How to Recognize the Signs That a Cat Is Pregnant

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I'm dr. J's King and this is Austin

we're here at the Washington family

veterinary clinic today we're going to

talk about signs to look for if your cat

is pregnant first thing that you're

mainly going to look for is a change in

behavior in your cat your cats going to

probably act more looking for a home and

looking to hide finding a place that at

some point they're going to be looking

to to have their kittens and so that

you'll find them nesting more though

they'll be looking for you'll be finding

them in different places things you want

to look for on your cat door or looking

right here in the abdominal area and

looking for a distension of this a this

abdomen and as this as a cat becomes

more and more pregnant their abdomen

will just and not only wide but it will

also end deep so as you feel and as cats

become more pregnant that our abdomen

you can actually fill in there with your

hand real gently as you palpate their

abdomen you can feel and you can

actually feel a kit feel kittens in

there as they get further and further

along so a cat's a cat's gestation is

two months 60 63 days and so if you

happen to know that your cat is pregnant

or assume that it's pregnant and you see

the abdomen your only bigger and bigger

you can kind of fill in the abdomen and

and look for those different signs of

distension and then different in cat

behavior as if the cat's trying to hide

or if the cat's looking for a new nest

so those are some things that you can

look for and that's what we look for in

a cat that's possibly pregnant is

looking for the abdominal distension and

the the different behavior the nesting