How To Tell If A Guy Likes You (15 Signs To Know)

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hey welcome back so you have a crush on

someone huh or maybe your spidey senses

are tingling and you feel like this guy

likes you but you're still unsure don't

worry I got you covered some of these

signs you might have seen in your

favorite rom-com movies and some of

these signs you haven't because this is

some real stuff we're dealing here and

we tend to do this to get our crushes

attention so with that in mind here are

15 signs on how to tell if a guy likes

you number one he makes you laugh a good

way to your girl's heart is through

laughter if he can make you smile laugh

and be happy at the same time you know

he's trying to charm you through his

humor a lot of people like to be happy

and be laughing it lightens up the mood

and makes it person more attractive if

he is constantly bringing you laughter

into your life you know he's trying the

very best to woo you number two watch

his body language this is one of those

things that would betray him

even if he likes you but can't come out

and confess it his body language will

reveal how he feels about you deep down

inside if you suspect that a guy likes

you then pay attention to his body when

he is with you body language has been

proven scientifically to communicate

attraction pay attention to how his body

is positioned does he lean in towards

you when he talks are his feet pointing

towards you does he near you these are

all positive signs that he is interested

in you number three he introduces you to

his friends if he didn't like you he

wouldn't invite you to places or hang

out with his friends but if he does he

has a huge crush on you and want to see

if you get along with them the reason

for doing this is so you guys can both

create memorable experiences together

and if you both are into parties you

know for sure he'll ask you to come

along on the next one

number four watch his friends closely

some guys could spend a lot of time

talking about girls and therefore you

can be sure that if he likes you

his friends might know whenever you are

close to him and his friends pay

attention to what his friends are doing

they may excuse themselves just to give

you some alone time or just start making

seto jokes and make

fun of him watch of his friend smile

when you approach the group or if they

start teasing him afterwards if they do

then it's a good indicator that he likes


number five he makes eye contact this is

another telltale sign that he likes you

if a man likes you you will maintain and

lock eye contact with you when you are

talking his eyebrows may be lifted and

his eyes will be dilated here's

something interesting if you catch him

staring on your mouth

he may be romantically into you or you

just have something in your teeth

so pay attention to his eyes and see if

they are on you or always wandering

around number six

he has endless questions for you if a

guy has questions after questions then

that's a strong indicator that he likes

you he wants to know everything about

you from how you were as a kid to what

kind of weird talents you have one major

giveaway question he can ask is do you

have a boyfriend

if he is not interested in you he will

definitely not care and won't ask that

question in addition he wants to keep

the conversation going with you because

he doesn't want to lose you at the same

time if he finds out that you have

similar interests as him he will dive

deeper into it and share some of his

experiences with you as well number 7 he

gets nervous the reality is that if you

get nervous he's probably nervous as

well if he likes you you may act nervous

however nervousness can be portrayed

differently by different people some can

talk super fast while others lack words

to say also observe if his hands are

shaking or if he's stuttering before

writing him off as not interested just

realize that whatever he's doing it

right now are symptoms of nervousness

number 8 he starts to share similar

interests as you in order to get your

attention he can adopt the things you

like and do the things you do the best

way to do that is to get to know your

interests and hobbies if you notice all

of a sudden he starts to watch your

favorite TV show or listen to your

favorite songs then you know that he's

doing that so he can later use it in a

conversation with you and the best way

of course to connect with

is through common interests number nine

he spends a lot of time with you most

guys like their space and want to spend

a time with their friends play their

games or watch their sports if you

notice that he's giving up his friends

just to spend time with you then he must

be attracted to you next time you can

test it out to see if it's true call I'm

for a walk and when you think there's a

football or a basketball game he likes

to watch em if he's willing to ditch the

game to hang out with you then you can

be sure he likes you

number 10 he treats you differently when

a guy likes you he will treat you

differently he may also be acting

differently towards you especially in a

group setting if he starts getting

protective or just supporting you

overall then there's a huge chance that

he likes you another thing to check is

how he behaves with other girls do you

see him flirting with other girls or do

you see the same support and attention

he gives them if not that he is most

likely only interested in you number 11

he gives you gifts it's not about the

size or value of the gift that matters

it's about how thoughtful the gift is if

there was this one time you told him you

liked a particular pin at the store and

a few days later he surprises you with

that pin then you could probably assume

that he's very thoughtful and kind but

of course only towards you because he

likes you number 12 he compliments you

often a guy who is interested in you

will at all cost

try to compliment you and make you feel

special and warm if you change anything

about your hairstyle or clothing you

will notice it and let you know that you

wear it the best if you wasn't

interested in you he won't try to

overload you with compliments and pay

attention to you overall if he gives you

compliments about your inner beauty then

you know for sure he's not just looking

for a fling number 13 he follows you and

chats with you on social media if you

notice that he's always there on social

media whether it's texting you liking

your posts or comedy in all your photos

then it's a good indicator that he likes

you connecting with someone on social

media is easy and stress-free this is

probably a prefer

method for shy guys to open up to you

but at the same time if a guy is

persistent and tries to communicate with

you even when he's not there in person

then he's really giving up some of his

time for you and so he can't have a

relationship with you in the future

number fourteen he smiles a lot with you

smiling is a good used to attract people

to like you he does it a lot around you

so he can't hope to attract you towards

him so next time you are with him notice

how often he smiles also get a closer

look at his smile is it genuine does his

face light up overall do his cheeks go

up and his eyes crease you'll notice

that it'll be a genuine smile if these

signs are present number fifteen he

doesn't use his phone around you

nowadays we feel like we are married to

our phones it's with us wherever we go

and when we need it it's there but

notice when you guys are hanging out you

rarely use his phone this means he

enjoys spending quality time with you

and is actively paying attention to you

using the phone while you're talking is

disrespectful to begin with so he

understands that and wants to respect

you if you find a guy that can give you

that much attention then he's definitely

a keeper overall a lot of guys will try

the best to get the girl they want and

some of them fail in the process because

the girl isn't reciprocating so girls if

you actually like the guy then send some

signals back to give him the confidence

to ask you out although some guys are

stubborn and like to take things slow

don't just rule him out yet give him

some time and let him do his thing

that is if you think he's worth the wait

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