okay

these are the guys I want to talk to

right but watch this in this room these

guys are in the 1% in the room the

people that raise their hand that are

between a half a million two million

during 1% the guys that raise their

hands between 250 to half a million

during the 10 percentile 5 to 10

percentile hundred to quarter million 20

percentile hundred thousand below you

are all in the 80 percentile fair heart

a little bit

just being real with you now

this say I take those six people that

made a million dollars this year net I

take them in a whole different room okay

in this room the minimum earner out of a

2,000 people minimum net so far has made

10 million dollars where do they rank

top 1% or bottom 1% bottom or top bottom

you know why because it's the next group

challenges most people they don't go

this way

cuz this hurts most people don't compare

like this they don't say hey let me

compete up most of us say I'm making

more money than my sister I'm making

more money than my siblings I'm doing

better than my dad I'm doing better than

my family I'm doing better than the guys

I went to high school with

but in the real leak the next leak the

reason we're afraid to make this leap

because here you're 1% here you're in

the bottom 1% that is scary and you know

at what point these levels stop when do

you think this stops never it only stops

when you're finally hungry so he asked

me a question

he says Pat when is it enough I said

what do you mean he says what isn't

enough I said I don't know what question

you're asking when is it a good point

for you to say I'm slowing down I said

didn't you just ask me question about

passion what are you passionate about

what was my answer my pension is the

game medic game is like who has a

favorite board game scream out your

favorite board game scream it out

who said scramble anybody what's your

highest score ever let's hear it

1:20 okay all right anybody else scrap

anybody said monopoly who said monopoly

who plays clue now let me give you some

other games who plays gin rummy any

weird people that play rummy no Armenian

people here anybody plays spades who

plays Domino anybody plays Domino here

who plays backgammon any Bakula players

the best human beings in the world play

backgammon I don't know why would they

play back in anybody ever plays

game that you'll love where you want to

keep playing it this becomes a game when

you make it a game it's not about the


it's like oh my gosh let me see if I can

figure it out so we can do six hundred

thousand dollars this month oh it's

awesome what if I can figure it out on

what we can tweak to make two million

this year this month oh my gosh we just

made two million and then you get to a

point where now you have two formulas so

what's the limit now you stop it because

you know if you go to the formula King

there's a safe for me that I got you

from five grand amount to fifty to five

hundred to five million it can get you

to 50 million a month it's a formula so

add to one point at some point you're

gonna stop most people gonna stop

very few people continue who is the most

hated man on the planet today say why do

you think actually asked the question by

the way it's a controversial thing to

say with half there 80% home being

Latinos rich and if you'd like to know

about the but recent if you're Latino

let me ask the question different way

race you and if you are not Latino look

at this guy's if a fight broke out all

the Latinos are whooping everyone's ass

in the room you know just tell me right

now are they gonna say Michoacan yeah

what do you guys say to you if the fight

is gonna break out here at what point do

you want to stop what point so you'll

see people are going going going going

at some point everybody stops I'm not

gonna continue this is enough for me my

bail is already full and a few people go

Trump most hated guy in America

because all of his peers that he was

competing with in their 30s in their 40s

in their 50s a little bit in their 60s

they stopped and retired this flippant

guy still going at 74 years old love him

or hate him he's going of course they're

gonna hate him what are you doing here

worth billions you've been flying with a

747 for the last 20 30 40 years you've

had your TV show you've had all this

woman you've had all this fun why the

hell are you still going to be a

president I'm driven so he's not

stopping here or here or here or here or

here Kobe was hated in the NBA

why aren't you retiring your 15th year I

just won't go a little bit more ice

won't go a little bit more a little bit

more a little bit more may just stop


everyone's gonna try to stop you at some

level everybody is gonna say by the way

this is what the language sounds like I

have very good friends they'll call me

they'll say things like this hey Pat's

bar I follow your stories do you think

it's healthy that you're working the way

you're working what what do you mean

what bro look man I mean everybody knows

how much money you have right and we

don't know exactly but we know you have

a lot of money like what how many more

hundreds of millions

what's going on bro do you know I don't

know if this is like some stuff like

it's hypomanic a DHT issue stuff like

you know what I'm saying like maybe it's

like kind of settle down a little bit

and they give this speech and I'm like

very H been awesome it's great not for

me it's not the life I signed up for so

at some point and by the way you know

what's the best thing guess who it

matters the most to when you stop guess

who has to have the right answer and

when you stop who who's the only person

that matters on one you should stop who

you only person is you well my wife and

I were dating I told her I said hey I

just want simplify simplify something

