How old is your Budgie? What is your Budgie's age?

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You got yourself one of these cute feathered birds called budgie

but how can you tell how old is your budgie?

we're gonna discuss all the different methods to help you decide what is your budgie's age

make sure to watch the video I made on "Budgie Typography"

because we're gonna be using a lot of budgie's features names.

so if your budgie is less than 18 days old, he would be oval shaped, as he is still didn't hatch

ok now let's get serious.

It takes budgies about 5 to 6 weeks to be fully weaned and leave the nest

so if your budgie can eat and drink by itself, well he's older than 1 month for sure

then it's time to look at the forehead if it has bars, then your bird is less than 4 months

because at their first molt they lose these bars

which is about 4 months, you can see here the transition at about 4 months of age

where they start to lose these bars

and then they become a fully white or yellow color

of course there are exceptions like always, albino and lutino budgies, they don't have bars for example

also you can look at the beak, and see young budgies have excess pigment of melanin in the beak.

Which also ino budgies don't have that because they lack the production of melanin.

Now if you can't see bars or any signs of melanin on the beak, that means, yoiur budgie is older than 4 months.

But don't worry we still have 1 more stage that we can identify their age, which is the iris.

About 8 or 9 months old, you can start to see the iris ring around their dark eye.

Because young budgies don't have an iris, and they have full dark eyes!

some exceptions though, are the reccissive pied and dark eyed clear varietes

which they never change with age and stay with their dark young cute eyes.

Now after the nine months it becomes really hard to tell what age is your budgie

at that point, you can ask the one you bought your budgie from, if he knows when was your bird born.

for example I know all my budgies date of birth

if you buy from a breeder he could probably tell you the exact day your bird was born in.

And some breeders have a leg band, to know how old is your budgie, so try to look at their feet and see if they have a band, then that means you can know what age is your bird.

and that's about it.

there is no way to tell after 1 year old of age, other than maybe looking at their bahvior and see how active they are

older budgies tend to become less active as they age, Probably about 7, 8, 9, 10 years

you can't really tell, and not all budgies are the same, in fact your budgie could be ill and that's why he or she is getting less active.

so to conclude:

first look at the forehead and beak, if the forehead has still bars, or the beak is still dark from the excess of melanin, then your budgie is younger than 5 months.

If it is older, then try to look and see if there is an iris around the eyes. if there isn't then probably its age is less than 9 months.

Nnd if you could see all these features in your budgie, and the one you bought your budgie from, can't help you with its birth date

then you could guess by looking at his behavior and or its build

which comes from a lot of experience and still it is not reliable at all, and you could miss the right age by couple of years.