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minimalism is about so much more than

aesthetics or how many items we own it's

an attitude towards life and towards

happiness minimalism is a philosophy and

a mindset as much as it is a practice so

in order for us to start living a

minimalist lifestyle we first have to

start thinking like one today's video is

about that minimalist mindset and I

share 15 ways for how to think like a

minimalist so you can use those same

principles and guidelines to shape the

life that you want to live and a big

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when it's time to decide if something

should enter your life whether it's

about purchasing a physical item or

saying yes to a project or a commitment

ask yourself how that thing is going to

impact your life because minimalism is

largely about making priorities and

making sure that the things that we

invite into our home and into our life

make sense and that they are there for a

reason and that the add value so ask

yourself if it's a purchase it's going

to impact your life in a number of ways

for example it's going to take up space

in your home it might also add to your

debt or it may add it to your to-do list

because now you have to use that item

and also keep it clean on the other hand

it could also bring you lots of joy it

could inspire you it could make your

daily life easier it could enable you to

do something you've never been able to

do as a minimalist I quickly asked

myself how something will impact my life

before I let it in and I only say yes

when I expect the positives to outweigh

the negatives buying a new phone or

getting a new sweater may put a

temporary smile on our face but research

has actually shown that human beings

quickly adapt to our belongings and new

things can seem really exciting at first

but then we adapt and they become

mundane so pursuing happiness by

acquiring something new will therefore

always be a never-ending cycle

experiences on the other hand can offer

much more lasting value even if they are

fleeting which they are they will always

have an impact we are an accumulation of

the places we've been the people we've

met the lessons we've learned going out

and doing

something fun experiencing a new

restaurant or enjoying nature being with

friends can form memories we can look

back on fondly when it comes to

prioritizing experiences over things I

would love to know your thoughts and

experiences with it please share that in

the comments do you have like a funny

story or an anecdote or an example of

how that is working out for you please

let me know when making a decision to

purchase something or to let a certain

project or commitment into your life

quickly take a moment to ask yourself if

there is a simpler solution available

that can offer the same results because

minimalism for a large part is about

simplifying what we can and being

intentional with what we have if this is

the best and easiest solution available

then go for it but perhaps there is

something else that you can do that will

give you similar results but in a much

simpler and less complicated way next is

a very simple and practical guideline

that I like to use when I make decisions

about entertainment like streaming

services movies books video games and it

is my 1 euro per hour guideline and of

course you can also use one dollar per

hour or any currency that you have so if

a streaming service cost me 10 euros a

month I quickly ask myself if I'm going

to get at least 10 hours a month of use

out of it and it's a very easy and

practical way to figure out if something

is worth it or not

and I do the same with books and video

games that I buy and if I find that it

doesn't really add up I try to see if I

can get it on sale somewhere or

secondhand or I explore different

options before we move on if you are new

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most minimalist and sustainable way to

do things is to use what we already have

it may be a bit less exciting than

buying something new for each occasion

but this is one of the best ways for

keeping your home simple and minimal in

long run whenever I need a certain item

for a specific task I ask myself do I

already have something I can use or if

not does it make sense to borrow or rent

it if I'm only going to use it for a

short time more often than not I decide

not to buy something new unless I really

feel that it is necessary or that I can

get a lot of use out of it in the future

as well

another important habit that most

minimalist have is to wait a while

before they make a purchase and not say

yes to impulse buys and this can be

anything from just sleeping on it for a

night to adding it to their wishlist and

waiting for a period up to 30 days

depending on how much time you need to

make a decision there have been a lot of

times when I felt tempted to buy

something but after waiting a few weeks

I realized that I didn't need it after

all or that my life was just going fine

and smoothly without that new item so

you could try taking a picture of it in

the store or you could try adding it to

your wish list and then letting time

tell you if you still want the item

after the initial excitement has passed

most people get into minimalism by

taking a good hard look at the items

that they own and then downsizing any

cluttering and that is how I came into

it as well but after about seven eight

years of minimalist living I still

cannot say that I am completely finished

with decluttering because it's kind of

an ongoing thing life changes my needs

and wants change and an item that has

survived like 10 or 15 decluttering

rounds still at one point in my life can

stop providing me value so try to get

into that mindset of continuous

decluttering and make it into a habit so

that whenever you spot an item in your

home that you haven't used in a while

try looking at it through a different

lens and take it out of its comfort zone

and just ask yourself does this thing

still deserve a place in your home a

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have said it before decluttering is a

