How to Check Apple Watch Battery

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I'm gonna show you how to check the

Apple watch battery on the Apple watch

you have right now so let's just get

started with the video so what's going

on guys this is Apple fax channel here

and in today's video as I already

mentioned we are going to be talking

about the Apple watch and the battery

inside the Apple watch I know that it

may sound like it is a little bit more

like basic tutorial it actually really

is but I know that many people are still

not familiar with their own Apple watch

and they need to find ways to how to

check the Apple watch battery and stuff

like that so I thought that it would be

a good idea to make this type of video

and now let's jump right in

so the most basic thing I can tell you

in terms of the battery is like to swipe

up on the home screen and here you can

see the battery percentage of the Apple

watch so as you can see right now or at

this point of time my battery is at 49%

and if you take a look at the upper side

of the screen you can see that it is

connected with the iPhone by the way it

is really nice touch that they also

added the icon of the iPhone 10 anyways

right now I have 49% if I press on this

icon you can see that it is like on a

full screen for 9% of battery is

remaining and here I have this slider it

just basically makes the Apple watch to

enter a power reserve mode it basically

means that nothing on the watch will be

shown or like all of your functions will

be disabled except for the time and that

means that the battery is going to last

a lot longer it's gonna do it

automatically when you reach like 1% or

if the battery goes dead let me show you

how it basically looks so I have to

click on the proceed button at the lower

right corner in order to get there so

let's do it and as you can see we are

here so nothing else is working here

except for the time that is shown on the

screen and to exit the power mode I have

to hold down to the side button just

like I would want to turn on the Apple

watch so let's do it

Apple logo is going on here so let's

wait until the Apple watch finally puts

on I am not completely sure what's going

on guys but the Apple logo is still here

on the Apple watch meaning it takes

about three minutes to actually boot up

the Apple watch and we have still not

finished the booting up process anyways

here we are and that was the most basic

way on how to check the Apple watch

battery so swipe up and you can see the

battery percentage right there but if

you want to check the battery of the

Apple watch on your iPhone you need to

grab the iPhone of course

and when you swipe left to the widgets

panel and you go all the way to the

bottom you can see that there is this

edit button if it's going down just a

little bit more you can find a widget

that is called the batteries and here it

is so I just added it right here and

move it up just a little bit even though

it does not really matter but I just

want to have it at the top so let's

click done and now if I swipe up you can

see that the battery percentage is right

there so I can check how much battery is

left on the iPhone and how much battery

is left on the Apple watch as you can

see the battery on the Apple watch is

like 50% even though I have just seen

that it's 49% so the information is

really accurate it works over Bluetooth

so the information isn't really perfect

but roughly it is the same by the way

the very same number of battery

percentage is left on the iPhone Tanna

as well as on the Apple watch so on both

devices I have 49% and if you really

care about the bad or need to download

some kind of applications that I already

found on the App Store and the first one

if I open this one up you can see after

it loads up of course that this

application is only meant to show you

the battery percentage of the iPhone so

not only you can take a look at the

Apple watch battery on the iPhone you

can also take a look at the iPhone

battery on the Apple watch so it works

both ways but you have to download an

application for that but this

application doesn't do anything else

besides showing you the battery icon as

well as the battery percentage of the

iPhone you are paired with other than

that this app doesn't do anything else

but what's really cool about the

application that drags the battery life

of your iPhone on the Apple watch it is

this one right here and what's cool

about it is if I connect the iPhone to

the charger and now the iPhone is

connected and now if I take a look at

the Apple watch you can see or if I open

up the application one more time because

I closed out unfortunately now you can

see and now it shows me that the battery

of the iPhone is being charged at this

point of time so it is really cool and

it works pretty well so besides that one

I also found another battery tracking

application for the iPhone or for the

Apple watch that tracks the battery of

the iPhone and it is this one right here

so as you can see there is this battery

icon with the percentage in it and under

it we have also some additional

information about it so

like estimated standby time estimated

talk time and if I swipe here you can

also see that we can get a graph right

here but for this I have to go premier

which of course requires me to pay some

amount of money and I'm not gonna do it

right now and that would be the end of

today's video guys I just really hope

you enjoyed it and I also hope that you

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want me to like add links to these

applications into the description of

this video so I'm going to do it here in

today's video so have a nice day and see

you in the next one