How To Think Like A Chess Master

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whether you've been playing chess for 10 days or  10 years at some point you've probably wondered  

how do i actually improve at the game what are the  necessary steps that i need to take to get better  

and i understand it's a complicated question  and it's a mix of things there's no easy answer  

in this video i'm sharing seven games with you  that i played on stream against my viewers against  

varying skill levels i want you to pay attention  to how my knowledge of the opening will transition  

into the middle game plans and a lot of what i  verbalize is noticing what my opponent wants and  

picking up on weaknesses some of the games do make  it into the end game that's not really a skill set  

that you can naturally practice but you'll still  notice how i coordinate my pieces and the like so  

enjoy the games there's timestamps in the video  player for you to jump around the thumbnail where  

i'm going like this that's the final game  if you want to just jump right over there  

and before we kick things off 60 percent or  so of my viewers aren't actually subscribed  

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and uh i really appreciate it alright i'll  see you in the next video all right let's  

keep rolling this is a three minute game so  we'll go a little bit faster let's play d4

bishop f4 is my preferred second move we'll  see whether he commits to a king's indian  

okay he plays c6 that's kind  of a strange move let's go e3  

okay d5 kind of a sloth setup  that was good game very nice game

is he gonna go bishop f5 what's he gonna  do okay please bishop f5 so against this  

uh there's a few ways uh c3 is very good  

very good and like i said queen b3 thanks sharky  for the three sub gifts against this bishop f5  

london set up so far we have a completely  symmetrical position if you notice that

complete symmetry now i will show you a cool thing  here to break the symmetry let's go knight t2 i am  

completely happy with this trade because of  this knight to h4 this is very critical his  

bishop cannot escape he has not played the move  h6 yet so this bishop is going to get trapped  

with my knight use this if you're a london  player and they play completely symmetrical  

now you go for the second bishop so now we take  and we're just going to keep developing maybe  

bishop b2 maybe but i think there should no reason  not to put the bishop on a more active square

be careful i'm playing a ym yeah playing a  ym um he's doing the same plan back to me  

it's very rude i'm gonna play bishop g5 and  hopefully he gets really confused and forgets  

that this pawn is guarded by the bishop my bishop  is pretty safe here i didn't want him to take if i  

went back that didn't work because he had the pin  oh yeah that's very yeah i just saw that about um

i just saw that about gordon hayward we're  we're big fans of gordon hayward here  

uh that move doesn't have a threat i'm constantly  you know making sure i'm safe i should castle i'm  

not gonna castle into the open h file i'm actually  gonna castle queenside away from all of this

not a huge scary thing to worry  about i can trade the queens or i  

can just ignore it and continue i think  breaking in the center here is good

good move very good move but now luckily i  can drop back that was the uh that was the  

idea that pushing my pawn here opens up  i'm opening the center because this king  

is stuck on the other side well now i mean  now i have a million options uh i can take  

i can move just a piece i'm gonna  play a controlling move playing g3

which negates his control of the f4 square and now  his knight is kind of stranded on the side of the  

board it's a high it's a high level move now i'm  not going to take anything and i'm going to push  

hitting his bishop and his knight  has no escape his knight is just  

completely stranded here forever  completely completely stranded

not sure when i'm continuing the speed run uh  but but soon at this point i mean once you've  

completely locked down the board like this  uh you've got to play where you are or you're  

stronger and i'm pr oh but that's a good move i  think he's trying to go pawn up to g5 so i'm going  

to make sure he cannot do that and i couldn't  play h4 because this would have been taken now if  

he goes g5 i'm gonna take his horse for free that  that that's tough bishop e2 like i hope this shows  

you guys like how to think he's trying to break  out on that side so i'm just not letting him move  

and as long as i completely lock down the  right side of the board i should play on  

the left side of the board because he can't  transfer his pieces over place actually i was  

going to play that move too i was going to play  king b1 and try to create something over here

thanks guys i appreciate it now maybe rook g1  

so the point now is to play the move h4 so this  has a guard and then i can move my bishop away  

and then his knight literally can never leave  the side of the board unless he sacrifices  

ouch and he's breaking on the other side so  he's good he's actually doing the right thing  

uh do i take i want him to take me so how do  i how do i do that how do i make him take me

maybe we sidestep with the  queen to try to play night here

he shuts that down okay i want to break  out and to break out i should move my

now trade let's trade now and let's play b3  targeting this okay he's just lost the pawn  

there take take this knight is just not involved  in the game check we can also take and take

