12 ways to tell REAL COACH VS FAKE COACH // Tips from an ex-EMPLOYEE

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all right so today we've got another

requested video

um i'm sure this is going to benefit a

lot of you guys because i do

see it as a reoccurring theme in my


so today we're going to be tackling the

angel question

how do you tell a real coach bag from a


so obviously this is more for people

buying coach

second-hand or from you know consignment


luxury thrift shops you know less from

the website because obviously

if you're buying from the official

retail website

mean it's gotta be real right so there's

no worry there

but i'm gonna walk you guys through i

have so many points here that i thought

of uh over the past few days so i'm

really excited to share them with you

i always do a quick little explanation

of how i used to work there blah blah


i'm not going to do it today you guys

can just read it down below because i do

really want to get started on this video

um so the first thing we're going to

cover is the most

common phenomenon and the most common


item the signature c

style doesn't matter if it's satin


canvas this is one of the most


theme but it also happens to be the

easiest one to catch

so i'm going to show you guys a couple

of things notice how the c

logos are horizontal and vertical

the ones that are horizontal right here

as you can see the inside c's are always

facing each other if you notice any

singular c where it's like c

and then c that's wrong okay they're

always facing each other

right here as well right here

right here okay and what's really

important to notice is that all the c's

are very aligned okay they go right down

right down right down if you notice any

of the columns are a little

wiggly you know maybe a little crooked

that's your number one tell

what's also really interesting is coach

will actually put the word

coach right there on the inside of a


it should be pretty clear that it says

coach and if you see a replicated

version where it's like

you can't tell if it's a c or o or

something like that then it's probably

wrong because every detail on

the coach bank is very very specific and

very pristine

it's all about exuding quality right so

if you notice anything that looks

out of place and just doesn't sit right

with you it's probably a fake the next

thing is obviously make sure that all of

them are c's

i've actually seen a lot of bags where

they do o's

g's and even cues okay so obviously make


that the canvas um signature c print are

in fact

c's the next thing i want to talk about

is actually the stitching

so this is also a really dead giveaway

coach has insane stitching it's pristine

it's aligned it goes down straight

and they never double stitch for example

if you notice that this vertical line

goes down and across

and one of these stitchings is doubled

that's incorrect

these are for decoration which is why

they're doubled but see if the top one

had an overlap on the first

or last stitch that's almost a dead

giveaway that it's not coated a post

normally does not

double stitch example the stitching on

the zipper as well

okay if you notice anything where it

skips one or this is

extra thick than the one before and it's

not perfectly consistent

there's your dead giveaway so next i

want to talk about the zipper

it also has coat written on it and if

it's a 1941 collection it'll be written

in 1941.

if it's a new york collection it'll say

new york okay i don't know if you guys

can see this but i'll

i'll either try to zoom or put an

overlay so it definitely has

coach engraved on it if you see a zipper

and it's completely blank

don't bother it's a fake speaking of

zippers and hardware

what's really important to notice is

that none of them are chipping in color

because they're not spray painted on

right that's actually the material

if you notice the hardware is like

chipping or has

looks like it's been rubbed off or the

color isn't even a color that coach


by the way because as you can see

gunmetal is the closest thing

we have to black we also have a shiny

one but we do not currently carry

like the darkest black color hardware

with gold and we have silver so make

sure that the color is one

actually part of the brand and two

um that it's not chipping or falling

apart okay because coach exuses quality

i'm gonna say it again

if it doesn't look and feel right

probably a fake

next i want to talk about the story

patch this is also a pretty obvious


so it's virtually impossible to show you

guys but can you see that brown box

right there

i'll definitely put a picture that's the

story patch so the point of the story

patch is that it tells a story

it genuinely tells you where your bag's

been made um

when it was and it'll include a serial

number okay

so here we go i'll read you what mine

says this is a coach bag it is made of

genuine gloved hand leather

hug it drape it squeeze it it will

soften with time

and that takes on a character that makes

it uniquely yours

and then it says designed in new york

city since 1941.

