Road Bike Fit - How To Measure A Bike Frame

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in this video we're going to show you

how to measure a road bike frame now of

course it's a seat pin saddle stem and

handlebars which will eventually get you

into the proper position on your bike

you want to make sure that you're on the

correct size frame in the first place

it's sloping top tubes it's horizontal

top tubes some frames will have a mark

on the bike saying 58 centimeters or

whatever the size is others though might

say medium large or extra large compare

the two we'll carry on here and you'll

find out now the three basic measurement

on a frame of the seat tube height the

top tube length and the head tube height

at the front and this one at the front

we'll determine how high or low you are

able to get on the bike and those simple

bike to measures one with the horizontal

top tube and that's what we're going to

start with now if you've got a frame of

a horizontal top tube and the seat tube

measurement is simply taken from the

center of the bottom bracket the top of

the seat tube here in this case we've

got the cranks on of course that were

going to take the measurement in the

center of the crank bolt here make sure

you get naught centimeters there and

then take it to the top of the top tube

so we've got 22 inches it's the same as

56 centimeter

now as I said measuring the top tube

length on a bike or frame the horizontal

top to you it is very easy all you do at

the end of your tape measure in the

middle of the head tube at the front

make sure it goes in line with the top

tube and take it to the very center of

the seat post of seat pin back here so

here we've got 21 and a half inch of top

tube which equates to just over fifty

four and a half centimeters now the

length of the head cheer will be the

same whether it's a sloping frame or a

traditional frame and it's simply

measuring from where the fork or the

headset cut meets the bottom the frame

where the headset cut into the top of

the frame in this instance on our site

cross bike that is five inches to 130

centimeters so how do you find the

equivalent measurement if you've got a

sloping top to you well I'm going to

need a spirit level you're just going to

need to be on flat ground in the first

place if you've got your bike on a stand

like we have make sure that the front

wheel is elevated just as much as the

rear wheel taking your spirit level put

the underside of it so that meets the

headset at the top of the

headtube right in the middle of the

forks so in the center of this line that

comes up through the middle of the head

tube and then take it towards the back

and the seat post get the bubble so it's

in line you know it's level and either

make a mark there or in this instance we

can see that's just on top of the G of

giant we know where to measure to take

your tape measure or rule it put the

zero centimeter mark right in the middle

at the top of the head tube and go back

to where your mark was in this case just

over 58 centimeters just under 23 inches

to find out your effective seat tube

length you've got a sloping frame you

simply take your measure or rule and go

from the center of the bottom bracket

axle or the center of the crank bolt

here same as we did for the last frame

and you measure up to where your mark is

or in our case where the top of that G

is so this frame is an effective

measurement around about 60 centimeters

which is just over twenty three and a

half inches so now you know how to

measure a bike frame but how do you know

which size frame is the right one for

you we went to catch up with Ollie

beckinsale pro bike fitter to get some

hints and tips to establishing where

your feet and angle of your feet where

they naturally sit on the bike and then

also establishing where the balls are

the feel in relation to the shoe and the

cleat yeah