don't take

he's not going to take

but if he doesn't take the  knight is going to get out  

the night's final move oh it's  not getting out he's threatening  

yeah that that was rough  

too much pressure yeah but also just the night  was just okay bishop d5 is a discovered check  

now i glue in this bit oh i blundered i blundered  myself at the very end his low time he could have  

done the same thing to me it's a blunder and then  he goes rook b8 and oh my goodness wait a minute  

am i losing in the final position i actually  might straight up be losing in the final position

oh that's an incredible plot twist

the engine doesn't think it's that lost  because of how strong my past pawn is but wow  

oh my god yeah i mean i just didn't expect  

at the very end i didn't expect him to play  like uh i just to move frankly i i don't know  

i thought that he was just gonna like lose on  time so i just played c4 and then bishop d4 okay  

okay but otherwise hopefully that was that was  instructive this game let's go for e4 i played  

d4 i played the london last game let's go e4 play  a close sicilian knight c3 g3 bishop g2 this is  

one way to play the sicilian you set up  a fiance uh you play like h3 for example  

h3 is to prevent the bishop from ever coming  here and also to springboard your pawns forward  

like queen d2 and i'll castle i'll castle this way

should i castle or should i already begin  an attack let's let's begin with bishop h6  

wow he he doesn't know if i'm going to  castle that way what's he doing why is he  

what's this should i take now let's let's  keep the tension there for a second don't  

rush f4 that disconnects the queen that's  just a free pawn so that was strange

probably better to take with this dude now  i'll take and kind of the well now now i'm  

going to change everything on him i'm castle  short i'll castle short i delayed a long time

uh i delayed castling a long time but uh

now if he actually plays rook b8 or something  i'll play b3 castle short not long well i feel  

like the lines have opened up here you know if i  castle long the sacrifice of the b-pawn leads to  

some very nasty stuff so i think i'll just play  b3 not letting him take my pawn and i'll go short  

uh i i you know okay so see i'm i'm just gonna  i'm just gonna castle out of all this nonsense

i'll castle out of all this nonsense

pawn takes pawn takes we  good leaving all that behind  

now the big question is do i take or do i  push pushing is only good if it actually  

gets you anything in the future i think i'll  take just to have an open rook here the attack  

isn't perfect if i move my rook up he can take  and then i can't take back because this is weak  

it's not like a perfect attack can i go here it  looks nice but again it's it's not even i mean

i'm not creating a concrete threat yet yeah  he just like stops that let's go rook up  

i'm not gonna take what the a pawn will take  with the c pawn normally if he took took and  

weakened this so i'm gonna take with the c  pawn to just to get here as fast as possible  

that's a little too passive yeah that's just  i mean that was his position was good there  

was no need he had to kind of that's chess  i mean at some point you're gonna make the  

wrong move he should have kicked out  my queen is what he should have done

because my queen is the biggest nuisance he  should have played the move h6 he still can  

play the move h6 so i probably shouldn't  even say that out loud uh how about this

so unnecessary let's not do it rook f6 rook  f6 queen e5 is what i wanted but again no need  

as long as he doesn't kick me out the move  g4 opens the gate for my knight to get in  

he still and now he can't even play this move  because i have knight f5 and he can't take

oh can my queen get into his position here  

let's start with knight f5  let's see where he puts his king

again he can't take my queen my queen's  hanging but he can't take it is he's in check

i didn't take the night with queen f6 it  was protected i don't like to lose material

i was thinking to go here and then i realized  that i'm kind of an idiot and that's not checkmate  

so queen h6 just loses a piece so i think at  this point with two hanging pieces i have to  

trade the queen because if i just move my  queen he takes my knight i have to take  

unfortunately i did not want to make this  trade i liked my queen let's go knight h6  

hit this maybe going back was slightly  better oh f6 there he had to push f6  

now he's losing the pawn f6 would have been  protected by the knight no no guys queen g7  

what are we talking about what are we talking  about so an interesting game here interesting

thus far relatively you know now we're making the  transition from kind of attacking middle game to  

end game this time we'll take with the pawn  there it's it's tough to tell which one  

is better i think ab is better because  now i have a passer this is a weakness  

but he can't actually go after it yet  question is do i go here or here or  

do i do neither and just push my pawns  to try to get my bishop into the game  

i'm gonna go rookie seven because i just feel like  the more pawns i win the better the endgame is

queen g7 was not made either

queen g7 was also not checkmate

now we take king is always safe like i said we're  gonna try to win as many pawns as possible so he's  

