ASK UNMC! What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and how is it treated?

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carbon monoxide is a colorless odorless

gas that sends over 20,000 Americans to

the emergency department every year

symptoms include headache dizziness

weakness vomiting and confusion if

multiple people living or working

together start to develop these symptoms

over a short period of time car monoxide

poisoning should be considered the best

way to treat car monoxide poisoning is

to prevent it make sure that there is a

carbon monoxide detector on every level

of your home especially in your sleeping

areas never use a charcoal charcoal

grill indoors or even in a closed garage

make sure your gas appliances are

installed and maintained by a certified

professional and ensure that they are

properly vented if you do think you are

suffering from carbon dioxide poisoning

get out of the area immediately if you

feel that you're experiencing an

emergency go to your local emergency

department to be evaluated