How to Know if Baby is Breech? Midwife Using Leopold's Maneuver to Know Position of Baby in Uterus

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have you ever wondered if we can

determine if your baby's breech hey hey

mama this is your midwife khayrat here

I'm here with Krista who is 39 weeks

pregnant and we're gonna be showing you

a hands-on method to determine your

baby's position I believe in truly

natural birthing if you do - you're

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subscribe button so Krista if you can

play down for me I'm gonna show

everybody watching a little bit about

the leopold's maneuver a lot of my

mama's are asking me how can i determine

baby's position when after 20 weeks i

don't do any more routine ultrasounds so

traditionally midwives are trained in

something called Leopold's maneuver in

fact you're doctors trained in it too

however less than 30 percent of

physicians are actually using this

amazing technique to determine baby's

position so yes of course we can use an

ultrasound to determine your baby's

position but I want to show you a little

hands-on maneuver so the first step in

the Leopold doesn't want to make sure

her baby is head down so I'm gonna grab

right here in Krista's pelvis and

wiggling back and forth I can actually

feel the baby's head bopping back and

forth real gently between my fingers so

Krista your baby is head down if the

baby were breached I would actually feel

something very different in this

position sometimes but in this area can

be mistaken for a head there's actually

three more maneuvers that we would use

to confirm what position the baby's in

so with this head down baby the next

thing I'm gonna do is ask the mama where

we're feeling kicks so Krista where are

you feeling kicks today mostly over here

okay so if we know that mom is feeling

kicks right here I'm gonna come over

here to this side of the belly and yep

sure enough there's our baby's back

right here all the way up to the top of

the belly and sure enough there's our

baby's booty right there which means

that our feet would be right here and so

now I'll have a really good idea of what

position the baby's in what I'm feeling

in Krista's belly right now is a baby

Enza exactly in this position so when

Chris is talking about getting kicks

over here which she's actually feeling

are these cute little kicks going on

over here with baby's feet the leopold's

maneuver is actually very reliable

method in determining baby's position in

fact when we use all four maneuvers

the head where the backs located where

the butt is located where the feet are

located and actually we can even feel

what position the baby's head is in

whether it's tucked like it's supposed

to be or sometimes it's overextended and

it doesn't fit into the pelvis properly

all of that can be determined with the

leopold's maneuver and so if our baby

was breech or Leopold's maneuver would

feel very different as you can imagine

if our break baby was in a breached

position that we're not doing this

maneuver down here it's easy to mistake

what would have been a head for a butt

right here but the difference is when I

come up here to find out where baby's

head is and I ask mom where baby's been

kicking we might actually have kicks in

this area

mom will describe kicks in her bladder

while she's walking around and sure

enough when you come to feel up here

you'll feel this like bulbous baby head

coming out from Mom's tummy and when she

stands up mom's would very often

complain about like a lot of pressure at

the top you can actually even feel a

part of the baby's head up here in a

standard Midwife practice where we have

a high-touch philosophy we don't need to

use routine ultrasounds to confirm our

baby's position the Leopold's maneuver

with all four maneuvers is a very

reliable method of determining baby's

position if there is a baby that we're

just kind of uncertain on the position

we can send our mamas for an ultrasound

but the routine use of ultrasound in the

third trimester to determine baby's

position is not only completely

unnecessary but also extremely expensive

okay so this is just one aspect of gold

standard maternity care if you want to

learn more about midwifery care go and

watch it in these videos here and I'll

see you there