gonna try to flag me because uh it's a 3-0 game  so no bonus time but just push just push just push  

why didn't he stop my pawn low time  i guess but you ha you have to bring  

the king or something to stop this pawn you  just can't stop my pawn now he might go here  

yeah you'll mate at some point i think i made  it and i had some probably some faster mate  

queen e3 queen e6 was made in two so that's  pretty funny check here is maten2 okay thanks  

p mark for the five gifted subs let's keep it  going play three more games and that'll be that  

d4 against d4 i'll maybe i'll show  you guys how to play a dutch defense  

or d5 d5 d5 d5 d5 normal normal normal okay  queen's gambit queens gambit declined i feel  

like a lot of people they they don't know how to  play queens game but declined i'll play knight  

f6 i'll teach you guys how to play qgd i'll put  my bishop on b4 though not e7 passive i'll play  

ragozan style with bishop a bit more aggressive  to to to b4 no he blunders immediately oh no  

you can punish this already because if  you you know if you castle that's fine but  

you shouldn't be blocking a pin with a  queen now i can immediately start attacking  

he's not losing but i'll show you how to punish  this very quickly this early kind of you know  

queen c2 would have been much better than this is  not as powerful but since i'm winning a tempo here  

okay he's not threatening to take right um now  the best thing is is to play some sort of c5 here  

to just destroy the center as fast as possible  because now you they're responding to your threats  

so now that c5 is on the board queen a5 is the  idea to stockpile more pressure on this knight


he has to go to either this or this otherwise  he's just completely busted but 92 stops his own  

development because he blocks in his bishop thank  you for the thousand bits very much appreciated

and like i said i'm we're not  winning we're not winning but  

it's just it's unpleasant for white because  now white is constantly reacting to us um

so let's let's let's take one time

let's take one time he cannot take with the  knight because his knight is guarding his  

knight right now so he has to take with the pawn  no choice and then what that does is it just cuts  

away the option of him taking me in the future  i know his response after this and now knight c6


hmm this is very good defense by him  

very good defense by him so i think i'm going to  basically get as best as i can get here and take  

his bishop why is that the best well now i'm the  only guy with a dark squared bishop on the board

and that looks like a free pawn so this is kind of  teaching how to how to just push the issue that's  

not actually a threat a3 because of the pin i'll  just castle and again his development has been  

stunted here totally stunted so this combo of okay  now now it is a threat so i should move my bishop  

a moment ago i said i was the only guy with a  dark square bishop on the board so i shouldn't  

trade on c3 absolutely no need to help him  develop in the next few years i'll play e5  

get my bishop out we'll be big chilling

knight used to guard the pawn let's not  forget that he can take and that actually  

prevents me from going nightbeat knight  b3 which is right now my biggest threat

so what is my best move i can't let him  castle i need to pounce now let's give a check

he cannot castle out of a check and if he  tries to block with the queen he will forget  

the queen is defending that square and we will  hit him with the fork so he has to block on e2

oh just as yeah it's continuity basically  what he visualized was that after  

this this this he's fine but he forgot that

he forgot that the queen was  serving the purpose of defense  

and he didn't look for a check for me that's all  you got to do you you avoid mistakes like that  

i'll play b5 i mean it's it's not the right move  technically because you can take with the bishop  

but i'm trying to open up the b file to get into  b2 that's the fastest way also bishop c5 here  

the stockpile but with the king in the center  and you're up a queen you can give away

oh my god yes he could yes oh my god i almost  pre-moved that oh my god that would have been  

terrible i did not mean to do that okay rook  b8 jesus so scary almost pre-moved that move  

did not intend to do that at all a6 he should  have blocked on e2 yes uh and that that would  

have helped a lot anyway what i was saying is when  you're up a queen and their king is in the middle  

like this sacrificing a pawn to win momentum  on them to open your rook open your bishop  

uh this is already devastating because now  i take with check he goes back his knight is  

hanging if he moves forward i get my second rook  and it's just mate in the center of the board uh

is that mate i just go for this and this he can't  stop that wait that's crazy i can take his knight  

but queen f6 is made just made king g1 queen f2  king e1 queen f2 here wow yeah it's just mate  

so don't always take the material wait a second  i know queen squeezy three you win the game the  

queen f6 a little bit faster a little bit faster  okay pawn masseur let's go this is a 3-2 game

he plays e4 i can go e5 uh i'll go kara  khan thank you for sub gifting him d5

greetings from vienna hi to vienna as well  de4 i'll play knight f6 this is a classical  