for you if you expected me to be home

every night at 6 o'clock I'm the wrong

husband you're married I'm not that guy

you didn't marry that guy because this

guy's not gonna stop

so before we got married that have to be

very clear so she understood what we're

doing next because it's got to be clear

to you let me continue

makes this odds everything in life is


everything in life is about odds who you

marry how many guys one on it who's

married you raise young what if you're

married but you having guys remember

when you want on a date with your wife

or your girlfriend or your home who

remembers that remember the first date

how many guys remember what you were at

a point of making a decision to get

married who remembers that day and about

remembers how many you guys did

something like this in your head she

doesn't hear it or he doesn't hear

it's okay so a couple things I've got to

worry about about marrying you is your

temper sucks like I've seen you break

some [ __ ] before and that's like scary

stuff I'm not gonna lie and your mom is

gonna be a pain in the ass but I know

how to control her I know how to control

her because we will probably move a

state away from here so she can have no

influence Oh baby I love you so much

babe so she can have no influence over

my kids and then your sister is a little

bit annoying when she brags about her

Louie and her USC degree because she

knows I didn't go to USC I went in for

you know Cal State type of stuff but I

can handle this she's fine

because she doesn't make more money to

me some now worry about it and you've

kind of been with a lot of girls in the

pan so hopefully that's out of your

system I probably a 30% chance you're

never gonna cheat on me let's get


it's good tell me you didn't do that in

your head yes or no of course you did

that every man does it well you know you

told me you've been with seven men the

mat says three times twenty-one I'm

still okay with 21

I'm just hoping it wasn't like two at

the same time but who's ever gonna find

out okay but did you guys ever shoot any

videos would you ever tell me if that

ever comes out kids are gonna be married

out but you're hot and you're good in

bed but you're terrible with finances

and you have this one smell that

sometimes like I can't stand I don't

know if I can do this you know I just

think it's me this is not gonna work out

who's ever broken up with somebody for

the weirdest reason that you never ever

told them we spritz you're you're right

because this is what you're doing you're

doing this in your head

all you doing and nobody knows his odds

it's all about odds odds are this is not

gonna work out

odds are this is not somebody I want to

do business with so you got to put your

odds in your side so life is about

making decisions okay

everything about decision making process

is about odds everything you need a

system that helps you make the best

possible decisions with the best

possible odds in your favor once you

have the system everything can be flow

through you everybody wants to say the

best skill or the key to success is hard

work marry the right person faith all

this other stuff if there's one thing I

want to pass down to my kids if there's

one thing I want to pass that to my

it is for them to have a decision-making

process that they learn from my from

their dad whatever date you from there

is completely up to them but it's a

decision-making process I want to pass

this down to them the rest is on them

they can figure out what God they want

to believe in what political side they

want to believe in what kind of money

they want to make what industry who they

want to marry who they want to be

friends with but I need this this system

to be passed on to them systems boring

but systems is what helps you scale from

employee to sales to Sales Leader to

business owner to co-founder once you

get to this point I was a terrible CEO

at first because I didn't pay attention

to systems because systems what is

exciting about systems you know

sometimes you guys go to these

conferences and you're there for three

days and everybody says what you can do

it life is good I'm telling you you were

made to do something big

and it's oh my gosh this is just so

heartfelt I'm so emotional and you leave

you're so motivated for a day two days a

week late like yeah but what do I do I

didn't really learn what but damn I was

motivated for a day and I have nothing

to do and then you go to some meetings

we're kind of like okay these seven

things I do and you dude you're like oh

my gosh I just went from 300 thousand to

720 as these things that stuck with you

it's system so you got to find systems

for yourself so now effective systems to

create momentum to maintain momentum

then to advance momentum by the way this

is the most annoying face to be the most

annoying face to be is creating momentum

these are the days you work in 18 20

hour days and it seems like nothing is

going your way how many guys have had a

week of hard work and nothing in your

business improved who knows what I'm

talking about how many guys have done it

for a month and you're like oh my gosh

what a waste of a month right but what

you're not realizing if you can't go for

a month your skin is getting thicker

then all of a sudden you have some

momentum and then when you get momentum

if you get cocky you lose this then you

go back here do you know why most 50

year olds don't want to start a business

because at one point they did and they

know how much it took to create momentum

and then they got moment

and they lost momentum and they didn't

maintain momentum and they went back

here and they don't want to do it again

they don't want to do it again how many

guys have met some sharp 45 50 year old

