How to Identify and Treat Bug Bites -- The Doctors

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let's start here anyone have any idea

what may have caused this the bite from

what let's see I hear spider I hear tick

and mosquito the ticks are right this is

a tick bite this is actually a few days

later and this is a classic bullseye

yeah and there it is that's what it tick

looks like that's a tick right there

full of blood and gorge you see how big

the body is so this is a bull's eye rash

if you see this and particularly if you

have accompanying symptoms of fever

fatigue maybe headaches you have to go

to the doc because intimately and if

it's Lyme disease but if you ignore it

Lyme disease can have some long-term

consequences that you don't want to deal

with so gently remove the tick that's


hopefully there's no remnants of the

tick if there are you got to get that

out now we've got this really kind of

itchy painful little area what can you

do for yes and it turns out that

itchiness is counterbalance by applying

something that cools the skin so in this

case you can use peppermint oil to cool

the skin that stops the achene prevents

the scratching prevents any other

infection and the another alternative is

using cider vinegar also antiseptic and

also soothing to the skin don't mess

around with tick bites let's move on so

audience any ideas what may have caused

these bite marks please yeah

please these are actually flea bites

they're very common on the lower

extremities because what they do is they

drop off of your pet onto the carpet and

then they can't jump that high they're

not Olympians they only jump to about

here so if you have a cluster of bites

on your lower legs or your thighs then

that's most likely fleas so you get

these you know beyond obviously checking

the dog maybe treating your dog for

fleas what can you do to make these

little bites feel better well there's a

number of treatments for flea bites of

course and one is using hemorrhoid cream

it's anti-inflammatory it's very

soothing and it reduces

swelling and inflammation which is why

you use them in the other parts of the

body to just make sure you're using

different applicators all right another

option is actually Basel yes and Basel

and so here it is someone took the time

and made into a little pesto so if

you're having pesto that night you can

use it as twofold therapy but if you if

you pulverize this you kind of mash it

up and apply it directly to the bites

that's also soothing because the body

will read the cooling soothing effect

instead of the itchy Burnie and you

won't scratch but if they do once again

if they do get infected then you might

need to see your physician because you

all see if you look at these bites you

see that little area Victorious right in

the middle that is in opening to the

world that is where bacteria like to

crawl in there and of course you can't

see bacteria but if they infect that

little opening there this can then

become inflamed red swollen that's when

it becomes what's known as cellulitis

that needs to be treated with more than

just hemorrhoid cream

exactly great for soothing let's move on

because somewhat ubiquitous looking bite

but this is actually in this case this

bite is actually from a mosquito and you

can see that mosquito is just sticking

its little antennae straight into the

skin that causes the body to react with

its protective device which is a little

bit of histamine and trying to really

get rid of that mosquito it's not of

that well that mosquito doesn't win it

injects its it's enzymes it doesn't want

your blood to clot because it wants your

blood nice and fluid so it can suck it

in that's right it wants your blood and

there's a whole bunch of wonderful

remedies for these bites one is you can

take tea bags and you can stick you can

soak them and apply the tea bag directly

to this hive you can obviously take an

oral antihistamine it turns out that

applying so just rubbing a little bit of

soap on the bite itself helps relieve

itching also your clam right i d'ont it

yeah it's kind of a new thing you can

mix a little bit of rubbing alcohol with

the water from the tea bag and that

dries it it is nice and antiseptic turns

up putting a little bit of deodorant on

so if you're traveling and that's all

you've got just throw a little bit of

your deodorant

or under your arms you can put it on a

bite and honey honey has been the bees

are very they're very smart they inject

a little bit of an antibiotic actually

into the honey and that's why honey

lasts so long and you can use honey as

an antiseptic on your skin also

anti-inflammatory but no matter what

kind of bite you have our big concern

also is a skin infection so what's the

one thing no matter what the bite is

that people should do first and foremost

you want to wash your hands and you want

to wash the area that you've had the