How To Tell Chinese, Koreans and Japanese Apart

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what's up guys welcome to off the Great

Wall this is Dan it's Mike it's Felicia

okay so today we're gonna talk about the

differences how to tell you can peel

apart let's jump into it

growing up I hear this all the time like

you know are you Korean and okay I pride

myself like I can actually tell them


I can do it really you can't you can do

it yeah I mean I also nitpick all the

time you can tell yeah yeah there's very

distinctive differences between

different East Asian ethnicity right I

can do it I just can't tell you how I do

right you here's the thing do it by

feeling you're like you're like I think

this person is Jeff yes I don't know but

we can I can't tell you why right I just

think they are maybe it's because

they're speaking Japanese to me at that

moment in a Japanese restaurant right so

mainly today we're gonna be talking

about differences is usually Korean

Chinese Japanese I think though Chinese

has way different looks very diverse

because you're talking about a giant

country versus a small very small

country but we found this infographic

online and it's pretty popular

infographic you kind of have to ignore

some of the more racist comments that

they have on there we're just talking

about face shapes right quli appearance

purely appearance and and I think this

is very true so we'll start with for

example Korean women I found that their

faces are more squarish stronger defined

jaw lines not I don't take kpop girls or

popular as examples I'm regular they're

very modified let's dare take plastic

surgery all over the place oh I do think

about Koreans

our eyes are smaller single eyelids and

also that cheekbones are generally a bit

higher so they sit just above here and

it gives them a useful kind of rounder

look very very light skin very light

skin the hair is very simple like it's


it's try the black it's because I go for

the natural look yeah now you have

different looking women everywhere but

we're saying in general that's how I

would tell

I do think that the hardest thing to

tell is if it's a northern Chinese girl

and a Korean girl because they share a

lot of similar features that's hard for

me to tell like a Chinese girl like they

only have one Chinese girl on here and I

think this is more exemplifying a

southern Chinese girl because the

northern Chinese girl looks I think more

Korean but the southern one and you're

from tank and so do you want to talk a

little bit about the southern feature

because to me it's like like for example

the the the southern Chinese girl the

face are usually it's also it's much

smaller the face is rounder the eyes a

lot of times they have double eyelids

are usually very rounded big yes opposed

to the Korean kind of pouty lips yeah

yeah yes that's what they like a very

like how t small lip and also the

eyebrows I find a lot of Koreans they

like the big straight prominent eyebrows

and you see a lot of celebrities go for

that look as well whereas Chinese I

think it's not as pronounced no it's

subtle skin is darker and the hair can

be really different yeah could be kind

of curly like it could be you know

straight you know how like in this I

watch a lot of crime shows right it's

the sketch artists they're like what

kind of nose do they have what kind of

eye I can after I described look like

like mr. Potato Head is like yeah okay

like for example they have a mouth

describe your own face like describe

your face describe my face can you

describe any come on describe my figure

you can't describe anyone's face okay

it's okay describe what you see what

shape is it it's what's nice like a

football whoa oh whoa okay and she got

cheeks okay nose your nose cheekbones

are all described the nose like this

hair okay is it big it's small like why

can't you do the whole of the nose is is

higher than the point of her nose I'm

sensitive I don't know oh that's not

descriptive at all but that's only the


describe the mouth God mouth it's like

nice lips I don't know somebody

committed a crime in front oh my god I

know this but I think the good point you

raise is the nerves because Koreans they

really like that strong bridge which

they don't naturally have no they don't

tend to put makeup on to achieve a look

that they want so they might do more

contouring you have no idea what I'm

contouring literally I feel like I'm in

class I've already spaced out right

anyways Oh window Japanese and Korean I

think Japanese makeup they wear it in a

way that's obvious oh yes they are

wearing makeup I see that there's a lot

of blush you can see those like lipstick

whereas Korean and Chinese it's very

subtle yes I agree and also Japanese

women I can usually tell apart because

they look very different very very very

yeah it's a it's a it's more almond II

like more football like Mike sounds like

a generally a more pointy chin more

pointy chin that's a football right I

think in terms of grouping you could

group Korean and Japanese yeah because

they're very fast whereas Chinese you do

have a split I find a lot of them when I

went to Japan that teeth oh yeah yeah

it's almost always crooked

yeah actually Mike and I did a video

about that it's called a bottie you

don't remember it's it's it's kind of

like a snaggletooth and they find that


yeah actually get surgeries poking out

from everywhere I see my enemy yeah so

alright let's put this all to the test

alright now your so-called brothers do

you think you know where you're saying

guys so is all we're talking about

generalizations now and now Mike

actually felt like that test that's

gonna that's gonna I'm gonna open a test

for each one of us okay man and so we're

all gonna judge what ethnicity yeah a

Chinese Korean or Japanese so we'll put

the links below so you guys are seeing

the same picture as we're seeing right

so all right number one first guy oh

actually this one's kind of hard I would

say Chinese I say Chinese because to me

it's not Japanese

it's not Korean

is that your final answer purely a

multiple-choice the abducted reasoning

so Chinese you are gonna become I'm

gonna say Chinese too because I'm going

by my feeling is Chinese so what second

let's hard okay oh my gosh this one's

hard so I think I would say little

log my I think I think she's trying to

Japanese stop being a copier man that's

just amazing

yeah I'm gonna say - this is uh for me

Japanese would even I think Japanese

that is a Japanese man if I

ever seen one that's Japanese so I'm

gonna say Cory on this one say kid they

have son in Korea makeup on very

stereotypically Korean yeah I see

Chinese okay okay I'm gonna say Chinese

because the next one looks Japanese so I

say Chinese on that one okay so this

girl I'm gonna say a really bad haircut

I'm gonna go read it out it's really

cold really mm-hmm

you say Japanese okay Dan okay

eisah bled a little message to you I put

my mouse pointer on the Chinese thing

leave this dude right here Japanese for


Japanese Japanese really this is a hard

quiz and so out of what you want like

you wants drill to people sure they're

trying to throw you off

it's definitely yeah yeah she could be

Korean melted I think she's definitely

not Japanese I think Chinese I mean what

I say Chinese I think is a Korean

Chinese to me see go by the feels

quicker no wait

Oh looks like my uncle's all right by

the way loser buys dinner yeah yeah

watch Mike the most unda scripted person

to win this I will win this she's the

tan Korean this guy Japanese

Chinese for me all right so let's see

here uh you have talents pretty good you

got 11 out of 18 that's you Oh Felicia

got I think that we're right we can we

know the differences between like we

could tell the subtle differences but I

think it seeing a photo it's a total


easy way to tell just talk to him that's

our horse cuz the accent is very

different I actually like the Japanese

actor that English I like it sounds good

oh that's a different video what is the

best for Asian accent I think I think I

really like the Japanese when the

Chinese word depending on where though

South North you have a very horrible

baby guard 'less and let's do our best

Chinese accent

the thing is Asian parents never cook

with recipe they can just make things up

on the spot and the thing is Asian

parents never cook with where's the fee

they can just make things up on the spot

the thing is Asian parents never cook

with recipes they can just make things

up on the spot going over to Indian air

like what the heck is up with you

alright I'm gonna do a Jenny's accent

I'm really bad really bad alright guys

anyways that was just for fun don't

don't go on the street next time and be

like you're Korean cuz Mike and Dan and

Felicia said that you got high

cheekbones in your pale I never say

anything I just say oh yeah this is

silent yeah just because I had a feeling

your cur here I mean I need to I need to

learn my shapes much better yeah alright

guys thanks so much for watching see you