so this is kind of the little message

that it includes it texts it tells you

about the leather

so read it and what's really important

to notice is that it's not

inked on it's stamped on

so that's something that's really

important to notice

by the way everything i'm talking about

here is coach retail i didn't work at

coach outlet i can't tell you the

difference between a real

outlet bag and a fake one so everything

you're learning today in this video

is retail bags okay so don't mix that up

maybe i'm saying some things that just

apply to retail so i just want you guys

to know that

now here's also what's really important

when you see the story patch

definitely put a picture here it's got

two double stitches on the four corners

and then everything down the middle

is single stitch don't be fooled this is

something that they always

do okay if they end up doing a different

stitching pattern you're gonna know

what's fake

next i want to talk about the serial

number on the bottom it starts with

no okay and it stands for number and

it'll be

f 1890-545

the first couple of numbers aren't that

important to you but the last ones are

54536 that's actually the code for this

particular bag

so what i would actually suggest is look

at the code and type it on the coach


right see if that code exists now that

being said

not every single bag is on the coach

website but if you just google the code

your bag should pop up because they the

internet does have a pretty you know

long history of archives

so when this bank was selling on coach

they had included the code when in doubt

go into store and ask

your sales associate they might even be

able to tell you that it's fake just

by looking at it next you really want to


note of the hang tag

so i've been saying this a lot and it's

a recurring thing but

make sure it is not inked but embossed

the coat should be perfectly aligned

every little detail should be there it

should look like

c-o-a-c-h it shouldn't look like a blob

of just

unrecognizable letters okay and it

happens to say new york under it

the hang tag for coach 1941 does look a


different if you want to know the

differences between the lines i've

actually done a video

on it i'll link it down below where i

talk about everything you need to know

about coach so i'm going to too much

detail about that but i did make a video


check that out if you want see for 1941

it's a hardware um if you see a printed

coach logo

horse and carriage not good okay if you

see a printed coach

that's wrong also there should be

nothing on the back of this

tag it should only be on one side

next i want to talk a bit about


when you receive a coach bag online okay

i'll just talk a bit about that

you'll get your bag gorgeously wrapped

with a thin tissue paper

and normally with a little sticker on it

and it has a horse and carriage on it

really beautifully packaged you also get

a dust bag

okay so this is what your bag should be

wrapped in

this particular style is coach new york

this is what this bag looks like and for

coach 1941

you get a very different look the draw

strings are

thicker the fabric is thicker but the

design ultimately is the same except

here it says 1941

and this one says new york on the bottom

so these are two very distinguishable

pieces if you're getting a bag that you


is 1941 and you receive this

questionable vice versa if you know

you're getting a bag that's new york and

you receive

this dust bag also very questionable

speaking of retailers

um the most certified retail is

definitely ours and also department


so what i mean department stores

obviously like the bay

all the other ones in the states that

i'm not sure about but you know all

these luxury department stores

once that makes sense we don't sell at

flea markets obviously

no street vendors no kiosks in the mall

it's really like nordstrom the bay um

neiman marcus before they probably went

bankrupt saks fifth avenue that kind of

stuff so these are

luxury retailers really look out for


don't be fooled if you see it as a kiosk

in a mall

we never take more space that way we

always have a storefront

so next i want to talk a bit about

wallets it is a little bit different

because as you know the size the

hardware it could be a little difficult

to tell obviously you want to just make

sure that the logo

is what it's supposed to look like okay

so you've got the horse and carriage

coach and it says new york on the bottom

this is very important because sometimes

when fake

manufacturers try to replicate it they

aren't able to get it

as detailed as coach if you look at the

horse and carriage

you can see every single little detail

when you look at coach

all the letters are properly aligned

none of them are crooked none of them

are higher than the other

it's absolutely perfectly aligned so

once again i'll show you the back for

the zipper

you want to make sure that it says coach

on it it always says coach on the zipper