men and women who are not teeing it up

anymore they're just settled anybody

knows people their biggest fear is they

know what it takes to create momentum

they just don't want to do it but they

won't tell you remember how we talked

about marriage relationships people

don't tell everything to each other

while we make the decisions no 50 rolls

gonna tell you dude the reason why I

don't want to do this because I just

don't wanna work that hard and they'll

find a different excuse to going around

some of you guys are in this room I met

some 50 year olds in this room you'll

find a way to manipulate yourself into

sabotaging yourself on why you shouldn't

pay the price I'm a grandma now I'm a

grandfather now this is not something

you need to do I need to stay home

that's always of you selling yourself

your language is preventing you from

getting to the next level and then

advancing momentum this is the fun part

this is when you make money that you

know you're not worth anybody knows what

I'm talking about like you're like baby

we just make six hundred thousand

dollars this month yeah

does anybody know we have no clue what

the hell we're doing babe like babe we

better not tell anybody

act like we know what we're doing act

like it okay yeah that's all done

quicker babe we made 600 now so what the

hell is going on that's advancing

momentum now you're getting overpaid and

no one the marketplace knows about it

you go around people are thinking oh my

gosh guys a genius no no you were

willing to go through the pain of

creating and maintaining momentum now

you're getting rewarded at advancing

momentum advancing momentum was like

when you seem like you're God like oh

you are out of this war

you come from a planet called you know

where they produce Zeus and Hercules and

you're one of those people no you're not

you just went through two tough times

so speed your best friend in business of

speed and most people don't understand

speed you're not people say things like

you gotta be urgent who's heard things

like that you gotta go you gotta

exponentially grow your business okay

but what what the hell does that mean

well you got to work harder and faster

and it's speed okay explain it to me I'm

gonna break speed down to four different

things anybody knows

which card this is any Ferrari fans yes

obviously we got coupledom here this is

an older Ferrari than this one watch


1977 Ferrari 308

did 0 to 60 in 8.1 seconds how many in

here have a Chevy Astro band that does 0

to 60 in 8.1 seconds

you don't wanna by the way Ford Focus

does zero to 16 eight point one seconds

a Ford Focus today in 1977 is a Ferrari

how weird is that think about that if we

would have taken like Ford Focus back to

70 symptoms oh my gosh the fastest is

it's crazy eight point one second

Ferrari 20 years later four point nine


twenty years later two point nine

seconds that's the one two point nine

seconds what do you think is gonna

happen in two thousand and thirty seven

point nine seconds how many guys here

say no way in the world point nine

seconds how my guess here based on this

you're like [ __ ] we're going to 0.9

seconds you understand what I'm saying

to you the entire game is speed here's

what's crazy most people think it's

impossible to go to 29 seconds but most

people thought this was the fastest car

in the world eight point one know

everything about your business is you

constantly figuring out ways to tweak

your business to increase what speed

when you increase speed exponential

growth takes place four types of speed

you have in business let's talk about a

speed number one functioning speed

functioning speed is your support system

sill and Albert's put this event

together sill is part of functioning

speed but they have a lot of support

people that are helping put this event

together they are part of the

functioning speed your assistance

processors supporting cast so the more

support equals more functioning speed

next processing speed processing speed

is how quickly you get something from A

to Z you first find a client then you

get pre-approval for a million not alone

then you go show them the properties

then they see a handful then they make

an offer after they offered an appraisal

then alone then this then that and then

45 days later or three months later

based on how customers thinking about

buying their house you sold the house

you trying to find a way to increase

your processing speed what can you

eliminate to go from A through Z so on

every aspect of your business you got to

measure your processing speed next

expansion speed expansion speed is how

quickly you can expand from Long Beach

to San Diego to Arizona to San Francisco

to Salinas to Bakersfield to Washington

to Oregon its expansion speed expansion

speed that's expansion speed okay

sometimes by the way people expand way

too early and it hurts them there's a

timing factor too like right now

last month we sold six thousand five

hundred forty insurance policies in one

would a largest financial marketing

organization in America that's not owned

by anybody meaning we're not part of it

like a big New York lot it's what we did

six thousand five forty last month I

went to India India has the most life

insurance policy holders in the world

316 million policyholders in India I

went to what he call it Canada I went to

London every one of those countries 20

countries today want us to go into their

countries how quick you think I'm moving

I'm not going right now I'm not because

I still have a bunch of markets and us

I'm not in if I all of us unstretched my

leaders too thin and I move him to India

and I'm moving so expansion speed has

also got to be calculating on how you do

it some people go too fast they root