kara khan so i'm gonna like i said i'm gonna take  you through my full thought process of this game  

he plays bishop d3 which defends the e4 knight  and that hangs this actually the bishop stops  

allowing the queen to guard but this is a gambit  and he's 1700 so he actually does know this gambit  

it's a gambit where he gives away the pawn but  he wants me to lose moments uh in the opening  

trying to develop my pieces and the thing is  i don't actually know what the best move is  

so i'm already kind of scared instinct tells  me this but what if i just go all the way back

i'm going to take with my g pawn i have a video  on the rosman french i like the structure a lot  

because when white castles i can open up my  rook file and now i'm going to castle long  

so my first thing that i'll do is i'll i'll play  bishop g4 which pins the knights of the queen  

then i'll play queen c7 knight d7 and i'll  go long rather than opening up my king  

this is not the rubinstein no this is the  technically this structure is the braunstein  

larsen now i don't know the opening anymore by  the way so i have left the opening every chess  

player leaves the opening of their understanding  and now i told you my plan it looks like he's  

trying to castle queen side two by the way with  bishop e3 so that's kind of well what if i don't  

let that happen what if i give a check so first of  all he can't castle period because he's in check

but what if i ah that yeah okay that's a  smart move bishop to d2 now i have to move  

my queen what if i hang out over here what if  i loiter i don't see a loitering sign anywhere  

i should teach you guys good principles  let's just bring the queen back

i wanted to basically make sure that  when his rook moved i could take on a2  

but i don't want to teach you guys to  leave your queen out over there in the open  

that's a good move he's threatening to take  because of the pin but luckily i have just a  

very natural knight d7 and long castle is coming  oh also also i could have maybe gone for bishop h6  

the cover just not now i mean i'm trying to finish  my development that's exactly what i'm going to do  

okay we're pawn up pawn up weird structure uh  constantly visualizing ways to attack his king  

kind of seeing how the pieces interact i have no  pawns in the middle of the board so i'm definitely  

trying to do that at some point in the future work  in my niko place queen to e3 that attacks that  

that is defendable by playing king to  b8 chess is a simple game sometimes

if you're playing for the first time beating the  1200 engine is okay it's not okay to practice  

against the engine uh people disagree with  me about this thank you for the twitch prime  

people disagree with me about this but uh i think  playing the engine is actually not a good idea to  

practice you should play people because people  play like people and engines play like engines  

engines are programmed at a certain moment to do  something completely ridiculous like completely  

outside the realm of you know normal play and  that's when you're supposed to to beat them bishop  

f6 i take that two different ways no need oh you  mean me taking i want to bring my bishop back like  

this i think i think i want to trade to improve  my pawn structure to stop having isolated pawns

yeah uh i engines play ridiculous chess even even  the lowest rated humans at least play some normal  

looking openings normal looking not always normal  openings but normal looking openings so that's why  

i don't recommend playing against the computers  uh e6 is a very tough position very tough very  

unpleasant he's got a lot of pressure for this  one pawn that i won in the opening if he takes  

this it's defended so i'm not too concerned  i can just attack his queen or even just play  

solid to make sure my pawn here has a guard if  he takes okay whatever my structure has improved

nice so now i've improved my structure uh his  bishop is very annoying i want to get rid of it  

and i can guarantee i get rid of  it by playing the move knight b6  

because now i'm attacking this  bishop and i can play knight d5  

hitting both the queen and the bishop and now i  am guaranteed to get one of the bishops at least

capturing of the f-pawn oh i didn't take with the  f-pawn because this pawn you gotta think my pawn's  

moving what is it guarding now don't just think  oh double pawn's bad i saw this in a youtube video  

you got to think more practically oh my pawn is  weak i'm going to lose a pawn queen f4 is bad  

because even though this works he can take my  knight with the bishop guarding his queen and i  

lose the guard of my queen it is much better in  this position to play the move knight takes f4  

which picks up a pawn i don't have that  tactical nuance queen f4 and then you know  

if i play queen takes it's like removing the  you know stool from under me when i'm trying  

to fix something up there just and i fall so  knight takes f4 and that would have been bad

no it was not to open the file it was to keep  my structure together and not lose my e6 pawn  

rook d5 would also work

yes because queen f3 very now rook d5 is a  

cool move yeah that guy gets bonus  points for finding that bishop h6  

when where why how who it's here two more one  more game guys by the way for for today so

