Stubbed Toe? How to Treat? See a Dr? Is it Broken? We will Guide You.

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hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist

Brannock physical therapist together

we're the most famous physical therapist

on the internet and our opinion of

course Brad this has happened till

probably almost all of us here getting

up at night you stub your toe you know

and what should you do after that do you

need to see a doctor is it broken

you know how do you treat it so we're

gonna try to give you some guidelines

and that hurts Bob oh it hurts because

I've done it yeah it was like it's

broken oh yeah but a lot of times it's

not yeah and I'll go through my scenario

to learn what happened but when you stub

your toe if you first hear like a pop or

a snap mm-hmm there's more likely that

you broke it okay and if you hear the

sound if you look at the toe and it's

bent remember I see obvious but to some

people they may be I don't think of it

if it's kind of bent one side or another

it's probably broken yeah you need to go

in then yeah if there's bruising and

swelling the next day doesn't mean it's

broke but it's it's getting getting more

likely even if there's bruising and

swelling in the toenail okay it's

getting more likely mine did bruise up I

don't know if I was ever broke to be

honest I didn't go in sure so but if it

keeps going on for several days

you need to go in if the pain right and

the swelling not that they're gonna put

a cast on it but there may be some

treatment to help it out right and and

there are kinds of times if it if it's

broken to the joint you know you're more

susceptible to early arthritis so you

know you want to have it treated right

and sometimes if there's really a

pinpoint pain that means it's broke too

as opposed to a really diffuse and

spread out sure so the the statement

that if you can walk on it it's not

broken that's not true you you might be

able to walk on it and it's still broken

so don't be relying on that sure so what

are you gonna do for treatment you know

the first thing you want to probably you

know keep the weight off the toe for a

while right you know using crutches or a

cane or something just trying to deal

rice right rest it I said yep elevation

kind of hard to compress is kind of hard

to wrap your worried about the see which

is compression alright I went through

that but yeah I'd go ahead and ice it

the thing that I did and a lot of people

will do they'll take tape and so let's

say this is the broken toe

they'll tape it to the stone right next

to them they just do good go ahead buddy

split that they call it sure so they

tape them together in a comfortable way

so you don't get tingling or numbness

mm-hmm and you hold together and that

kind of supports that one and don't tape

it too tight just right it's very loose

yep just so they're held together yeah

it should be comfortable and you want to

see your toes turning right don't let

your brother take the electricians tape

and tighten it up good and tight you

sound like you have an experience with

that song all right the next thing

you're gonna do is you're gonna go ahead

and what this just happened to my

daughter in fact what we had to do is

she took an old tennis shoe and she cut

out the toe here can you see that Lonnie

and what you know that did that took

pressure off the toe because a lot of

times you put your foot in a shoe and

it's gonna be got a constant pressure

right oh especially if it's swollen up

it's tender and then you're just gonna

irritate it even better is what we call

I don't know we call them a rishu our e

se shoe but well this has an open toe

it's it's after surgery and what's nice

about this the the sole is real stiff

bow long bring it but not tall guy so

it's real stiff sole the toes not

bending when you step on right here you

can clearly see the toes exposed and the

nice thing about this if you do bump it

with any luck you hit this and you

protect the hole yeah we call them ortho

shoes okay I call them re-- shoes yeah

it's just a brand name go whatever you

want there they're nice you can get them

at a lot of pharmacies will have them

yeah you could buy order online very

easily too so the last thing I want to

talk about Brad is if let's say three

four weeks have gone by and

and it wasn't broken and you're still

having some pain because this is what

happened to me yeah and I was like why

am I still having pain and what turned

out is I think quite often when you

injure the toll you also injure the

tendon and so the tendon that runs along

the toe and it gets there's some scar

tissue in it so Brad's going to show on

his toes I'm not taking my sock off

there so what we do which we often do is

for like I think like this is we do

cross fiber massage so I'm gonna come

back up to you am I too high again

right about there so you're just really

kind of aggressively you're gonna go

across the tendon especially if you find

a tender spot okay Bob I'm taking my

sock off that you can't do a hard finger

yes you can well I know but look while

you do this for like five minutes

I did two treatments of it and the pain

was gone so you just felt like this yep

right over to toe just right you can do

with your thumb yeah

really aggressive good you're breaking

up the scar tissue and then that scar

tissue doesn't give you any pain yeah so

by this time at your toe was not so

painful the swelling was down yeah there

was just some tight skirt some ugly toes

yeah that is what happens when you get

over 50th terrible thanks for watching