When Is It Ripe? Asian Pears

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hello everyone I am your produce guy and

today I want to talk to you about Apple

pears also known as Asian pears now to

look at them you can tell why they call

them Apple pears don't they they look

more at first glance like an apple than

they do a pear but when you bite into

them or cut them open you will find that

familiar sweet pear taste that you used

to know these pears I don't know I'd

call them or describe them more as a

delicate taste they're not too gushy

with juice like like regular pears they

kind of hold their juice in they're

still very juicy but whole producing

more like an apple these I've got a

couple of different varieties for you

here today I've got kind of this brown

or golden hue apple pear and then these

more yellowish ones here these actually

were given to me by a co-worker came off

his tree these harvests in the fall like

apples and pears and so they're on right

now so I've got the two varieties but of

course you look over here now these are

some fancy Apple pears anytime your

fruit comes with its own little sweater

vest very preppy you know that's fancy

these came from of a large large store

superstore where they have those these

were down at a local market and you do

want to be careful with them and handle

them because it will bruise and that's

why they pack them in these special

containers or protectors here and they

are they are ready to be cut open now

when you're looking for these and you

want to judge the ripeness of them you

can see I've got varying degrees of

ripeness here this one has more of a

brown texture to it you can see this has

texture color how about that and you can

see here the kind of the green undertone

kind of like a Kiwi has a green

undertone when it's not quite right

now these yellow ones are really easy to

tell just by the color they're these

great you know the wonderful thing about

these aging pairs is they keep they will

last you can store them for a long time

they don't soften as you pick them and

harvest them they don't continue to

soften so these pairs will stay good for

a week or more on the table you can

store these up to three months in your

refrigerator those are marvelous

marvelous now I've got same thing here

with my little sweater vest guys you can

see the the beautiful color they're

still got some green on this one but

this big guy is ready to use in fact I'm

going to cut him open and we'll give you

a little look right there no you can see

that the juice glistening on there and

it is not a pure apple texture but it is

firm and looks great there I've shown

you what to look for now in these Apple

or Asian pears now you may find them on

the stand a little bit greener like

these ones I showed you here that's okay

you can pick those up if those are the

only ones there let them ripen on your

table they won't take long they'll last

out of refrigeration as I mentioned for

over a week three months in the fridge

these are great fruit to have around I

don't know if I described adequately to

you the delicious sweet juicy taste of

these things so I'd recommend you go out

and pick one up

and see what you think and then let me

know about it I'd love to hear your

feedback thanks so much for being with

us today

I am your produce guy as always

reminding you fresh is best we will see

you next time