Determining Gender and Age of Box Turtles

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okay whoever said that turtles don't

move quickly was was wrong so this is a

female turtle and how you tell the

difference okay notice that she has a

brown eyes and she's not shy at all

because I keep catching her and putting

her up in the the woods especially when

the melons are this is on towards the

end of July we and our all of our melons

are ripening up and so I think it was

this one that got in and messed up one

of our cantaloupes but anyway they do

eat a lot of slugs and stuff and you can

tell it's a female a by the eye color

brown for box turtles other turtles may

be different but this is a Eastern Box

Turtle and the females tend to have

brown eyes and the males tend to have

more of a reddish color eye and you can

also look at oh the bottom of the shell

and hers is fairly flat and the male's

have sort of a little concave place so

makes it easier for them to mate

apparently but at any rate you also can

look at the tail but they don't really

like you looking at their tail like at

the bottom of the tail where they poop

so I'm not going to get into that

because you can just look and see this

is a female turtle they tend to be

smaller Turtles box turtles of a long

time and the way that you can tell their

age is you count the ridges just like

you would for a tree once they get to be

about 20 or so and they're not really

getting any bigger they say that the

Rings tend to get MARTA up and you just

don't see him as much but this

particular turtle I don't know if the

dogs ever caught her or what but you can

see she's got a scar here but you can

you can count the Rings here oh she's

moving so much it's really hard to to

count I guess I should put this tripod

so when you look at this turtle and you

can count the ridges you know like say 1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

so she's about 16 as you as you count

them going up you can also count on here

and then you can count you see on the

bottom you can count the ridges ridges

there too just like the tree although

you can see that a lot of these are

they're harder to see and they don't

like it as much when you when you turn

them upside down but quite a few turtles

in my yard but this is the first time I

remember seeing a male total for a while

and you might wonder how can you tell

just by seeing that turtle face this is

a box turtle Eastern Box Turtle I'm in

central Virginia how can you tell this

is a male well take a look at those eyes

they're a reddish color and that is the

color that color is a male turtle and

I'm just going to leave them alone but I

do have a female turtle somewhere at

least in the yard - I saw come in about

a week ago so just leave this guy alone

eat lots of nasty slugs they're good to

have in your yard they won't bother you

your slow-moving you might eat your

melons though if they're on the ground

and eat your old tomatoes that fall on

the ground that's helpful