lose their savings that they have in

place there's a formula to it so how

quickly we expand last one timing speed

what's timing speed timing speed easiest

way to tell you is this if if if your if

your wife is changing and you're on the

bedroom and she's changing and you all

of a sudden say babe do you think we

need to go get some personal trainers

terrible timing

what would what are you saying what are

you saying babe are you saying something

no but I'm just honestly I would just

think about when she gets a personal

chance on work a spend time together no

I know what you're saying have I do I

look fat

timing speed right business is all about


when do I run this initiative when do I

make this announcement when do I go and

give the recognition for my staff

when do I write this letter when do I

give the criticism to this one guy

that's got to work in this area when do

I go out there and visit this client

when do I everything about timing speed

and by the way the last one you can't

learn it for a long time you're gonna

make a lot of mistakes in this this

takes time to get it so those four

speeds you go back yourself I only have

an hour with you I got 13 more minutes

left you go back in every aspect of your


write them down what's my functioning

speed like what's my processing speed

like what's my expansion speed like what

is my timing speed like then assess

yourself that'll determine how fast

you're growing and what else you need

you to grow up in faster so last one

without systems you have limited chances

to sustain growth

what's the key word in this entire

sentence here sustained

anybody ever hurt somebody that made a

million dollars and they never made it

again yes or no why they can't sustain

anybody heard of anybody that made

$100,000 in a month one time and they

never did it again sustain systems help

you sustain growth systems are boring

systems makes you yawn systems are like

oh my god just don't drop that word

systems to me nothing sexy about it

anybody that builds big businesses they

spend hours with you now that

motivational seminars they'll spend

hours and hours talking about systems to

each other these are people that built

billion-dollar businesses all the other

motivational conferences they just want

to motivate and motivate and motivate

real businesses we're talking about this

kind of stuff systems because it's

boring but this is what brings value to

you right so scaling four areas of focus

I don't know what to do as a CEO it's

kind of like I don't really know what my

role is as a CEO until finally after a

lot of research and time I spend with

other CEOs I can with a basic formula

for myself

whatever I do on the bottom here helps

my business grow like this linear six

percent 12 percent 8 percent steady per

year operations which is systems and

bits death hey John how you doing so

tell me what you do what kind of

technology goes off okay what if we can

figure out a way to collaborate and work

together great you know what I'll call

you about let's get to get them put a

meeting you know what hey how you doing

Mary what do you do oh you let me

introduce you to Bobby okay cool I

talked to Bobby and also you meet

somebody that introduces something like

I went to conference one time we met all

these other guys and I met a guy named

David David Fenimore comes back and we

have a negotiation together and he's

trying to get money from me I'm like

wait a minute I'm introducing you to the

biggest insurance companies in the world

that's gonna make you 40 million dollars

you want me to pay you for this stuff

I'm not paying you for this software

very strong negotiation he got off the

collar was a 5-minute call he was kind

of like what was this all about

everybody cuts this check for me I said

not this guy you're gonna do it for me

for free but I'm not cutting you a penny

to do business with you on this you

decide think about a call me on Monday I

get off the phone I'm thinking I lost

this guy so one of the biggest guys who

has access to two billion dollars of

capital calls him saying we're looking

to invest into an insurance agency who

do you recommend you know who he

recommends me so the guy I negotiated

strong with recommends me to this other

guy so I get on the phone with him I

said what did he tell you about me

because at this one I'm kind of like why

would he ever you refer to me

hey so he told me you're a pretty strong

negotiator so would why would you want

says well if we want to see y'all to

invest in we want somebody that's gonna

hold the fort down and we feel good

about you and let me tell you our people

are and then they brought me Oscar De La


Gabrielle Brenner they brought the

contact but bizdev if I don't do the


tell me your story what do you do what

he did what he I don't meet that person

both are necessary both are necessary

but neither makes you explode as a

company these two this is where you

explode your business number one next

innovative campaign what is next

innovative campaign the next thing

you're launching in your office to

motivate your salespeople to motivate

your sales leaders to motivate your

employees to motivate your executives to

motivate everybody and it's the next

innovative campaign

the next thing you're launching to drive

your customers what are you gonna be

driving there its next innovative

campaign what do you do in the month of

January to bring customers based on your

season what you do in February March

April for the longest time in our

business June through August seasons

were week and December to February

seasons were week I made a whole launch

on June July August and December January

February because those three months I

kept everybody active it took up our

revenues I think we're at 17 quarters in

