How to tell the difference between copper and brass scrap to make the highest amount of money

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hey guys i just wanted to make a quick

video today

i know i had a lot of people asking

about how to tell the difference between

number one

and number two copper yellow brass

red brass or bronze so since i'm

processing it all out today

i figured i'd make a quick video and

just show you the difference

number one copper pipe

is clean no fittings

no paint no solder no oil

nothing on it number one copper pipe

it could be green some yards don't take

it green

but most will take it green as long as

there's nothing on it

number two copper are going to be all

your fittings

with the solder inside them anything


painted that'll go as number two copper

these coils those are from uh boilers

or domestic hot water that's number two

you can see this copper on the end but

it's painted

so that's number two

this is number two because it's oily

then you come over here i got a couple

different kinds of brass

right here i got yellow brass

and then here is bronze or red brass

i don't know if the camera is going to

pick up the difference

of the different colors there the one on

the right is

really yellow and the one on the left

is kind of red looks more like copper

same thing this is going to be red brass

here's a piece of pipe i'm going to cut


from here to the left is going to go as

number two

from here to the right is going to go as

number one

i got all these brass fittings here

this will be red brass red brass red


i even got this real dirty one here but

if i clean it up

it's going to be red brass

same thing on the end this top part

is going to be yellow brass

if you could tell i don't know if the

camera how well it's picking it up but

that's yellow

so i'm gonna go through all these

different parts and pieces

and cut everything apart

separate all my copper pipe number one

and number two

and then separate all my brass i keep my

breasts together

i let the bronze the red brass the

yellow brass i let it all go together

my yard takes it as mixed brass and

if i separate it out to be bronze

or yellow brass it's only a five cent

difference right now

so it's really not worth taking all that

extra time

and to get this here to go is clean


you have to take that spring out on the


you have to pull this out just rod out

at the top

even this piece of copper at the bottom

all would have to come out even this


gotta have the teflon tape off if not

it goes in mixed brass that's the way my

yard takes it

again your yard might be different but

that's the way we take it up here

here you got two half inch fittings

the top one here is just gonna go as

number two copper

but the bottom one this 90 degree

fitting is brass

so i'm going to cut the end clean here

and i'm going to cut that right there

get those two pieces off that'll be

number two copper

and then the fitting again goes in mixed

brass i just wanted to show that to you

same thing here i'll cut this little

piece of copper off and then i'll end up

with a brass fitting

you got to remember to check your

fittings you can tell the difference

usually just by the weight and picking

them up

the number two copper this regular

copper fitting

is way way lighter than one that has


and you'll find them on all different


this is a brass fitting

attached to copper pipe

they're usually they're very very rough

you can see the texture there

that's a brass valve which obviously we

know is brass

but you can see that it's got some

texture to it

with a regular pipe is pretty smooth

just wanted to point that out as well

so like i said i just wanted to make a

quick video

hopefully my camera focused through most

of this so you can see the difference

between number one pipe number two pipe

yellow brass and red brass also called


i got all these pails buckets down here

i gotta sort through and cut apart

and then we're gonna start filling up i

got a couple gaylord boxes that this is

all going into

hope to have them filled in the next

couple weeks i could cash them in

thanks for watching like subscribe

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and we will see you on the next one

thank you