marathon and it is not a sprint and I

know that this is not what some people

want to hear because there is this

tendency to go crazy and declutter like

a maniac and really purge everything

that you no longer find useful or

valuable or to no longer sparks joy and

just start with a clean slate and if

that is your process then definitely go

for it

but I highly recommend taking it a bit

slower so you don't burn yourself out

and also so you will not end up getting

rid of something that you will regret

and that is irreplaceable think about

how much time has passed collecting all

of these things into your life probably

years and years so you cannot really

expect yourself to get rid of everything

you don't need anymore in two weeks as

challenging as this can be try to be

patient with your family members and the

people that you live with the questions

that I get asked the most often are

about how to deal with being the only

one in your household being interested

in minimizing and decluttering and I get

it I really really do but forcing your

views on others and making them join you

when they're not ready often doesn't

work decluttering can be an emotional

process especially for people who for

one reason or another still feel a lot

of attachment to their things so if you

start by decluttering your own

belongings that's already a great start

that will bring you many many

it's and perhaps others will slowly

start to follow if they see you lead by

example so try to understand that

everyone has a different viewpoint of

their belongings and don't be

discouraged if you cannot change their

minds many minimalists believe in the

principle of quality over quantity and

that is because if we buy things with

high quality that lasts us a really long

time that will decrease the number of

items that we purchase overall and also

if we make sure that our items that we

buy that we can get a lot a lot of use

out of them that will decrease the waste

that we produce one way that we can make

sure an item has good quality is by

doing some research and reading reviews

and that is my favorite way by far and

this is also we're waiting to make a

purchase and avoiding impulse buys comes

into play again but do remember that the

price does not always say something

about the quality of a product because

sometimes the price is simply higher

because it's a very popular brand so do

your research and don't let their prices

fool you or sometimes it makes sense to

invest in an older model of a certain

product after a new version has come out

because the older model will often be

really really good still but since it's

not the newest model anymore it is

cheaper so that is when you really want

to check these latest models do they

have something that I really need and if

not you're often better to go for their

model that is not the latest one another

way I practice that minimalist mindset

is by asking myself before I buy

something or before I say yes to

anything if I'll still be as excited

about it one year from now sometimes

it's mostly the novelty that gets us

excited about something and this

question can really help to zoom in on

that and another very practical way of

thinking more like a minimalist is to

assess whether an item is a single

purpose item or a multi purpose item so

if it's very specialized or not because

if it's a single purpose item you can

only use it for one thing how much use

is it really going to get more often

than not if it's a multi-purpose item

it'll get more use most minimalists know

and believe that buying something new is

not going to make them any happier and

it is not going to create lasting change

and that retail therapy is

a temporary solution and therefore an

empty promise we all have moments when

we feel unhappy or dissatisfied or

discontented with life the difference is

that a minimalist doesn't go shopping to

try to cheer themselves up because they

know that the effect is only temporary

if we feel that there is something

missing or something needs to change

it's up to us to figure out what that is

and shape our life differently only when

we take charge of her life can things

change and can we make lasting

improvements I remember a time growing

up when I really wanted to own a

specific phone and also buy specific

brand of clothing items simply to fit in

with my classmates and my friends and I

remember spending all my allowance on

this super expensive sweatshirt that was

poor quality simply because everyone

else was wearing one and even worse the

fabric was white and I got a stain on it

super quick so I could not get out the

stain I couldn't wear the sweatshirt

anymore and consumerism was kind of a

way of life for me then but I figured

out that it wasn't the key to happiness

at least for me unfortunately sometimes

people are judged and validated based on

what they own but that doesn't mean that

we have to participate in that mindset

by developing our minimalist ways of

thinking we can get to know ourselves a

little bit better and we start to

realize that the choices that we make we

are responsible for them and we are the

people that make those choices and if

that means that we don't completely fit

in with everyone and everything that is

fine and it can only make us more

interesting and lastly an important part

of how to think like a minimalist is to

know and internalize that you do not

have to go for a certain life or a

certain lifestyle just because that is

the norm and a large part of minimalist

living is making your own choices not

because society tells you that that is

the life that you should live but

because it feels right for you if you

don't want to pursue a corporate career

because it doesn't make sense for you

that's fine if you prefer to sleep in a

futon because you don't want to own a

bed that's fine we can all make our own

choices based on what works for us and

we decide how to spend our money our

time and our energy right here are 10

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