now i'm up two pawns now that you're up two pawns  you look to simplify so i'm i'm looking at rook  

takes and rook trading again uh another free pawn  then i'm pinning myself a little bit but as long  

as this is protected i should be fine what if  i take first and then take then this is weak  

in fact if i take now that's weak  in general hmm i see he wants to  

is it worth it million dollar question is it  worth it is it worth it g3 is a pretty tricky move

hmm his queen getting in there is very  unpleasant actually i don't like that at all

you know what i'm gonna play the ultra i'm  gonna play the ultra strange but practical move  

just guard the pawn i have two seconds  bonus guys so don't worry well now i  

can just move my knight back see he attacks  me but his pawn can't go backwards okay now  

he's going all in i see the speed picking up he's  going all in he's trying to take this he's trying  

to take this oh no my knight oh no oh there was  backrank mate g5 now i have to protect my knight

that's actually a great move i have  to give him some respect for this move  

let's go queen b6 oh we're about a flag  oh that was so close that was so close  

oh i'm so happy he played  this move check oh no my rook

his queen would be hanging okay he didn't fall  for it his work gets here i have to guard this f6  

he can't take he comes back no threat rook d6 i'm  just gonna guard my pawn i can also play rogue g1  

king c7 he's gonna go here good move he's really  good i have to tell you this guy is a fantastic  

chess player like now he's gonna get my pawn  so mean but i get knight d3 hitting b2 and c5  

he's gonna move back i think yeah yeah yeah  yeah okay knight c5 now my king can escape  

nice is king and pawns here i'm gonna i'm gonna  feast what i'm gonna do he's gonna guard this and  

miss this oh never mind i can't catch this guy  with anything check king stops guarding check  

king's gonna move over rook  comes and it's a fork again

look how he's so sharp like he found that move  now i have to take this pawn guarding my knight  

okay now we have too many puns we simply  

have too many pawns i'm guarding  my last pawn we're four pawns up  

he should ah that's very tricky mr trickster that  was a good game from a very dashing looking man  

that was a good game that was a good game nothing  else to say i mean that was a good game he came up  

with nice ideas and i had to fight him off it was  a good game and for the last game i'll play love  

charon sing let's play e4 and see  what he's got for me kara khan

let's uh what should we play against kara khan  

let's show you a fun variation knight  c3 d5 queenie ii um we need to queen e2

that's a good move so the idea here is that  if he puts his knight i'll just attack it  

with my pawn now his knight has to move

again he's counter-attacking me okay i take his  horse he takes and i take then he will check me  

so let's go dc3 a lot of people say why not  be c3 you're supposed to take to the center  

because these pawns can capture outward  since you'll keep your structure together  

and you open up your pieces that's why this  question gets asked a million times why on this  

way like in the spanish you take like this this  is why uh what's the best square for my bishop

probably f4 right but f4 he has some e5 stuff  i'm gonna go here i'm gonna go g3 logic is  

that bishop is going to be better here my queen's  already in the way so no need to move my queen my  

opponent says hi man very rude very rude by my  opponent to say hello that's a joke i'm joking  

hi just don't speak over the board that's not  good okay bishop what does he want this move  

bishop is very happy on g2 behind behind the pawn  

uh i'm gonna go bishop here so i can castle  because if i play bishop e3 i can't castle  

can't castle through a check so bishop d2 a  little bit castling he's playing very well  

so far actually he has the same structure that i  had last game do you guys realize that same exact  

structure knight f3 i know i'm pinning myself  but he can't really do this and uh next move i'm  

just gonna attack his bishop it's the same exact  structure i had last game with g takes f6 and this  

c6 so okay well he's trying to do that but he just  hung a pawn that pawn used to guard another pawn  

and uh now i can castle probably it's the  best although h3 here is still very strong  

h3 is very good if bishop here then  this but then he gets bishop g6 actually  

actually that pawn looks nice but i'm not  so sure i want it looks nice but i'm not  

sure i want it you know like a rolex  get a lot better cheap stuff than that

what's going on right now i'm just playing  a few games against uh viewers and talking  

about my thought process in chess that's all  this is actually the last game i do have to  

go unfortunately deep thought here but he  he doesn't have a big decision i mean it's  

either move back or okay he decides  to take uh i'll take with the bishop

queen a5 lost

i don't really know what that means but

oh yeah thank you i'm glad you're  enjoying i'll go here to attack his queen  

but i mean in reality i could have  just castled remember that if the  

king is the remaining defender of the  piece in front of it you can't castle  

because if he had castled i would have just  taken so i could have just went long castle  