a row of selling more insurance policies

than the quarter before 17 quarters not

year a quarters in a row and it was all

about next innovative campaign

how many guys here like your kids to

keep your kids distracted who likes the

kids our kids that keep their kids

distracted anybody here

how many guys thinking distractions are

bad things anybody things distractions

are bad things yes of course right

I love distractions but positive

distractions typically parents will tell

you what is the best distraction for

kids what is it best distraction for

kids is what just put your kids there

and it's a good distraction away from

not doing drugs and joining gangs what

is it

sports he is not a good distraction

sports they go into sports a coach kicks

their ass they get a little bit tougher

they compete they're trying to get in

shape no I'm not gonna smoke no I'm not

gonna drink and they kind of make it to

the next level right your employees your

salespeople your customers they all need

positive distractions most CEOs and

founders and sales leaders don't have

enough distractions for their leaders so

they keep losing customers they keep

losing employees because they're not

positively distracting their people

believe me this guy was the expert

because I lost people regularly my first

tenure in business then the last one

this this right here you can go all the

way up to being a president if you get

good at this anybody in this room you

can go all the way up to being a

president if you get it this if you

become good at developing leaders you're

an asset to every industry anybody that

became a CEO of uber and all this other

guy you think the CEOs expertise is rent

you know getting a cab and all this

other stuff no those people get hired

because they master the leadership


they know how to recruit people and

build them people wanted to go work with

jobs because Jobs was building leaders

and call my gosh I want to work with

this guy they were working with

Microsoft and they're going to besos man

I just want to be able to work with

Bezos because they're building leaders

the moment you get good at that place

your business doesn't grow like this

your business grows boom from out of

control because now you've got 10 20

generals that think speak negotiate like

you and if you're very good you're

dangerous your company officially

becomes dangerous officially becomes

dangerous especially if you're teaching

the right values and principles that's a

very dangerous company to compete with

people are frightened of going up

against the company that the people at

the top know how to develop leaders so

for you leaving this place remember what

I told you next 15 moves what your moves

has got to be

how could are we here how could a my

with bizdev am I good at shaking hands

and going through people and meeting

people do we constantly think about our

next innovative campaign seasonally

monthly employee sales how could a Maya

developing leaders do I snap am I good

at the small one-on-one conversations or

my preaching more do I pull the person

in Santa say John can I talk to you

let's go for a walk let's go for a walk

around the building what do you wanna

talk about look one thing I noticed

about you is you like respect right yes

what was that all about what do you mean

what we said all up and in front your

employees you think that was good come

on man you know you're better than that

you know that person will run through a

wall for you just lost that person's

loyalty you gotta go take that person to

have coffee with them right now it's

what you got to do good and I'm not I'm

gonna walk the other way so the person

doesn't think that I told you to do this

and then that other person you know that

person's mom just passed away two weeks

ago why are you talking like this

pull them aside give them a nice book

give them a nice can go Kim a $20 gift

cards to go do something what's that all

about no your iPad dude you keep telling

me you want to get to the next level to

get to the next up you got to be better

with people okay then he leaves hey I'm

so sorry can I take you to coffee let's


I look at you're the most loyal person I

have you know the department would be

the same without you hey I'm so sorry

about the last year mom like I just got

this gift for you man just conned you

you know what today just leave already

go spend some time with your husband I

heard I'm so sorry I just really boom

that's leadership development those

small 8 minute conversation nine minute

walk three minute walk all of a sudden

everybody's doing that in your


now you're getting thicker now you're

making real money how many stuff is just

kind of go like this to you or is it

stickiness any of this stuff making

sense yes no okay good so make continued

formulas simple you need the right story

you need the right team the right data

the right strategies then it's

predictable skill some of you guys have

the right story you don't know how to

tell it you got to figure out a better

way of telling your real story most

people don't know how to tell the real

story most people don't have the right

team a guy was asking me question if you

want to are you gonna send your kids to

college Patrick because you say college

is a scam how many guys think I want to

send my kids to college how many guys

say Pat's not gonna send this gift of

college what do you think okay if my kid

absolutely doesn't want to go to college

you think I'm gonna force him my

personality absolutely not

if my kid wants to go to college you

think I'm gonna have them go yes or what

yes or no but you know what I'm gonna

tell him up front I'm gonna say son

listen to me buddy

look bro in college a 2.0 GPA is the

same thing as 4.0 GPA normally gives a

[ __ ]

