How to size and put on a condom

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hey guys i'm dr t and

i'm going to do a little tutorial on how


pick the appropriate size condom

so tools you will need

your own you know string

a pen some sort of a ruler

so condoms come in a variety of sizes


tastes the most important thing when

picking a condom though is going to be

the size and the material if you have a

latex allergy or your partner has a

latex allergy

look for polyurethane condoms instead

those are a great option size of a

condom is determined by

your girth or the

thickness of your penis there's going to

be extra material at the bottom when you

roll it down

so length is not as important as the


and so how do you measure the thickness

of your penis you have to do it when

you're erect

wrap the string around your penis

erect penis and then mark

the length okay then

take your ruler and measure

the girth of your penis okay

this banana is going to be a

normal regular or standard size condom

and this is how you know it under 4.7

inches is going to be

a small condom 4.7 to 5.1 inches is

going to be

a regular or standard size condom and

over 5.1 inches is going to be a large


condom should be comfortable so if it's

too tight it's probably going to be


and may not even stay on if it's too

loose it could

fall off while you're doing your


so you need a snug fit but nothing too


now i'm going to show you how to put on

a condom so condom packet right here

um this is a disclaimer that this is

going to be

too big for my banana okay

uh but i want to show you how to put on

the condom

so never cut or

try to bite a condom wrapper okay

gently open it like that

okay so you can see when you have a


it's going to have an open tip here and

the purpose of this tip

is going to be to catch the ejaculate

so your semen when you orgasm

so when you're putting a condom on pinch

the tip

and then place it on the condom like a


okay pinch the tip and then

roll and this will be attached to your


so it will be easier

okay so pinch and roll pinch and roll

this isn't too bad for this banana it's

kind of a

thick banana and roll down okay

to the base to the base okay

so there you go

condom a little extra material up here

to catch the

ejaculate or the semen and fits pretty

darn well

actually on this banana when you're

pulling out

grab the base of the condom

to keep it on the erect penis and then

pull out and then remove the condom

throw it away

a couple of things to know about condoms

never reuse them

and never double up on condoms

the doubling up can actually cause

friction and

cause them to break so defeats the


if you find that a condom doesn't feel


try a different brand or a different

size there are

many condoms out there and

there is definitely one for you there

are other forms of barrier protection

besides the male condom

there's the female condom that is placed

in the vagina

and there are dental dams as well

which the purpose of a dental dam is

to provide a barrier when performing

oral sex

on either a vagina or an anus so i will


an instruction video later about how to

make a dental dam

out of a condom save this for later

i think that's it if you have other

questions about a condom

let me know in the comments section and

i can answer them

uh but there's gonna be a condom out

there for you

just keep looking that's a wrap