it says coach on the print as well if

you've got a print

like this or the signature sees you'll

usually notice that it does say coach so

right there

also okay here's what's really important


sometimes it's a little harder for bags

even i have trouble finding it

so i talk about it for the bag before

the wallet

it's generally pretty easy to find it

and what i'm talking about is at the


inside of the cash pocket you're not

going to be able to see this and i can't

pull it out

but you're actually going to be able to

see a little white tag in the really

really corner and it's sewn in

and it actually has the style number on


so mine is number


so as i mentioned earlier right the

number in the first couple ones aren't

as poor

as important this is the same number

that appears like on the story patch for

the bag

my style number would be 69849 okay so

that's the last five digits and it's

written on that little piece of

white sewn in tag

you'll also notice that there's a coach

sewn in tag

um all the bags have the sewn in coach

tag as well so you can look through the


um often wallets also have

coach imprinted again not inked

okay if you see anything that looks like

it's inked

no everything that coach sells is

embossed it's stamped okay so be wary of


right before i finish i want to mention

the leather

um it is kind of hard to tell just by

looking at leather if it's real or not

even i have trouble

because these days artificial leather

has been made

so well so even i have trouble but what

i can tell you is

just grab the bag and feel it if it's

overly harsh and it seems like it's

gonna crack

if you bend it definitely wrong right it


slippery and it's not soft then you also

have an issue

what i do recommend is if you're

shopping at your local retail like just


into coach take a look at all their bags


feel you know get an understanding of

what it's supposed to look and feel like

and then

keep that in mind if you're going to go

buy it elsewhere

and that's just for leather note that

coach retail doesn't use as much fabric

outlets use a lot more fabric and it's a

lot more silk so just keep in mind like

i've seen this style in retail but the

fabric is not adding up

retail fabric is leather yet what i'm

looking at is fabric

a light bulb should be going off right

like you know this bag should be leather

but you're seeing it in fabric that's

not good

so lastly i want to talk a bit about

price um

coach is not a cheap brand their quality

is not cheap and that it reflects in the


if you're at a consignment shop and you

see a coach bag for

dollars i would question it okay so even

if you're at a thrift shop if you're at

a consignment

shop just be wary that this brand was

originally expensive and if you think

that deal is too good to be true

probably is so just

think through the logical points if

something seems like

wow what a steal this is such a good

price maybe it's

not real so just you know take

everything you see at consignment shops

with a grain of salt now everything i'm

saying here applies to every other brand


take it with a grain of salt don't walk

in see a 20 louis vuitton thing that

it's real

chances are it's not i think that's

pretty much everything i

wanted to cover um there is quite a bit

of information so i hope you're able to

digest that

a little bit i'll just do a quick little

conclusion to look for

number one make sure that there's the

signature c canvas are actually c's

and not o or cubes or f's or g's or

whatever and then the c's are

the horizontal seats are always facing

each other and that there are no

singular c's

like that that's a no-no okay number two

check your stitching okay make sure it

is consistent

if you're looking at a row of singular

stitching the last one should not be a

double it should all be single

again on that you know make sure the

coach logo does

spell out coach that the hardware is not

rubbing off that it's not shipping and

that the colors

match coaches make sure the price point

is logical make sure you're buying it at

a proper retailer such as coach


nordstrom you know um saks not anything

from the street not anything from the


a quick note for the jury department

stores um they sell a mix of outlet

and retail okay just to let you know

i've been to the bay before we've seen

outlet bags and retail bags so they do

a mix um you're gonna have to watch out

for that because don't let them charge


the same price for an outlet bag as a

retail bag i did

a whole other video as well discussing

that so i'll link that down below it's

all part of my things you need to know

about coach

otherwise i think that's pretty much it

i do always try to make my videos as

short as possible with as much

information so i do hope that i didn't

go through anything too

quickly if you guys have any more

questions always let me know down below

you can dm me on instagram as well

but otherwise i think that's it and i'll

see you all next week