How To Test For Black Mold In 5 Minutes

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hi this is Brad look mold calm and in

this video I'm gonna show you how you

can test for black mold within five

minutes yes it's possible however it

does come with some caveats so you need

to watch this entire video but before we

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put out a new video so a little

information about black mold black mold

is just a media term that refers to one

particular type of mold called stacky

bockris now stachybotrys is by far away

considered the most lethal type of mold

but it's not the only one that's harmful

for you now most of the time

stachybotrys will come in the color

black however it does come in other

colors such as blue and gray now just

because a mold is black does not

necessarily mean it's the black toxic

mold stachybotrys if you were to hire a

mold inspector like myself to come out

to your house and test for mold there

would be a couple different ways that

they would test now the first way a mold

inspector might test your home for mold

would be by taking an air sample now an

air sample will tell you how much mold

is present within the air the next way a

mold inspector might test your home is

by taking either a swab or a tape lift

sample now the tape lift sample and the

swab both essentially do the same thing

you're just taking a sample of mold

directly on a surface now the third way

they may test your home would be to take

a dust sample now each of these samples

are sent out to a third party laboratory

and then they're put under a microscope

to determine how much mold and what type

of mold is present in those particular

areas that were sampled now I'm going to

tell you away how you can test for black

mold at your home by yourself within

five minutes and you don't have to be a

licensed mold inspector now a company

called healthful home developed a

patented technology that they can test

for mold within five minutes now they

can test for black mold as well as

another tip model called Penicillium

Aspergillus now Penicillium Aspergillus

are actually two separate types of mold

that are generally classified together

they are found in both environments that

could have been water damaged as well as

clean environments now what we're going

to do is we're going to put this up to

the test

we're gonna take a swab sample the

traditional way and send it off to a

third-party lab to get analyzed and

we're gonna look at those results and

then we're going to take a swab sample

with the healthful homes kit and we'll

see if the results match up so we pulled

back the baseboard and it revealed that

mold was present there now we're gonna

determine what type of mold is there by

taking a swab with both the healthful

Holmes kit as well as a regular swab

sample so let's get to it

here you have the stachybotrys plate

where we're going to test for

stachybotrys and then we have the

Aspergillus Penicillium plate where

we're going to test for those two types

of mold and then we have the swab which

is also lubricated and we're going to go

ahead and test for them both


so once we collect the sample we are

going to tilt the top of it both left

and right at a 90 degree angle to

release the water that's in there and

then we're going to shake it up and

we're gonna get that nice and watery so

we can put it into the plates so I'm

dropping some of it into the

stachybotrys plate as well as the

Aspergillus Penicillium plate and I

noticed once I put it in that nothing

really happened something kind of

happened with the Penicillium

Aspergillus one for a little bit but I

realized that probably need to put in

some more so what I did was I went ahead

and put in some more and you can see

that both of them were starting to fill

up now this is the final result and as

you can see they both kind of look very

similar this was about I don't know a

few minutes after it completed and it

looked like the stachybotrys line is

showing as well as the Penicillium

Aspergillus but then when I went home

later in the evening it kind of looked

like the stachybotrys one showed much

much more than the Penicillium

Aspergillus one you can't even see the

Penicillium Aspergillus one really any


now the stachybotrys one also is in my

opinion not necessarily clear I was kind

of hoping that it would be a little bit

more visible so you can firmly tell that

there's an issue but you can't see that

there is sort of a line in that area now

if we go to the lab report I got from

the lab you'll see that there were very

high amounts of stachybotrys four types

present there was none Penicillium

Aspergillus like spores but stachybotrys

there was a real lot of so that tells me

that there was obviously stachybotrys

there and the plate that I showed you

had stachybotrys more so than

Aspergillus Penicillium however again I

wish the line would have been a little

bit more clear so let's look at the pros

and cons of the 5-minute healthful whole

mold kit Pro number one you find out

instantaneously whether or not you have

stachybotrys or Penicillium slash


sport types President Pro number two you

don't have to send anything to a lab you

get the results there and then like I

said instantaneous so no there's no kind

of lab fees or anything like that part

number three it's much cheaper than a

mold inspector having a mold inspector

come to your house can be a couple

hundred dollars up towards a thousand

depending upon the size of your home the

kit is relatively inexpensive so now

let's look at the cons con number one is

the results aren't as clear-cut as I was

hoping it would be like I said that line

it was a little bit visible but I was

hoping it would be a little bit more

solid comm number two it doesn't tell

you if the mold is airborne now if you

have black mold it needs to be removed

regardless but it would be nice to know

whether or not it's actually an air in

your breathing that stuff in cotton

number three you're probably still gonna

have to call mold inspector and the

reason for that is if you're looking to

make an insurance claim the insurance

company's gonna want to see a report

from a licensed mold inspector and not

an at-home kit that you took yourself

con number four if you think you have

black mold you shouldn't be going

anywhere near it

black mold is toxic and it could affect

your health so you don't really want to

put yourself at harm unnecessarily con

number five Aspergillus Penicillium

spore types are also commonly found in

clean indoor environments it's a matter

of how much of that is present and what

strand of that is present there are

certain types of Penicillium that's

worse than others at certain times to a

specialist that is worse than others so

it could can be deceiving if you get

results showing you have Aspergillus /

penicillin good news you made to the end

of the video and I got a gift for you

I've put together a free guide where

it's gonna help you determine whether or

not you have black mold in your home now

if you do think you have black mold it's

not something you want to take lightly

black mold can be toxic so you must take

you seriously and contact a professional

now go to the link below in the

description box and you'll be able to

get this free guide this is brad with

look mole calm and thank you for

watching the video please leave a

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to you

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