and now i will go long castle defending my b2  pawn and we see the problem his king cannot be  

the primary defender of first of all james harden  and second of all uh the two pieces in front of it  

this is going to be very very bad this is about  to get very very bad in fact probably it's just  

losing by force what he did wrong this game  is he broke in the center and lost the pawn  

that's what he did oh that's a great move that  is a fantastic move the idea is to go here  

unfortunately i think that if i go here and  pin this pawn notice that when the rook comes  

here it's defended this negates that and i  have a very bad feeling he's gonna forget  

my very bad feeling was correct and now  the pawn no longer defends the queen

and uh yeah bishop h5 is um yeah that's that's  kind of the end of the plan queen f7 is now mate  

his big mistake was leaving his king in the center  and opening it before uh before he could open it  

actually you know what uh one last game a neat are  you down for a game i'll play you as the last game  

because you're you're master strength you're 2100  and and i feel like the viewers would enjoy like  

a master game you're like 2100 blitz  so i feel like if you're here then  

uh you know people people also like to see those  games okay cool let's go i'll play e4 against the  

neat i'll show you opening preparation place  car con against the need i'll i'll give him  

kind of the the the real i play the advanced  karakani play c5 against this i like to take  

the pawn this is the most critical move you  have to try to refute this setup against e6  

the best thing uh well there's a3 there's a  combination of a few moves a3 knight f3 bishop d3  

this is how i like to play this position

now that his bishop is blocked in you  go like this a3 prevents knight before  

and in the future you'll hit this you'll  hit this bishop here so let's go castles

a6 is b4 now to go bishop b2 assuming he will drop  the bishop all the way back to a7 and i familiar  

with the ideas of these positions i think i'm  supposed to put my bishop here and here's why wait

isn't that losing and i can't i agree gift him

see this is an opening idea i'm  familiar with in these positions  

i'm pretty sure that in these positions  if the if the queen isn't covering this

i think he had to play knight g6 because now  we have this check and the queen is coming  

yeah and he's gonna bring the king forward and  oh my goodness it's about to get really exciting  

can i give him a check he's gonna try to  block i think the best move is queen g4 here  

oh these are the most fun greek  gifts queen d3 he will block with  

the knight there's no way queen d3 is  the right move so maybe it's queen g4

queen g4 looks correct

yeah lining up like this also h4h5

if f5 on poissant is the killer that's why the  on-person rule was invented for positions like  

this see queen d3 if he took my knight he probably  gets mated somehow in fact literally bishop c1 i  

think is made in a few moves but now this is kind  of the follow-up to the greek gift you have to  

bring this queen here if you're not following  me on instagram you really should i have a post  

about this and literally i think this is one of  the positions this is like the eighth slide real  

gotham chess on instagram knight e6 that is a yes  that is right now well 96 actually is not a threat  

to take the queen because you're pinned the  threat of knight e6 is to go queen takes g7  

yeah he's calculating a way out yes the threat  right now is 96 king moves and not to take the  

queen but to go queen takes g7 checkmate knight  e5 is met with bishop takes so 95 sacrifices upon  

and i'm not so sure it actually  solves the bigger picture of him  

about to get this now 96 he'll take my  queen so i have to take on passant here  

and what i think he's trying to do  is go e5 i think that's his idea here

oh or that was his idea i thought it was e5

e5 would have counter attacked  me but the problem is that  

knight e6 would have happened anyway i  think 96 would have happened actually  

hold on a second let's analyze this e5  move i don't think he should have resigned

he's winning e5 is winning for black

he resigned in a winning position

what oh mike wait what on earth  apparently black is winning here

whoa then what did i mess up

i shouldn't take oh my goodness i shouldn't take

oh my goodness i shouldn't take  apparently i'm supposed to go here  

stay patient and now black has to play f4  i go back why queen e8 why queen e8 check  

king f7 and i can't mate him he runs away and i  can't take his queen with check oh my goodness  

that's the point of queen eight because the queen  you run and if and knight d8 isn't a check on the  

king the queen's out of the way oh my goodness  that is unbelievable so queen e8 and now white's  

best move is to yo what on earth white's best move  here is the move a4 to play rook a3 and rook oh

oh my goodness engines are absurd  beings they are absolutely disgusting  

if you play knight before here oh my oh oh  my oh my oh my oh my that is unbelie wow

that is crazy

yeah unbelievable game