8 WEEKS PREGNANT ULTRASOUND | How to Find out the GENDER EARLY | Questions to Ask your Doctor

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this morning we are going to Tessa's

first prenatal appointment so I'm super

excited to do that I'm leaving this one

at home with Daddy it's a really hot day

so she's naked but I'm gonna walk over

there now and I'll see you there


we just got to at the hospital for

Tess's first prenatal appointment

eyes on the road yeah so we're so

excited we're gonna see Oh

baby they're gonna do an ultrasound and

during this one I think they they

measure it to see like the like that so

they can calculate the due date I think

okay um I hope so because all I have is

my ABS what are you looking forward to

I'm looking forward to seeing the baby

and I am looking forward to hearing the

heartbeat I think that it's like the

best thing and just yeah getting this


yeah like the beginning of it is there

anything that you want to talk to your

doctor about um not really I feel like

my cramping has really subsided

I'm not spotting anymore at all those

are like the two big things I was really

most concerned about yeah yeah just yeah

I feel like this appointment is it just

like holds a lot of excitement it makes

it more real

yeah talk to your doctor if you're

having like any nausea with to

experiencing like talk to them about

that especially if it's like really bad

like make sure that they know what's

going on and talk to them about how you

can have like a healthy pregnancy and um

you know which foods to be eating which

foods to avoid like exercising things

like that I think that's something that

I do want to ask about now that you say

because I get worried that when I am

super nauseous and don't want to eat in

my head and like I'm gonna harm the baby

because I'm not eating enough and I want

to make sure that I can you know

not like force myself to and feel sick

but also be keeping the baby healthy so

I'm talking about that I think we'll be


so we'll let you know how things go and

yeah yeah q hi so what are you supposed

to do with that test you said your first

appointment they're probably gonna make

you pee in a little sample thingy

just to check everything out so well

good luck with that


so while Tess is doing her urine sample

I just wanted to encourage you guys to

during this first appointment to ask

your doctor all the questions that you

have and tell them exactly how you're


there is no question that's like not a

good question there are no dumb

questions so don't feel embarrassed or

like awkward or uncomfortable asking

them make sure you ask your doctor and

yeah just any questions that you have

you know even look tired so since this

is Tess's second pregnancy um she

already knows her doctor and knows that

she really loves her doctor but if this

is your first time being pregnant

meeting with your OB make sure that you

guys have you know like things in common

or that you like each other or that you

that your goals aligned with birth and

maybe you aren't like that far thinking

ahead to you know what birth you want to

have but you know if you're thinking you

want to go down a more natural route or

you want to avoid a c-section or you

know just figuring out what you want

make sure that your doctor's goals align

with yours so that you know down the

road you're not going to hit any bumps

and if you guys don't have goals that

are aligned know that you can always

switch to a different doctor so that

yeah you guys you know maybe click

better get along better and have goals

that are going to be in your best


are you excited yeah cuz you can have a

little brother or sister huh you're

gonna be a big sister aren't you if you

are Blake so this is where they're gonna

do the exam and to do the ultrasound

looks like mommy's coming back hi today

is said well I think so so usually for

your first prenatal and often at every

prenatal appointment they're gonna have

you fill out some forms

medical history surgeries immediate

family members who have certain health

history social history so just basic

pregnancies her menstrual health and

history genetic so just getting a basic

information kind of on you and your

pregnancy and family history a little

bit too so that's kind of what will

happen at this appointment - yeah it's

almost time for the ultrasound they

usually do like a vaginal ultrasound I

know that not all hospitals do that but

for this one just because baby is so

small at this point that they're gonna

do that to get the better look


so measuring at eight weeks okay these

are the pictures that she got so you can

see there's the yolk sac right there and

they measured they measure from head to

like the room and that helps them decide

when the due date is so right now she's

measuring at eight weeks and the heart

rate heart rate was 160 160 how do you

feel like how's it feel to be a big

sister so you got your blood drawn so

that's usually what they're gonna do for

that first appointment as well they

don't usually do that later on like in

the and and the other prenatal

appointments been the first one they'll

probably want to do that obviously you

guys saw we got to see the baby so

another question that has asked and the

doctor was because she's feeling

nauseous and not really wanting to eat

as much like if that's gonna be

affecting the baby but the doctor was

saying that

that baby is going to be getting the

nutrition before before you were in here

which is good to know so babies

basically just getting whatever it needs

and so just to eat what you can and not

be too concerned until nausea and

morning sickness passes yeah you know

she said to just sorry just like not

which I feel like helped me at least

because I was like okay I need to be

eating like what I send like all these

healthy things you know I know which is

good to try to do but she was like you

know with how sick you can feel most of

the time the stuff that you want to eat

isn't like the most healthy and she's

just like this is like survival mode

time and so that helped me to not feel

super guilty if I'm not like craving

salad if you wanting to eat salad but

just to do whatever I can to nourish me

yeah and that's why it's really

important to be taking your prenatal so

that I'm you know your store of

nutrients and vitamins and minerals are

in your body that you know maybe you're

not getting from the food and so

especially that folic acid which is

really really important for that brain

development at this point and so yeah to

be taking your prenatal so that's like

one of the best things you can be doing

so at this point you can still see the

yolk sac I showed you on the picture

part of the baby and they'll measure

that too right to see yeah I think they

measure the they want to see that it's

getting smaller because eventually the

placenta will take over yeah and they

said she doesn't want to see the put are

the yolk sac being like bigger than the

baby or yeah like that yeah

and so baby is measuring great and

growing well and we got to see like the

flicker of the heartbeat I got here yeah

we gotta hear it really cool it was so

cool just that my little baby is growing

inside me and I'm so healthy and amazing

it was amazing and then another cool

thing that the doctor pointed out was

that you know you always want to you're

looking especially during those early

weeks I mean all throughout but

especially now like looking for that

strong heartbeat and at this like when

she went in earlier because she because

you had that info yet you were still

experiencing some bleeding and so they

told you to come in and I was around six

weeks yeah the heartbeat was like look

bruise over a hundred and that's what

the doctor said

they're like at that early point they

just want to make sure it's above 100

100 and then at this point at eight

weeks they want it to be above 150 and

baby of CD is 160 160 so overachiever

looking at really healthy and I think

that there's like the faster the

heartbeat the it's like an old wives

tale but the faster the heartbeat shows

that it's a girl

and the slower boy so I don't know what

160 would be I don't either

I'll have to look that up but it was a

great equipment we saw Louie huh

you know and Blake got to me will see

her little brother or a little sister

and it was a good initial I don't know I

think it's a boy but I think I think

it's a boy because I would like for it

to be a boy

but if it's a girl that would be great -

it's a win-win they'll be best friends

no matter what

yeah it I don't know I don't know why I

think it's a boy but I'm probably wrong

I guess we'll find out

oh they also said that they have a blood

test oh yeah find out the gender early

I don't know how early so she said to

email my doctor because I was talking to

that a lab technician about it but she

said there's a blood test so you can

find the gender out fairly way earlier

than the like 20 week ultrasound yeah I

know that's amazing

good appointment yeah dude it's great

thanks for joining with me me are

everyone else

you guys are all along on this alright

stay tuned for the next one guys we'll

see you next time