they just want that certificate on the

wall okay but here's what you're gonna

do when you go to college you have to

befriend the richest parents kids

whoever in your class find out all their

last name and find out who their parents

are go befriend them

number two the person that's the

smartest kid that's tech and is a nerd

very weird as offensive sometimes

befriend him okay I'm gonna tell him

exactly who to befriend the Dean go take

care of the Dean go be good to these

people on the departments befriend all

these guys that are placing people in

companies because they can get you in

the Lord they can get you in Goldman

Sachs they can get you on log do all

this stuff buddy

that's what you're gonna be doing make

sense yes and then after college get

your degree so put it on the wall you

want to go be a lawyer do it you want to

get your MBA go for you want to go be

adapter whatever but make sure you build

a right team around you

because this right here is something

very few people talk about very few

people done let me tell you the right

team all day the right team is game over

any industry put the right team together

game over

all I'm teaching people is built the

right team so right story right team

right data you study right strategies

then you predictably scale constantly

over and over again so your next move

we're at the end I got two minutes left

you to wrap up you guys got one more day


I think Albert's got a surprise to make

to everybody here which is gonna be


he may or may not do it today he may do

it tomorrow tomorrow you guys got some

good speakers that he'll have back here

to speak to you guys but this entire

session of me speaking was for you to

think about your next what 15 moves 15

not just your next move your next 15

move so for some of you guys how many

guys want to stay in contact with us

stay close to us and communicate with us

here's what you got to do connect with

me text me directly here this is my text

I will respond back it's my text it just

may take a while

text me directly every time we have some

update stuff that we do this is off

value taming this is not just vitamins

stuff this is off value to me and things

that we do this is a way for us to stay

connected together typically when I do

keynotes I don't have a long time with

you but if you guys want to do something

with the vault

that's three four-day conference you can

find out about that we'll be launching

the location here soon and that's

something we do for three four days

where I'm going about things like this

from 8:00 in the morning till 9:00 at

night for three four days together

manual the whole nine that we do

together but I want to wrap up with this

part I want to wrap up with this part I

cannot tell you how much I respect

people who are great students who keep

their word who are disciplined who want

to commit to their family who in every

aspect of their life they want to

improve and everything I just explained

to you one time Albert and I were

speaking and I indirectly challenged

them in front of an audience and he knew

what it was but I didn't give his name

but he knows what it was if he ever

wants to say it he will if he doesn't he

doesn't have to so then I notice he


and then he called me a couple months

later he says hey Pat I said hey what's

up he says when you said and I think you

even asked me about this a week ago I

think we talked 30 minutes ago like he

asked me a week ago right was it a week

ago I think it was a week ago he asked

me questions his Pat remember that one

thing you said six months ago or four

months ago I said yeah what about it

was that directed to me what was my

answer I said absolutely was and he says

you know what I've done the last four

months I said tell me and he give me

what he did for the last four months

he said Pat I got to tell you my life is

a whole different life man I've never

been this energized I've never been this

good at leading building all this kind

of never been like this before what is

the moral of the story this isn't for me

to pump up Albertus already an event but

he doesn't need to validate himself I

mean 2,000 people showed up here yeah

all these people so it's not like he

needs another validation I'm sharing

this with you because so many of you can

have that kind of a story the next 12 24

36 months and you are - we have social

media today's the great equalizer back

in the days only great fighters could

kill people at the moment it came out

with the gun a five foot woman 110

pounds can go against a guy like me

because it's the great equalizer today

Facebook YouTube Instagram snap all that

stuff combined together made the great

equalizer where you can go up against

celebrities where you can go up against

people that are TV where you can go up

against companies that are 20 30 40 50 a

hundred times bigger than you because

it's the great equalizer but you got to

take advantage of it he was a great

student who was disciplined he and his

wife work together very closely and look

at what they're built here together so

with that being said thank you so much

for your time guys appreciate you thank